America fighting Unfairness, Inequality and Racism

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Today’s Article talks about the Protest
Demonstration against “Racism” and
Inequality, Unfairness,” which are
currently taking place on a large scale
across the United States.
What are behind these demonstrations?
Also, I would like to consider about the
factors etc.

I will also talk about the role of the
“Act ①, Act ② and Act ③” that are
performed under the Law of Origin,
for this problem.
In particular this time, I will explain
in detail about the role of the Act ③’s
Gentleness Perseverance.”
So far I have talked in detail about
Act ① and Act ②, but not much about
Act ③. This time, I’ll talk in detail.

Please enter from the following


Many white people participated
in this time
What does that mean?

However, this time Demonstration
has a major feature not seen in past
Demonstration. It is that not only black
people but also many white people
participate in Demonstration. In particular,
there are many white young people.
The protests held in New York on June
10th of this month were mostly white.
What does this mean?
This shows that many white people are
also subjected to discrimination and
unfair treatment in their social life, both
large and small. For instance, in the same
company, discriminatory behavior and
sneaky words from the boss often make
ordinary employees feel discriminated.
There is a big difference in terms between
“the side who says it” and “the side of be
said it.” The person who said it, said with
lightly feeling, however, a person who was
said it, felt a sense of discrimination and
was extremely uncomfortable.
Regarding the “Errors that occur during
,” the company and employees often
develop severe conflicts and disagreements.
For instance, if an employee makes
a mistake, company makes it a liability
issue even the slightest mistake and blame
and punish the employee. However, if a
company or boss makes a mistake, they will
not be blamed and no one punishes them.
Moreover, the responsibility is not asked.
These things often becomes a factor of
the fight for “Unfairness” and

On March 3, 1991, a black man named
Rodney King was assaulted by four police
officers for the crime of speeding
(Rodney King case). The situation was
happened to be filmed in a video and later
it has been aired across the United States.
However, the following year, when those
assaulted police officers were acquitted,
this incident has triggered a “
Large Los 
Angeles Riot” (April 1992).
The factors that triggered this case are
essentially the same as the unfairness 
within the company that I just talked above.
In other words, Rodney King, despite
receiving violent assault by a relatively
minor mistake of speeding, the crime of
the police officers who assaulted him,
is not asked at all and they became
acquitted. This sense of discrimination
and unfairness are the essence of the
problem and the root causes.

In modern society, not only black people
but also many white people may suffer
by the treatment of inequality and
unfairness while they live in social life.
It is thought that that “suffering” was
the reason why many whites have
“sympathy” for black racism.
Many white people have become
better able to understand the
“Heart of suffering from racism” that
black people have experienced so far,
from the experience that they suffered

from discrimination treatment from
their companies and bosses etc.
As a result, many whites are believed
to have taken part in this Protest
That is, the white people who
experienced the same kind of suffering
as the black people, had a feeling of
empathy for the black people.

Thinking about “Mistakes that
occur during work” from the
standpoint of both the company
and employees

Now, let’s think about this “Error that
occurs within the company” from
the standpoint of both the company
and employees. True, if an employee
makes a mistake, it is fact that it
develops into a big problem or big
incident. For instance, if a mechanic
makes a maintenance mistake in an
Airplane Maintenance Shop, it can
cause catastrophic accident because
of that and many lives may be lost.
And the company also loses great
social credibility and public trust.
Therefore, a company or boss
become that if an employee makes
even a few mistakes, they will point it
out severely.

However, when the boss points out
an employee’s mistake, if they insults
or abuses the employee for that
matter, the employee feels that he has
received “unjust discrimination” or
“verbal violence” and they will be
severely rebellious.
Unfortunately, many bosses often do
not understand the “Suffering on the
side of being pointed out” at this time.
The boss thinks, “it is natural that one
who makes a mistake is pointed out
severely and suffer,” and does not
think any further.
However, in reality, what the boss
should do and say at this time is
When a boss points out an employee’s
mistake, he/she must need to use words
with consideration and be extremely
careful in what he/she does and says.
In this respect, both the company
and the boss also need “Gentleness
Specifically, when an employee
makes a mistake, it is important to
strictly point out just only the mistake.
Don’t blame other things. If you do so,
your employees will be satisfied, they
will correct their mistakes and work
hard to avoid making mistakes in the
Conversely, when the boss points
out an employee’s mistake, if he/she
uses words that harass them, use
violence, or insult their opponent,
employee’s feeling will be deeply
hurt, rebel, and will feel that they
have received unjust discrimination.
Or, at that time, if the boss blames
the employee for something other
than a mistake, or says even his/her
personality or race, the employee
will be more rebel. And it may
develop into a Demonstration like
this time.
The words that are misleading are
also bad.
Since the company and the boss are

in the position of leaders, it is important
to properly judge what words should be
used to “Correct mistakes” and at the
same time, to lead to “Employee growth.”
And I hope you to build an
Ideal Trustworthy Labor-Management

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