Continuation of previous Article

Hello dear everyone.
Today’s post is a continuation
of my previous article,
Explaining ‘The Ten Trace Myō’
through Corporate Activity.”

The theme that I set in today’s
article is the Necessity of Law for
human beings to live.

For modern people, why is it
necessary to have the “Law” that
fundamentally manages all phenomenal
The reason is essentially the same as
that laws and traffic rules are necessary 
for us to live a healthy social life.

However, summarizing this theme
into a logically understandable sentence
seems to be easy, but a difficult task.
This time, I summarized it as follows.

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Continuation of “President Biden’s Goal is to create a ‘Bipartisan Consensus Force'”

Hello dear everyone, how are you?
Thank you for always lots of great

It seems that the Americas are
currently having a hard time with
Cold Waves coming in many places.
I heard it was the heaviest snowfall
in Southern California in 30 years.
Please be careful not to catch a cold.

However, this cold wave will have
a positive effect on purifying the
land of American that has been
damaged by the hot summer and
wildfires that lasted until last year.

Today’s article is a continuation of
the previous Article
President Biden’s Goal is to create
a “Bipartisan Consensus Force‘”
that I wrote on January 9th.

I show only the continuation in the
Excerpt” below.


Explaining “The Ten Trace Myō” through Corporate Activities

Hello dear everyone. How are you?
I am encouraged by your comments.
I am deeply grateful to you for
reading my article seriously as well
as enjoying it at the place far away
from here.

Now, today, I’m posting
a continuation of the previous article
“About the two types of ‘The Ten
Today’s article main title is
Explaining ‘The Ten Trace Myō’
through Corporate Activities“.

In the previous article, I mentioned
that The Ten Myō has “The Ten Trace
Myō” and “The Ten Real Myō“.
Among them, this time, I will
especially explain “The Ten Trace
Myō” by comparing it to General
Corporate Activity.

Please read “Excerpt” below first.
This is the “Continuation” article that
I provide today.
In the “Full Text“, the Article connected
“Previous article” and “Today’s
continuation article” will be posted.

These articles are the part of
Create a Strong and Beautiful
Nation like a diamond,” however,
I will put it all together in one book


Considering the current situation in Ukraine

Hello dear everyone. how are you?
I feel sorry for the delay in posting
the article.

Now, I am thinking that
“I want to write the ‘continuation’ of
the article I wrote in the past as soon
as possible.
For instance, regarding the article
I wrote on New Year’s Day about
Environmental issues,” and the
article on President Biden’s
Building a bipartisan consensus,”
I would like to quickly write
a continuation of these and
would like everyone to read.

However, this time, I will post
the continuation of “The Real
Ten Myō” in the article
Create a Strong and Beautiful
Nation like a Diamond” that
I wrote last time.
(Please refer to the Article
Explaining ‘The Ten Trace Myō’
through Corporate Activities”)

The reason for this is that in the
current situation in Ukraine, the
Russian army is leading a large
force, gathering in Belarus and
conducting joint military exercises.
And around February or March,
they could go south into Ukraine
and make a big attack.

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2023 Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2023.
Thank you very much for all of
your wonderful comments over
the last year.
Also, I would like to thank you
from the bottom of my heart for
the many powerful encouragements
that I could have received.
I sincerely pray that this year will be
the Year of Leap and Prosperity
for you.

Today I celebrate the new year and
will contribute ‘A New Year Article.’

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Create a Strong and Beautiful Nation like a Diamond

Hello everyone, how are you?
Thank you very much for your
wonderful comments.
I can’t reply to all comments,
but I always accept heartily
“Your sincerity in your comments.”

Now, today’s Article is a revised
version of my previous Article,
Create a Strong and Beautiful
Nation like a Diamond.”
The information in this Article is
particularly important in the
information of the Law of Origin.
It is the information called
The Ten Real Myo.

What is that information for?
As I wrote in the Article, it is:

This is the process that you do
a good job with the Law of Origin,
become Buddha, become happy,
and become a Victor of All.

Also, at the same time, it is the
process that your society and the
international community become
a peaceful society, and the entire
Global Environment becomes the
Planet that shines in peace and
prosperity without
any environmental problems or
In addition, in order to read this
Article, it is necessary to understand
“What is the Law of Origin?”
It also requires an understanding of
“Why do we need the Law of Origin 
in the modern world?”

Please read this Article about it.
This Article is a Shortened version/
Essential version of the Basic Paper.

Please read from the
Key Excerpt from the Text below
It is a particularly important part in
the Revised Text this time.

The Gist Edition of “The power of the law to expand the power of citizens’ good”

Please read from this Article
for the first time visitor to this site

What happens in the international
community often happens on a huge
scale that the hands of the individual
does not reach.  
In many cases, people often think
“Those problems can not be solved
by the power of individuals.”

For instance, large-scale
confrontation, war and conflict
between the country and the country,
and huge trade friction problem as
seen in recent US-China relations
and so on.
And in recent years, there have been
the “Invasion of Ukraine by the
Russian army” and “Global infection
of coronavirus.”

How can an individual be able to
deal with “The large-scale problems
occurring in international community”
like above in a manner that is

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Japanese version of this Article



Summarize into 4 points about “The Law of Origin” and “The acts of Mercy and Wisdom” that make that power to be exerted

Hello dear everyone. how are you?
I am always deeply grateful for your
wonderful comments.
I am greatly encouraged. Also, I can
get a lot of strength and wisdom from
your comments.
I can’t reply to all comments, but I am
deeply accepting everyone’s Heart and
Today, I will post a revised version of
the Article below that I wrote before.

Summarize into 4 points about
“The Law of Origin” and “The acts of
Mercy and Wisdom” that make that
power to be exerted

The title has been slightly changed as
In the revised Article this time, I discuss
the Law of Origin in detail.
Also, regarding the Acts of Wisdom,
I specifically wrote about “Why it will
play a major role in the future prosperity
of Human Society.”
What I wanted to make clear in this
Article is that “A Superior Wisdom
action is a Superior Mercy action.”
In addition, I apologize for the delay in
continuing the previous Article,
“President Biden’s goal is to create
‘A Bipartisan Consensus Army’”.
Please wait for a while

Please enter from the “Excerpt” below.


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Japanese version of this Article



The complete solution to the Ukrainian war Part 1

The article have been completed.
Please enter from “Full Text“.
This article is a little long,
so the “Read More” below provides
an excerpt of the main point.

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I will add two sentences to my previous Article

Hello everyone, how do you do?
Today I’m going to add two
additional sentences to my last
Evil king and Good King” Article.

One is about “The Corridor” of
Ukrainian grain exports in the
Black Sea. I will show you the
whereabouts of the first ship,
, which set sail from
In my previous Article, I said that
the Razoni was “The Ship of Hope” 
to avoid the global “Food Crisis.”

“Achieving a Corridor Agreement”
is one of the results that is, one of
your victories
 gained by performing
Mercy and Wisdom action under
the Law of Origin.
And what were the consequences
after that?
Did it become better?
Or did it become worse?
It’s important to know that
till to the end.
Because, as you know, the war of
aggression in Ukraine is a major
on which the survival of
World Democracy depends.

Full Text has been corrected.
Please open the Text second half.


The complete solution to the Ukrainian war Part 2

Now, I will add a sentence about
the essential Measures using
the Law of Origin at the end of
the Article. Please enter from
“Excerpt, and see the second
half of the Article. 
If you read the article for the

first time, please read from
Part 1. (October, 5)

Hello everyone.
I will post the continuation of
the previous Article.
Today’s title is about current
events, “The partial mobilization
of soldiers” and the “Referendum
implemented in Russia.
With the latest information,
I will post “What is going on” in
the background of these events.

The new sentence will be long,
so please enter from the “Excerpt
This new text is attached at
the end of the Full Text.

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On September 11, 2022, Ukrainian forces accomplished the largest counterattack since the war began

A new sentences has been
added to “Full text.”
Please see the second half
of the Full text.
(September 30, 2022)

Hello dear everyone. How are you?
I really thank you very much for
all the comments.
Both long and short comments are
heartfelt and written from the heart,
so it is great.
Thank you very much.

Now, the international situation is
changing rapidly.
A few days ago, there was a big
change in the situation in Ukraine.
Ukrainian forces have recaptured
and liberated vast areas of the
northern region, covering
thousands of square meters.

I will talk about it today.
This article is going to be a little
long. I don’t have time today, so
I’ll post the rest in a couple of days.
Please enter from the “Full Text”

The excerpt from “The complete solution to the Ukrainian war”

The Article talks about the significance
of the recently achieved “Signing of the
Agreement on the establishment of
a Ukrainian Grain Export Corridor.”
(Image above)
The signing of this Agreement will be
of great significance in avoiding
The Global Food Crisis” in the future.

Also, in this Article, I am talking
about the fifth of the five
characteristics of Buddha-nature,
The role of the wisdom action.”


What you can see from the current situation in Ukraine

A new sentence has been added.
See the end of “Read more”.
August 14th

Hello, dear everyone.
I will keep you up to date on the
latest Ukraine situation.
And I will tell you what you see from

Please open this Article from
“Read More” below.
Also, I will connect this article to
the “Full Text” of the previous

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The process until “The Main Body” of the Law of Origin was concluded

Hello dear everyone, how are you?
Thank you very much for your
wonderful many comments.
Your comments are being a great
encouragement for me to continue
writing articles on the site.
I regret not being able to reply to all
of your wonderful comments.
I sincerely hope that your good luck
will increase and your country will

By the way, the article with this title
will be posted after it is completed.

What is “The Real Causes Myō”? Talking about it through the situation in Ukraine that entered the Second Round

This article is completed.
From “Read more”, please read
the continuation.

In Ukraine, the second round of the
battle between Russian and Ukrainian
troops has begun in earnest.
President Zelensky announced on
April 18 that “Russian troops have
launched a major attack towards
complete control of eastern Ukraine.”

This is something like this:
Due to the onslaught of Ukrainian
troops in early April 2022, the Russian
troops who withdrew completely
from the suburbs of Kyiv, joined
the Russian troops in the east and
rebuilt and replenished their forces.
With that preparation in place,
Russian troops launched an invasion
of inland Ukraine with the aim of
expanding the eastern provinces of
Donetsk and Lugansk.
(Figure below)

On the other hand, Ukrainian troops
are about to fighting against these
Russian invasion with new weapons
provided by Western nations.
(Currently, information such as
“Detailed trends of the Ukrainian army” 
and “Weapon supply route” is the top
secret matter of the army, and they
are conveyed only as fragment to
the Western media. This is because
the enemy may detect them. )

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Solution of Ukraine problem by the Ten Real Myō

Now, I would like to think about
how “The Principle of the Ten Real Myō”
mentioned above will be useful when
applied to the Ukrainian problem.

I’ve already shown the general
meaning of the Ten Real Myō.
Of these, what becomes directly
important for the decisive end of
the war of aggression is 3 and 5.
(Table below)

The reason is that in 3’s “The Real
Country Myō,” “A country that is not
destroyed by anyone”
 will be formed.
That is, The Buddha country.
That is a country as solid as a diamond.
Once your country becomes the
Real Country Myō, your country will
not be attacked by invaders.

Please read the sequel from the following.
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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine violates the UN Charter

Now, I would like to examine
why the Russian army’s “invasion of
Ukraine” is illegal in the light of
international laws.

The main reason Russia’s invasion
of Ukraine is illegal is that it violates
the Charter of the United Nations,
which is called “The Constitution of
the United Nations.”
That is, it violates the item of Article
2.4 of the Charter of the United
Nations, “Prohibiting the threat or
use of force by the state’s force.”

The Charter of the United Nations is
a valuable International Law which
was established to prevent humankind
from causing such tragedy again in the
wake of the unprecedented tragedy of
World War II and the sacrifices of tens
of millions of people.

Please read the sequel from the following.
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Add a new sentence to “Create a country that is hard as a Diamond and no one can destroy”

Hello Dear everyone
Today, I will post the Additional Text
of the Article, “Create a country that is
hard as a Diamond and no one can destroy
that I posted last time.

In this additional Article, I’ll cover
The Law of Origin’s Effectiveness,”
which sends accurate information about
“what to do” to your current life, based on
all past information.
(“All past information” means the
information from the distant past
before you were born)

How can this “Effectiveness of the Law
of Origin” help with today’s biggest and
most serious international problem,
The Ukraine problem“?

About that, please wait for the next article.
First, please take a grasp of the principle.
Please enter from “Read More” below.


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