Excerpt from the new book “2022 President Biden and China”


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Hello dear everyone,
I am very pleased with the warm
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Also, I am happy to be able to come
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The book on the cover above,
2022 President Biden and China,” 
has not been published yet, but
will be published soon.
The “Introduction” of this book
becomes as follows.

On September 16, 2021, China suddenly
filed an application for membership in
the TPP.
(TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership
(Economic) Agreement)
Why did China apply for membership in
the TPP at this time?

As is well known, there are a number of
strict regulations (rules) for joining the
TPP, and in the current state of China,
it is almost impossible to join the TPP.

The problem here is that despite China
knew the fact that it was almost
impossible to join the TPP, they have
decided to apply.
In that background, did something
significant event or change happen for
Where is the true intention of China?

From that respect, unraveling the
international situation in 2022.

The TPP is an “Economic Partnership
Agreement” formed in 2016 by
12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region,
led by President Obama of the United
States, and Japan.
The purpose of the agreement was to
eliminate “Tariffs” when member
states trade with each other.
However, in 2017, under the Trump
administration, the United States
withdrew from the TPP.

Since then, the TPP currently operates in
11 countries.

There, China went through the
procedure for membership application.
(September 16, this year)

However, this agreement was originally
formed by the United States and Japan
to eliminate China’s unfair trade behavior.
Therefore, there were many strict rules
for China.
In the current state of China,
it is impossible to join.
However, even though China knew
that they could not join, they decided
to apply for membership.

Behind the scenes, it seems that China
needed by all means to join the TPP
What on earth is the reason?
It is believed that something imminent
and significant 
happened to China.
What is that?
In this way, the content of this
book proceeds.
This is, in fact, related to some
of important things in the
International Situation from now
to next year.

In the “Excerpt” of today’s Article,
I will post everything from the
Question to the Answer” mentioned
above. However, the excerpt is still
part of the content of the book.


Below is an excerpt from the text

As mentioned above, TPP has a number of
rules that make it difficult for China to join
and even though they know that it is unlikely
that it will be able to join the TPP, why did
China apply now?
And why did China do that at this time?

There are many views in the world on it.
One of the views is
“The reason China has applied for
membership in the TPP is that they have
applied in order to counter several western
Military Alliances centered on the United
States that are increasing pressure on
China’s military buildup in recent years.”

The Military Alliance centered on the
United States refers to AUKUS
(The three-country military alliance of the
United States, the United Kingdom, and
Australia) and QUAD (The four-country
strategic talks of Japan, the United States,
India, and Australia). Both are Alliances
established to ensure the security of the
Asia-Pacific region.

“China, which is concerned about the
formation of such a military siege against
China, has applied for membership in the
TPP in order to divide those Military
.” — That is the view.

There is also a view that “China has
indicated its intention to join the TPP
as a stepping stone to establish Leadership 
in the Asia-Pacific region.”
Currently, the United States is not
a member of the TPP, so if China joins,
China could take the economic initiative
in this region.
And in the future, it can serve as a
shield of defense against “The Military
Alliances of the Western countries
surrounding China” as described above.
That’s why.
I disagree with the reason that China
applied for membership in the TPP in
the Asia-Pacific region with the intention
to “divide” Western countries’ Dialogues
and Alliances.
Perhaps I don’t think China originally had
the intention of “Dividing.”

Or, I’m also negative about the intention
to establish military and economic
leadership in the Asia-Pacific region.
Given China’s mighty economic and
military power, it may be unavoidable for
neighboring countries to interpret it as
“There was such an intention” as a result.
But even if there was, I think that is not
the main reason why China has decided
to apply for membership in the TPP this

As another view, there is the view that
China applied for membership in the
TPP with Taiwan in mind.”
Indeed, there is the fact that China is
currently pushing towards the achievement
of “One China,” which states that “China
and Taiwan are one nation.”
However, I think that Taiwan’s problem has
nothing to do with the reason why China
applied for membership in the TPP this

Recently, “One China” and “Taiwan Issue”
have rapidly come up to the forefront.
However, this is because, immediately after
China applied for membership in the TPP,
Taiwan applied for membership in the TPP.

(After China applied for membership in the
TPP on September 16, Taiwan submitted
an application for membership on
September 24.)

That’s why many Chinese fighter planes
invaded the Air Defense Identification Zone
(ADIZ) over Taiwan, and the confrontation
problem between “Taiwan and China” has
been greatly highlighted.

Before Taiwan applied for membership in
the TPP, China didn’t make much noise on
the Taiwan issue.
Therefore, I believe that China’s application
for membership in the TPP this time, was
not because of the Taiwan issue.

The true intention of China

So what was the real intention of China
applying for membership in the TPP?

First of all, from the above-mentioned
there are many strict rules in the TPP,
so it is clear that China cannot to join
the TPP in the current state.
Even though China knew that fact, China
applied for membership.

I think that means that there had been even
more important things for China than
“whether or not they can join.

What on earth is that?

In conclusion, I think that was one point
that “They wanted to create a clue to
build a strong cooperative relationship
with Western countries

China needed some medium to show their will
– the will of wishes to build partnerships – to
countries in the Asia-Pacific region including
the United States.
It happened there, that there was a
convenient framework of “Economic
Partnership Agreement” called the TPP.

However, for China, it did not have to be
the TPP.
Any other agreement, treaty, anything was
fine for China, if there is a medium that can
express the intention that “They want to
build a strong cooperative relationship
with Western countries now.”

They probably thought as follows:

If China makes the manifestation of intention
in the form of “Application for membership in
the TPP
” now, even if they couldn’t join now,

it could be a strong stepping stone (foundation),
when they build a strong partnership with the
Western world someday.

Also, if they apply it now, they can request
or consult in the future, with current TPP
member countries with the subject
“Wishing on cooperation with China.”
And, while discussing them, they will be
able to build strong bonds and relationships
of trust with each country.
China would have expected that possibility
as well.

So why come at this time now, did China
suddenly need to build a strong partnership
with countries in the Asia-Pacific region?

Simply put, it is because the possibility of
that Mainland China could be attacked from
behind, has increased rapidly at this time.

Where on earth does that “Attack from
behind” mean an attack from?

It is a threat from a vast region from the
Middle East to India, Southeast Asia and
Africa, including Afghanistan.
As we all know, the US military withdrew
completely from Afghanistan on August 31,
2021 this year.

This event, in fact, changed today’s
international situation into another world
at once.


China has so far maintained good
diplomatic relations with the Taliban
administration in Afghanistan after
the US military left.

The Chinese government has provided
3 million doses of coronavirus vaccine,
pledged financial support, and has been
announcing support to the Taliban
administration in Afghanistan one after

However, while developing such friendly
diplomacy, China is also carefully preparing
for emergencies.

On September 10, a large Chinese military
transport plane 
landed at a military base in
Orenburg Oblast, southern Russia.
This is in order to participate in a
Joint Military Exercise by eight SCO
member countries centered on
Russia and China.

China has sent 558 Elite Troops and
130 Military Vehicles.

The purpose of the joint military exercise
is only one, A Future Counter-Terrorism

However, China today does not have the
Remaining Capacity to send troops to
rule Afghanistan like the United States
and the former Soviet Union.

While China develops friendly and
supportive diplomacy against the
Taliban administration in Afghanistan,
they must minimize the impact in the
event of an emergency on the other
To that end, military preparedness
and preparation are essential.
If a densely populated country like
China is attacked by a terrorist
organization, even with the mighty
military power of China, great damage
will be expected.

They will think:
“These terrorist organizations are
organizations that the US military could
not eradicate even with huge war costs
and troops. No matter how powerful the
army is in China, Chinese leaders will
wonder if China could win against these
terrorist organizations.”

The US military has spent $ 500 billion
on the Iraq War and the rule of
Afghanistan in the first five years since
the start of the Iraq War in 2003.
It also resulted in the casualties of
thousands of American soldiers.
Since then, even greater war costs have
been incurred until the withdrawal of
all US troops from Afghanistan on
August 31, 2021.

Still, all extremist organizations could
not be eradicated.

“If we are attacked and became fighting,
China will not lose, but how far can it
protect the land that is continuous and
densely populated?

“What is certain is that there will be many
In addition, if there are casualties,

the situation may loosen the foundation
of the administration.

In the minds of Chinese leaders, this kind
of thing may continuously being asked.

The Chinese government is ostensibly
insisting that they are maintaining good
diplomatic relations with the Taliban
administration. But now it’s good, however
its unknown what will happen in the future.

Not limited to the Taliban Administration,
what the current Administration of China is
in mind, is a deep suspicion, distrust, and
fear of human nature itself.

In their long history of the past, Chinese
people have received tragic aggressions
many times and had bitter experiences.
So they’ll be able to understand intuitively.

China is the nation with a long history that
is nearly twice that of Japan.

If human – powerful people – gain the power,
and the situation changes, man may invade
other nations by abandoning even tightly
signed interstate treaties and friendship
treaties very easily and unilaterally.
They know that empirically.

Now, what does China and Russia think
about in the face of the vast area after
the US military has left?
Let’s think about it.

Face of the Taliban administration

Now, let’s take a look at face of the
Taliban administration, which took
control of Afghanistan after the
withdrawal of US troops.

On September 7, Taliban administration
spokesman Zabifra Mujahid announced
the appearance of Taliban interim
government executives

The Taliban administration has so far
announced that it will “strive to establish
a comprehensive government that
represents everyone in Afghanistan.”
A comprehensive government means
establishing a government that recognizes
the human rights of many people, including

But far from being comprehensive, it was
an exclusive personnel affair that only
accepted the Taliban.
It is unclear what will happen in the future.

For example, the face of Mr. Shirajudin
Haqqani, who was appointed Minister of
the Interior, is used in the wanted poster of
the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
which announced a $ 5 million bounty

In addition, the strong Taliban rulers of the
1990s are returning as executives in the
administration, having their thick beards.

Persons imprisoned in the Guantanamo
Bay Depot (1)
 in the United States or
blacklisted in the United States and the
United Nations

In addition, the warlords on the battle front
who have troubled the US military in recent
 / Combatants of 100 battles,

A self-proclaimed pacifist at the negotiating
table. It also includes people who have
traveled to the capitals of each region,
promising the establishment of a new
administration called the Taliban 2.0.

These people form the leadership of
the Taliban administration.
                  (BBC News September 9th)

(1) Guantanamo Camp――
A US Southern Command containment
camp located at Guantanamo Bay Naval
Base in Cuba. It was established in 2002
during the Bush Administration. During
the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq,
those suspected of being involved in
terrorism or having any information by
the U.S. military have been forcibly taken
here and numerous have been detained.
However, it has been criticized for being
an illegal detention that violates the
“Fourteenth Amendment to the United
States Constitution,” which provides for
the improper process of law, and the Cuban
government is demanding the return of the

Remarks of Mark Milley, Chairman
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the
U.S. Congress

At a hearing of the US Senate on
September 28, Mark Milley, Chairman
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, commented
on the future situation in Afghanistan:

The Taliban was and still is a terrorist
 and has not yet declined

its relationship with the extremist
organization Al Qaeda.”

“The rallying of al-Qaeda and ISIS (Islamic
State Group) who want to attack the
United States is a fairly realistic possibility.
In ungoverned areas, their conditions for
activity may be met (formed) within the
next 12 months to 3 years.

After the U.S. military withdrew from
Afghanistan, such a tense situation
continues from Afghanistan to the
Middle East and Africa.

Under such circumstances, I believe
that the strongest and best way China
has chosen to defend their territory was
to build strong partnerships with countries
in the Asia-Pacific region

That’s why China came at this time,
rushed to apply for membership in the

I believe that China knew that building
strong partnerships with countries in
the Asia-Pacific region was
“The Strongest Security.”
I think Chinese leaders have learned
such wisdom from the lessons of their
long history.

From this point of view, China now is
far from a threat for the United States,
Japan and Australia, it can be said its
a great time of opportunity to build true
China is currently carrying a large

baggage, “They must defend the behind
of the Chinese continent.”
Therefore, it can be said that China feels
the need to build partnerships with
countries in the Asia-Pacific region, even
albeit with some concessions

Therefore, for the United States, Europe,
Japan and Australia, it is a time to speak
up and negotiate with China.
I think that the Chinese side will have
a listening attitude even if they negotiate
with a little bullish.

After the US military withdrew from
Afghanistan, China entered a completely
different world of situations.

Future outlook

However, thinking from these
perspective, it would become the
existence of extremist organizations 
that made China strongly aware
of the need to build strong partnerships
with countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Regarding the extremist organization,  
we must never expand this force
excessively in the future.

This is because if they expand the power
like the former Islamic State of ISIS,
there is a risk targeting not only China
but also civilized countries such as
the United States, Europe and Japan.
What the U.S. Army Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff, Miller, is concerned
above, is also that point.

If that happens, tragic terrorist attacks
can occur in various parts of the world.
War can also occur. A catastrophe
could cover the world again.

But now, the extremist organizations
scattered throughout this region-from
Afghanistan to the Middle East and Africa-
have not yet become such a major force.

So it’s important to keep their power
small, or to suppress their power to
a level that it does not harm the
countries of the world.

Alternatively, it is important to keep
the existence of extremist organizations
down to the extent that they suppress
the various excessive acts” of China and
other countries
 in the international

Then, after finishing the role of such
coordination, bringing those forces to
disappear naturally.
And in those areas as well-from
Afghanistan to the Middle East, Africa-
Peace and Prosperity must come to.

From now on, it is necessary to do such
a thing without using any army nor
modern weapons of high killing ability
at all.

To achieve that, we cannot send US
troops to this area again.
If US troops were dispatched to this
area, as in a secondary disaster at
a disaster site, many casualties could
again occur to the inhabitants of this
area and military soldiers.

Also, once the US military has
withdrawn completely, they will not do
that. President Biden has declared that
The Era of large-scale military operations
to remake another country is over.

So what should we do?

From now on, it is time to utilize the
power of specialized law in each
specialized field and the Law of Origin,
and deal with the problem by
The Power of Law.”

Especially, the Law of Origin has the
power to properly position the power of
specialized law in each field, such as
politics, economic and diplomatic law,
or international law, and to make them
work effectively.

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Excerpt from Excerpt

Below, the two Articles’s “Excerpts” are
long, so now, I will post “The Excerpt from
that Excerpt” here.
In this short excerpt, I’ll show you the key
In other words, that is the sentence that
summarized in 4 points, about the meaning
of “The Law of Origin” and “The Act of Mercy
and Wisdom that you do.”
Please enter from the following.

what is “the act of Mercy
and Wisdom” you perform?
Why, when you work by the acts of
Mercy and Wisdom, the power of
the Law of Origin is exerted and
work to solve various social problems?

I will summarize it in the following
four points:

(1) Acts of Mercy and Wisdom:

① The act of Mercy is “The act of
sending mercy to all living existence.”
Mercy has two meanings: “Give comfort
and remove suffering.
” In practice,

the mercy action is achieved by calling
“Send mercy to all living existence” 
in your heart, and thinking it strongly.
Since there is a fact that all living
existence coexist with non-living
existence (materials or energy),
sending mercy to all living existence
leads to also sending mercy to
non-living existence.

② The act of Wisdom is achieved by
reading the correct information about
the Law of Origin well, thinking it well,
understanding it well, and talking about
it to others well, etc.
The information of the Law of Origin
can be found in Lotus Sutra, the
scripture of the Law of Origin.
However, in order to read this scripture,
you need a correct manual. The correct
manual means the manual explained
under the premise that “Lotus Sutra is
the scripture that the Law of Origin was
 Please use this site articles
as the manual.

③ Why when you work on the Law of
Origin with acts of Mercy and Wisdom,
will the power of the Law of Origin be
First of all, regarding the relationship
between Mercy and Wisdom,
the important point is that if you read
the information of the Law of Origin well,
think it well and understand it well,
Wisdom will surely be exerted. 
Wisdom here refers to that wisdom.
In other words, by the power of such
wisdom, you can emit “a profound and
powerful Mercy”
 for the first time.

That is the “Relationship between Mercy
and Wisdom.”

In next, when you send such mercy to
all living existence, why is the power
of the Law of Origin exerted?
The reason is that the essential
characteristic of the Law of Origin is
originally Mercy.
This is the same as the essence of the
phenomenon world is Mercy.
For instance, when looking at the
progress of the “Food Chain” and
Preservation of Species” in nature,
there is an appearance of Mercy in
nature that many animals and plants
support the lives of other creatures by
their own death. Individually, it has the
cruel side of “The law of the jungle,”
but as a whole, it reveals
The Appearance of Mercy” that the
seeds are preserved. In Africa and
elsewhere, if herbivores do not become
food for carnivores with their own death,
the number of herbivores will increase
too much and the species will extinct.
Even animals and plants, preserve other
species of life by doing mercy in this way,
and contribute to the maintenance of life
as a whole

Moreover, if human beings are deeply
conscious and send mercy to all living
existence, human can be in line with
the Mercy, which is an essential
characteristic of the Law of Origin,
and the power of this law will be
exerted. That is the principle.

④ In this case, the Law of Origin will
not be exerted its power unless you
work on by your own good deeds,
the acts of Mercy and Wisdom.
This is another major principle of this
The Law of Origin exists one for every
citizen, but in practice, the power of
this law will not be exerted unless you
practice it yourself. The power of the
Law of Origin may be exerted when
others practice it, but the power of
the Law of Origin exerted by others
follows the practice of your Mercy
and Wisdom

In this sense, your mercy and wisdom
practice is in the center and you are
the only owner of the Law of Origin.

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Excerpt again from “2022 President Biden and China”

Hello Dear Everyone.
I am always grateful for your
wonderful comments.
Thank you very much.

In today’s Article, I will reiterate
again the text excerpt from the
book, “2022 President Biden
and China,” which will be published
(However, the book has not been
published yet. It will be published

The excerpts today are one of the
most important parts of this book.
That is, I will talk about the process
of solving international problems
by using “The Power of Law” of
both the Law of Origin and specialized
Please enter from the following. 

Excerpt page

I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the victims

I would like to express my deepest
condolences to the victims of the
tornado that struck the Midwestern
United States from the night of
December 10.
Please give as much warm support
and cooperation as possible from the
federal government, state governments,
businesses, organizations, and all Citizen

In the future, as climate change
progresses, these abnormal natural
disasters may reoccur.
However, both climate change and
natural disasters are one of the action
of phenomena.
As long as we perform the Mercy and
Wisdom Action under “The Law of Origin,”
which has reached to the origin of all
phenomena in the world, there is no
disaster that cannot be prevented.

In the future, in addition to preventing
wars and conflicts that are man-made
disasters, let’s work together to prevent
such “Abnormal Natural Disasters.”
Also, no matter what you encounter,
I would like you to proceed with
confidence in Hope and Victory.
I pray for the victims from the bottom
of my hearts.

Happy New Year 2022

Happy new year, dear everyone.
During the last year, I received many
heartwarming comments and
I am really thankful to you.
This year too, I would like to publish many
Articles that can meet your expectations.

The image at the top of this post is the
official cover of the newly published  
“2022 President Biden and China.”
I think publication will be achieved by
the end of January.
I will let you know when it is published.
As for the contents, I have introduced
some of them in the “Excerpt Article.”

It will becomes extremely important
that each of every one of you tackle
“Future social problems” and “The
problems that will occur in the
international community” with use of
the power of the Law of Origin.
That has entered an increasingly
important era.
It has already reached its limit to solve
“Conflict between nations,”
“Environmental problems” and
“Virus infection problems” only by the
power of politics and economy. Also,
they alone cannot completely resolved.
You will use “The power of the Law of
Origin” and “That of your Specialized law”
to lead them to a fundamental solution.
Later in this book, the specific method
is shown.

This book is the last 20 percent of the
Conclusion” is important.
Also, in this book, it’s true that talking
about International Affairs, but at the
same time it talks about “yourself” and
“your potential” through that.
Please take good care of yourself and
have a happy life.

Excerpt from the new book “2022 President Biden and China” Part 2

The Article this time is a continuation
of the previous Article,
Excerpt from the new book
‘2022 President Biden and China’ Part 1”.
I will post Part 2 of the same title

Part 2 begins with
Measures using the Law of Origin.”
The Law of Origin is explained in
a new expression.
I also talk about new features
about the Law of Origin.

Please enter from the “Excerpt


The Law of Origin and the solution to the Disparity Society

Hello everyone. How are you.
Thank you for your wonderful many
I’m deeply grateful to your warm
consideration and favor. Thank you.
I feel pain for not being able to reply
to all the comments.
I always pray for your happiness and
prosperity and great victory in your life.

Today’s Article is a revision of
a previously written Article.
This Article was previously included in
the second half of
Explain the Five processes by Cause
and Result,” but since the theme is
important, I made it an independent Article.
The title is
The Law of Origin and the solution to
the Disparity Society.”
I’ve fixed syntax and spelling mistakes
as much as possible. I also added new text.

Please read from the Full text below.

Continuation of the previous Article | Two ways to practice the Law of Origin

This article was completed.
Please enter from the excerpt


There are two ways to practice
the Law of Origin

There are two ways to practice
the Law of Origin:
The “Actual Law and Applied Law.”

The “Act of Actual Law” is the
Act ① and Act ②’s Mercy and Wisdom
actions. It is the act of practicing the
Law of Origin.

On the other hand, the “Act of
Applied Law” are various good acts
that we do in our daily lives in society.
Work at workplace, work at home,
and various other necessary procedures
that are indispensable for social life.
In addition, it is an act performed by
people engaged in various fields such
as politics, economy, information, and
education, etc.
They are all acts of Applied Law.
When comparing the Act of Actual
Law and that of Applied Law――
The Act of Applied Law is an act that
is closely related to our lives, so when
you thought that you have to do it,
it is easy to be aware and also easy to
perform it.

However, Act of Actual Law makes it
difficult to see where the results will
come out, so people sometimes can
not be strongly aware of the
importance of that act. And because
its importance cannot be recognized,
it will also be difficult to execute.

The Act of Actual Law here is to carry
out the acts of Mercy and Wisdom of
Act① and Act ②.
The Act ①’s Mercy action is to
“Send mercy to all living existence,”
and the Act ②’s Wisdom action is to
read well, understand, and think well
about the “information of the Law of
Origin” through my site. And it is an
act of telling people about it.

Doing these Acts of Actual Law
makes the power of the Law of
Origin to be exerted and moves
all the necessary phenomena,
so the result of doing that comes
out in the most important place
of your life or work.
Where on earth is that?
It comes out in one point:
Make things realize.”
For instance, suppose you now want
to achieve something at work or
something, and are working on it.
At that time, despite you are working
hard, I think sometimes you have
the question,
“Will this really realize?”
or you may have a feeling of tension
that resembles anxiety.
At times like this, if you practice
Actual Law, these questions and
anxieties will disappear.

Why things like this happen is
because if you perform the Act ①
and Act ②’s actions of Mercy and
Wisdom, the power of the Law of
Origin will be exerted and by the
power of that law, both near
phenomena and far phenomena
will begin to move toward a good
direction for you

And the “Flow of big and strong
phenomenon” will be created. 

That is like, for instance, a big flow
towards the goal of “Realization of
the result” begins to be created, and
your ship (Act of Applied Law) follows
that flow and moves toward the goal.
Alternatively, you can think that
Railroad Tracks are laid toward your
purpose, and your train (Act of
Applied Law) advance on that rail.

In this way, the practice of Actual
Law is deeply linked to “Achievement
of Purpose” and “Fulfillment of Result“.

Therefore, in conclusion, they are
useless if either of the “practice of
Actual Law” or “practice of Applied
Law” is missing.
If the act of Applied Law is lacking,
there becomes nothing that Actual Law
will realize.
On the contrary, if the Actual Law is
lacking, the situation of
“sometimes the result will come out
and sometimes the result will not come
out” will continue forever.
To get things done smoothly, both
actions are necessary.
It’s like a father and a mother.
Father is Actual Law while mother is
Applied Law.

Actual wisdom and
Applied wisdom

There is another important term.
It is Actual wisdom and Applied wisdom.

Actual wisdom is the wisdom to
understand the value of the Act of
Actual Law. It is also the wisdom
performing the act of Actual Law well.

Applied wisdom is the wisdom of
choosing the best act of Applied Law
in a variety of situations. It is also the
wisdom of performing it.

Actual wisdom and Applied wisdom
make the actions of Actual Law and
Applied Law progress smoothly and

Now, the world is about to enter the
“world after the withdrawal of US troops
from the Middle East or Afghanistan.”
That world is likely to become an unstable

In the face of such a world, people are
beginning to be seriously worried about
the good deeds they are doing,
“Does this good deed really bring the
results of happiness, peace and security?”

Under these circumstances, it is very
meaningful for the world that you use
Actual wisdom and Applied wisdom, do the
act of Actual Law and Applied Law, and
surely realize peace and security in the
international community.

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The meaning of the total withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

Today is the 20th Anniversary
Commemoration of the 2001
terrorist attacks and I would like
to send this Article in heartfelt
tribute to the many victims of
this tragic event.

The withdrawal of all US troops from
Afghanistan by President Biden has
been completed.
And the true end of the last 20 years
of war is approaching.

This war was launched in order to
give legitimate penalties to the
perpetrators of the major incident,
which will never forget for American
citizens on September 11, 2001.
The incident was an extremely
miserable and vicious incident in
which two passenger planes plunge
into the World Trade Center building.

However, this war was prolonged,
and during that time, the perpetrator
of the incident was punished, and in
recent years, the purpose of the war
has been losing.

Various counterarguments and
criticisms arose against this time
total withdrawal of the US military.
Also, I am very sorry that more than
a dozen young American soldiers
were killed in the process of
withdrawal in August 2021.
I pray for them from the bottom of
my heart.
But I still believe that President
Biden’s Decision was right.
On September 1st, Japan time,
President Biden made the following

“I simply do not believe that the
safety and security of America in the
hands to continue, by deploy thousands
of American troops and spending
billions of dollars in year, in Afghanistan.
After a long time of 20 years in
Afghanistan, I refuse sending another
new generations of Sons and Daughters
to fight in the war.
We should have ended this war the
long ago.”

“Revised Second Edition” of the previous Article “Explain the Five processes”

Hello everyone. How are you.
It‘s been a long time no see.
Thank you for your wonderful many
I’m impressed.  Thank you.
I feel sorry for not being able to reply
to all the comments.
I always pray for your happiness and

Today, I’ve re-edited the previously
written Article,
Explain the Five processes by Cause
and Result,”
to make it easier to read.
This Article is set as the “Revised Second

The content of this post is the opening
sentence of the previous Article, and the
previous Article follow after this opening
Therefore, please read this Article first.
Then read the re-edited previous Article.


The Five processes of “Name, Main body,
Essentials, Effect, Teaching” mentioned in
this Article has the same meaning as
Myō  Hō  Ren  Ge  Kyō“, which is the Chinese
name of Lotus Sutra, the scripture of the
Law of Origin mentioned in the previous
(Myō Hō Ren Ge Kyō is the official name
of this scripture)

● When interpreting the meaning of
“Myō Hō Ren Ge Kyō,” it must be summarized
in the Five Letters “Name, Main body,
Essentials, Effect, Teaching,” and interpreted.
Therefore, I will first talk about the
meaning of these five characters.
The meaning of the summary is as follows:

First of all, Name of 1 is the
Comprehensive information” that
contains the whole contents from  1 to 5.
Comprehensive information is well
organized with Name (= Title name),
so it is called Name.

By this comprehensive information,
you can know the existence of the Law
of Origin.
The Law of Origin is the root law of all
phenomena and is also the “Law of the
main body of all laws” that exists in this
Therefore, the Law of Origin is Main body
of 2.

Also, the Main body of Law is
a treasure house.
The treasure house door can only
be opened by the act of person.
The “relationship between the Law
and the person act” is basically the
Law is a treasure house, while the
person act is hand that open the door
of the treasure house.
That is, the person act- your good deeds-
is the hand that open the door of
the treasure house, which is the most
important and essential in the practical
Therefore, the person act is
Essentials of 3.

(1) In this case, treasures (Good
fortune) are in the Law to the last

Person act is hand that open the
door of the treasure house, and
person himself (or herself) do not
have treasures, or even if they have,
they are finite. This point is easy to
The amount of treasure that
a person can have, is limited, so
if it decreases , it can cause conflict.
But when you run out of treasures
(Good fortune and power), you can
pull the treasures out from the
treasure house of Law.
In other words,
if you have the Law
of Origin,
Replenishment of treasures
possible at any time.

The door of the treasure house is
opened by person hands, and the
treasures is pulled out from there.
The treasures drawn out is power,
and it has the effectiveness of  leading
to the solution of internal and external
problems effectively.
Therefore, that effectiveness is Effect
of 4.

Finally, if Effect of 4 is large, you look
at that effect, go back to the first
comprehensive information (Name),
can evaluate that information. And
That is Identification of information
of 5.

Why do you need to identify
comprehensive information?

The point of “Identification of
information of 5” is to identify
“Comprehensive information of
the Law of Origin” and “Comprehensive
information of the specialized law.”
Just as the Law of Origin has
comprehensive information, the
specialized law in each field also has
comprehensive information.

By correctly identifying them,
you will be able to use both the Law
of Origin and the specialized law for
happiness, peace and prosperity.
Also by that, each field’s specialized
law is properly positioned within the
whole by the Law of Origin and
becomes able to maximize that

If putting what I said above in the
table, it will be as follows.

Also, the relationship between “Name, Main body, Essentials, Effect, Teaching” and “Myō Hō Ren Ge Kyō” is as follows.

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To be continued to

The Buddhist scripture that the Law of Origin was preached

Hello everyone.  how are you.
Thank you so much for your always
great comments.
I always pray and wish your happiness,
victory, and good health.

In today’s Article, I’ll talk about the Law
of Origin’s scripture.
This is the first time on this website that
I talk about the scripture in which the
law of origin was preached.
The Buddhist scripture that preached
the Law of Origin is called “Lotus Sutra“.

This scripture was preached when
Buddha was 72 years old.
This scripture is introduced to the West
in a book with the following name:

The Lotus Sutra 
Translated by Burton Watson  
Colombia University Press
New York

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Swap the order of Part 1 and Part 2 of the previous Article

Hello everyone, how are you?
It’s been a while.
Thank you so much for your many
wonderful comments.
These are heartfelt comments from
you and I cherish them and reading.
Thank you very much.

By the way, today’s post has
rearranged the order of Part 1 and
Part 2 of the Article
Talk about Human Life and the Law
of Origin thru Time” as follows.
This is because the Articles in this
series are the ones that originally
read Part 1 and then enter Part 2.
Part 2 has more to come.
Please wait for a while.

In Part 1, the sentence of  
Climb Everest” was revised as
follows. Please enter from Excerpt.
I sincerely pray for your health,
happiness, and victory in your life.



Again, would like to ask, by what
mechanism can the Law of Origin
move the “suffering of the past sins”
to somewhere else or reduce?


“Suffering” can be reduced or moved
by your wisdom and the way you act.
For instance, suppose you were planning
to climb Mount Everest tomorrow.
At that time, if you climb tomorrow
without any preparation today, you will
face “Great Suffering” at the climbing site

For instance, what if the soles of
your Climbing boots are worn and slippery,
Ropes are old and likely to break, and
the Haken (4) that drive into the rock
(The stake for hooking the rope) has
a rounded tip and become bent ?
You will probably die at the climbing site.

(4)Haken: A stake that is hammered
into a crack in a rock wall. There are
soft iron and hard iron. The soft iron bites
and advance while bending according to
the shape of the crack in the rock, so it will
never come off. The hard iron goes straight
into the cracks in the rock, so it can be used
many times. Whether Haken firmly entered
the rock and fixed, you can know it by the
“sound” of hitting with a hammer. 
/ A rope is
hooked into the hole 
attached to the stake
to climb, so it is an 
indispensable essential
item for climbers to 
support their lives.

But if you at today’s stage, meticulously
groom Ropes, Haken, Climbing Shoes
with sharpening the tips or replacing
them with new ones, the “suffering” at
the climbing site tomorrow will be

So in that case, where did the other half
of your tomorrow’s suffering go?

Half of tomorrow’s suffering entered into
the “suffering of labor and effort” you
spent today for the preparation work
of climbing equipment. In other words,
“you moved half of tomorrow’s suffering
into the suffering of doing preparation
work today.”

The same thing happens between the
“suffering by the sins of your bad deeds”
that you have accumulated in the past,
and the “suffering in your present life.”
The Law of Origin reduces your “suffering
by your past sins” and moves them into
the “suffering and hardships” caused
by your work and efforts you do at the
present workplace and in your daily life.

You don’t know about it and finish today’s
work with today’s “labor and suffering.”
As soon as you finish your today’s work,
the Law of Origin erases the suffering
of your past sins that the Law of Origin
put in it, too.
Therefore, when you finish your work
today, the suffering of past sins also

This is called “Ten-Jū-Kyou-jyu (転重軽受).”
Ten means convert, Jū means heavy,
Kyou means light, and jyu means receive.
Put them together, it means,
In today’s life, you receive the heavy
suffering by past sins in a light form.

Of course, these effects are the effects
caused by you cherishing the law,
doing good and performing the acts
of mercy and wisdom in your daily life.
The Law of Origin expands and
strengthens your good deeds,
in the “world of time” and the “world of
As a result, you will get these effect.

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Talk about “Human Life” and the “Law of Origin” thru Time- Part 1

Hello everyone. How are you.
First of all, thank you for all the
wonderful comments.
I am deeply grateful. I can’t reply to
all the comments, but I always receive
your heart and I’m impressed.
Ton of Thanks.

The contents I will write in today’s
Article was actually what I’ve wanted
to convey to you from years ago.
Because of its important content,
I’ve been thinking for a long time how
to express it.  In particular, it was difficult
to draw a Figure well, and I made many
times mistakes and rewrote it.
Today, it’s finally done and I could post
on the website.

Today’s content talks about the world
of Time, “Past, Present, Future.” / Also, I talk
about the relationship between the
world of time and Human Life.” / Also, I talk
about the relationship between the
world of time and the Law of Origin.”

The world of time of the “Past, Present,
Future” is a vertical world. On the other hand,
the phenomenon world in which our homes,
societies, and the natural world exist is
a horizontal world. / This is the first time
I will talk about the “philosophy of the Law
of Origin” from the perspective of the
vertical “world of time.”
This has very important implications.

For the “Actual wisdom” and “Application
wisdom” that I wrote before here,
I’ll talk about them again in the Part 2 of
the upcoming Article which is the same title
as this one.
There is no “Excerpt” in this Article.
Please enter from theFull Text below.

Talk about Human Life and the Law of Origin thru Time- Part 2

I revised the second half of this Article.
The text below from the image of
“Cloud Computing” 
has been revised.
July 1, 2021

Hello everyone, how are you doing?
Today, I will deliver Part 2 of the previous
Article, “Talk about Human Life and the
Law of Origin thru Time

“All the past” that I talk about in this Article–
All the past that created the present, that is,
Kuon-Ganjo, is the origin of the “Law of Origin.”
All the teachings and information of the Law
of Origin come up and originate from

As I said in the Article, the “Present”
in which we live is made up by all pasts.
Also, all the future will be created by the
present actions we take.
Therefore, the present is important.
“The present is the result of all the past,
and at the same time the cause of all
the future.”
In that sense, the present is the center
of the three worlds (three times) of the
past, present and future.
In this Article, the purpose of considering
and studying the past and the future is to
unravel that important present.

This article will continue.
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Three kinds of the “Orbit of Actions” that open the future


You have said so for a long time, that
“In order to exert the power of the Law
of Origin, three types of actions are
required, the Act ①,Act ②, and Act ③.”
That is, the contents are as follows.

Act ① ――Act of Mercy
Act②  ――Act of Wisdom
Act ③ ――Act of Gentle Perseverance

But after reading many of your Articles,
in order to exert the power of the Law of
Origin, you often talk about the Act ① and
Act ②’s actions of Mercy and Wisdom,
but rarely talk about the
Act ③’s Gentle Perseverance.”
Why don’t you talk about the Act ③’s
Gentle Perseverance?

Set a sail according to the wind !!

If you are working on one job now,
it is inevitable that resistance or
hesitation will occur.
Especially shortly after starting your
work, you will sometimes run into
a big wall of doubt whether
“Should I continue the work? ” or
“Should I stop there? “

Even if it’s a job you’ve planned for
a long time and started, that kind of
thing will occur.
“Should I continue from here or stop
You may be at a loss when making
a decision.
At that time, your position is the same
as a sailing ship sailing in the ocean.
The more the sailing ship advances,
the more the wind of the ocean blows.

In such a case, it is important to first grasp
that “Any work causes hesitation and upset.”
And according to that recoil of resistance
and hesitation, you set up a sail of wisdom.
Like Yacht Racing ( Images ① and ② above ),
it’s “Set up a sail according to the wind !!”
It is the same as “If you add oil,
the fire will gain momentum.”

Concretely, you work your wisdom 
according to vacillation and reveal
the way.
Once the way is clear, the mind will
be stable, and you can move forward
Also, according to the “upset heart,”
raise up a “Strong heart to stop it,” and
focus your mind on one.
That is the same as “if you set a sail
according to the wind, the ship will
gain more momentum and move

Examining President Biden’s Policy Address

Hello everyone, How are you?
Regarding the previous article
Talk about Human Life and the Law of
Origin thru Time
,” I received a great deal
of opinions and comments from everyone
of you and I am deeply grateful for that.
Thank you very much.
For this article, I’m going to continue to
create Part 2 with the same title.

Today, I would like to return to the theme
of International Affairs and talk about the
content of President Biden’s “Policy Speech
held on April 28.

Please enter from the “Excerpt” below
and continue to enter the “Full Text.”
I pray  for your happiness and prosperity


The pace of recovery in the US economy
is accelerating.
Retail sales in March, which show trends
in personal consumption, recorded
a significant increase of 9.8% compared
to the previous month.
Last year in 2020, the number of people
infected with the new coronavirus
became the highest in the world, and
the US economy fell to the negative
level for the first time in 74 years.
In April 2020, employment statistics
announced an unemployment rate of
14.7%, the worst level since the Great
Depression in the 1930s.
However, this year’s GDP growth rate
was increased to 6.4%, and a V-shaped
recovery is expected (IMF forecast).
This is really great.
I’m really glad when the American
economy develops.

President Biden celebrated his 100th
day in office and declared in a policy
speech at the US Congress on April 28
that “America has begun to move again.”

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Thinking historically the importance of night becoming day

Hello everyone. How are you?
Thank you so much for your wonderful
many comments. I appreciate.

Now, the recent infection situation of
coronavirus in the United States has
become quite calm. At one time, there
were 200,000 or 300,000 people a day,
but now it is decreasing from 100,000
to 50,000. It was really good.
The guard cannot be loosened, but it’s
a big step forward.
That is thanks to your wonderful good
deeds under the law.
It also depends on the power of the
vaccine, however, the vaccine is still
consumed by only 35 percent of all
Americans (As of February 20, 2021).
Therefore, I believe that this result is
the result of US citizens implementing
basic measures seriously such as
wearing masks and Social Distance.
Please keep this battle in the future.
By the way,  I will post today the
continuation of the article which
I wrote last time, “The Power to
make night to be daytime.”
In this sequel, I historically talk
about the importance of
“night becomes day”.
Please read from the
Excerpt” below.
In the Full text, this is added
to the last part of the Article.


Thinking historically

Next, I will talk about how important
it is to “make night to be daytime”
from a historical point of view.
Certainly, when you think about it
normally, “night becomes day” is quite
natural, and even if people do nothing,
when time has passed, night naturally
becomes daytime. However, if we
compare night to the “various difficult
problems that human society has,” as
I talked so far, things are not so simple.
The reason is that night will certainly
become daytime  after a while, but
sometimes it can take a very long time
before daytime. During that long time,
many people and citizens will suffer
and be annoyed by the night problems.

In the case of World War I

Looking back on human history, such
a thing (incident) often occur.
For example, the night before World War I
did not immediately become the daytime.
On the day the war began, in Paris, France,
the bells of associations in the town rang,
telling that the war was about to begin
from now on. People were soaked in fear
and despair that they stunned and looked
up at the sky. And they were frightened
of what would happen from tomorrow.
Young people were gathered from all over
France, including Paris, and went to the
battlefield. Eventually, cannons and
gunshots rang in the town and many
buildings were destroyed. Also, a huge
number of civilians, including soldiers,
have been sacrificed.
By the time this war leads to the
“End of the war” of the daytime, it took
a long time of four years and three months.
(The period of the war was July 28, 1914 –
November 11, 1918)

World War I took place in Europe as
the main battlefield and because
it took the form of supplying troops
and supplies from the colonies,
it became a great war involving many
colonies. It was the first total war that
humankind experienced. / Also, because
it was a war after the Second Industrial
Revolution, modern weapons were used
and the number of victims increased
significantly compared to past wars.
The casualties are said to have been more
than 9 million combatants and more than
7 million non-combatants.


If the night problem is prolonged, you can
see how many sacrifices and the suffering
of the citizens will increase.

In the case of World War II

The same is said true for the night before
World War II. At this time, due to the rise of
Nazi Germany and Japanese militarism, the
war lasted even longer than World War I.
The dark night lasted for a whopping six years.
(The period of World War II was September 1,
1939 -September 2, 1945)
Its number of victims has reached 80 million,
far surpassing the 15 million in World War I.

The end of the war was, after the unconditional
surrender of the Japanese at the Potsdam
Conference in July 1945, when the Japanese
army officially signed the instrument of
surrender of the Allied Forces on the US
battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay on
September 2nd, the same year.

In the case of the Vietnam War

The same is true for the eve of the Vietnam War 
in the 1960s to 1970s. Initially, the Pentagon
believed that this war would end in two weeks.
However, after that, the war was prolonged,
and the US military come to sent as many
as 2 million troops to the war.
Many young soldiers were sent to the hot
tropical jungle where lead and iron bullets
flew, and fought in the extreme situation
of fear of life or death. The battle became
a guerrilla warfare and it became a difficult
In the case of this war, it took eight years
from the beginning to the termination.
For a long time of 8 years, the dark night
It was in 1973 that the war was over and
the end of the daytime could finally reached.
That was the year when the “Paris Agreement
was signed among the four countries,
the United States, North Vietnam, South
Vietnam and the South Vietnam Provisional
Revolutionary Government of the Republic.


What makes me deeply moved by in this
war is that in 2020, 50 years after the
end of the war, about half a century later,
the coronavirus infection began to spread
in the United States. At this time,
Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc 
 (Image below) expressed his willingness
to share with the difficulties of the
coronavirus infection facing the United States
together. Then, the Vietnamese government
donated medical supplies such as masks
to the United States and also supported the
transportation of medical equipment.

About it, President Trump thanked Prime
Minister Phúc at a telephone conversation
between the United States and Vietnam
on May 6, the same year. And he said the
US was ready to provide a ventilator to
Vietnam. In addition, the United States has
pledged to provide USD 10 million to
improve Vietnam’s healthcare system
and recover the economy after the
convergence of the coronavirus infection.
In response, Prime Minister Phúc expressed
his deep gratitude.

Half a century ago, the two countries,
which fought such a bloody death battle
and caused so many painful victims in
the hot jungle, but now “helping each
other in the wake of the hardship of
coronavirus infection”- This is a very
moving and great event.
The more and more we know about
the tragedy and suffering of the
Vietnam War, the more moving that is. 
There is no doubt that this will continue
to shine in human history for many years
to come.

Also it tells us, “No matter how painful
it is now, human should never give up
hope.” Because that shows in fact that
as long as we keep trying effort and fight
for peace, the time will surely come
one day, when friendship between
countries will realize.
Let’s get back to the main topic.
Even saying “night become daytime,”
if the problem of that night is prolonged,
it will cause that much of suffering and
misery like the Great War and the
Vietnam War.
This fact is no different even today.
Even today, if the treatment of night
problems is delayed and prolonged,
it causes unnecessary suffering for
many citizens.

As saying many times, when something
big incident happens, how important it
is to “end it as a small case” and
treat quickly without expanding it,”――
I think you can see that in the light of
the tragic history of the past.
Another important thing is, in past
history, we must never forget the
Citizen’s heart dyed with horrific despair
and fear
” due to prolonging of the night

We must not let “loving citizens” who
live in the same age as us, experience that
suffering again. And also, must not let future
offspring repeat that.
That’s why we will confront the peace and
prosperity of the future with the Law of Origin 
and Specialized law, the strongest
weapons to create peace and prosperity.

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The Coronavirus Countermeasures Part 1

A part of the continuation of this article,
been completed. / From now on, the
title of this article will be
Coronavirus Countermeasures Part 1.

Warm your body by sleeping
 in a sweater

The first remedy is the most effective
and easy to practice. It is to wear
a thick sweater at bedtime, and keep
your body warm and sleep
You might wonder, “Does such a simple
method really produce that much effect?”
However, in fact, warming the body has
great significance as a countermeasure
against infectious diseases.

The reason for wearing a sweater is
that the sweater acts like a sleeping bag
and it warms your body. If your body
warms up, your blood circulation will
improve, your intestines will work better
during sleep, and your digestion will be
better. And the immune cells in the
intestine are activated. Then from your
intestines, the powerful immune cells
will be produced and released, and those
protect you body from virus 
If only a pajama, the wind will enter
through the gaps and your body will
easily get cold. If you wear a sweater and
put a blanket on it, your body will be
warm enough. / Also, if you keep only
the upper body warm, the whole body
becomes warm. You can sleep well and
the effects mentioned above will surely
Conversely speaking, chilling your body
during sleep, weakens the immune cells
that emanate from the intestines and
increases the risk of getting a virus.
There are 60 percent immune cells of
the whole body in the intestines. Please
keep in your mind that the “Intestines are
the source of immunity power.”

The function of the intestines is not
just to digest food and absorb its
nutrients. There are many bacteria (1) in
the intestine, and it is a “Training ground
for many immune cells. As for immune cells,
only those immune cells that have fought
with these bacteria and became stronger,
will ride the blood flow and go to the other
parts of body, and fight pathogens and
On the contrary, when the immune power
is weakened, it becomes easy to develop
various diseases. The body is weakened
and the vitality also is weakened.
Technically speaking, most of the reasons
for people who cause “Complications” are
due to “weakened immunity power” rather
than aging.