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Act②’s act of Mercy and Wisdom.”

Hello Dear everyone, how are you?
I apologize for the fact that I have
opened a little long time since last
month until I post this article.
It took a lot of time to collect and
summarize the materials, and to
translate it into English.
I’m very happy to know how well you
are from the many great comments
I receive from you.

Now, this time post is a complete rewrite
of the latter half of the previous article,
Solid growth of recent US Economy
achieved by your good deeds.”
Therefore, “Three Events” I mentioned in
the first half is the same as the previous
article. The second half is different.

Please open this article from “Full Text”
below. Here is an excerpt from the article.


Also, the United States could not win
the Vietnam War.
However, why did the United States fail to win
the war during the Vietnam War, despite
sending such a mighty military and troops?
During World War II, the United States
beat Nazi Germany and the former
Japanese Army.
What was the difference?

One of the major factors in which the
United States could not win in the Vietnam
War is the “Lost Purpose” of US soldiers.
Unlike the war with Nazi Germany in
World War II, much of the battlefield
became the jungle of Vietnam.
And the form of fighting became guerrilla
In guerrilla warfare, enemy North
Vietnamese soldiers often dressed in
ordinary civilian clothing, rather than
military uniforms, hiding among citizens
of South Vietnam, an ally of the United
States. And when a US soldier arrived,
they suddenly fired their gun and
attacked. For this reason, American
soldiers accidentally harmed South
Vietnamese citizen who is an ally and
often burned their homes.
The “Songmi Village Case” is its
typical example.
As a result, many US soldiers no longer
knew what they were fighting for.
“Though I’m fighting for Vietnamese
peace , why I must burn the residences
of Vietnamese citizens?”
American soldiers could not have a firm
mission and purpose such as
“Destroying Fascism” as they had against
Nazi Germany. On the other hand, North
Vietnamese soldiers, seemed to had a
strong goal of protecting their homeland.
For the United States, Vietnam War was
not the war that could be won only by
bombing like the Nazi Germany and the
former Japanese Army. Nor were they
able to distinguish between the enemy
and the ally in military uniforms.
As a result, it is truly unfortunate that
many US soldiers suffered mental illness
and became dependent on drugs after
returning to their homeland. 
Also, it was sorry.
Later, in the United States, the anti-Vietnam
movement spread nationwide, and the
US President finally decided to withdraw
from Vietnam.

The number of casualties in the countries
involved in the Vietnam War is as follows:
South Vietnam Army――254,000 dead,
783,000 injured.
North Vietnam Army and PLA――1 million
dead in battle, 300,000 people are missing.
More than 2 million local civilians have died
in the war.
The total number of U.S. soldiers mobilized
to Vietnam as mentioned earlier, was
543,400, of which 58,191 were killed in war.

After all, war is something that hurt both
the enemy and allies and destroys both
the human mind and body.
Who is the winner?
Also, what state is it a victory?
With those things remain unknown, only
the suffering of everyone increases.
That is the war.
So what state is the “Real Victory”?
It is a Real Victory that “Peaceful
Resolution through Dialogue and
Consultation” without war.
Also, “To have a friendship between
countries” is a true victory. Moreover,
by this form,  citizens of both countries
can be the “win-win winners.”

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Happy New year Dear everyone

Happy New year Dear everyone.
Thank you very much for your
continued support and cooperation
during the last year.
I am sincerely grateful.
Also, thank you very much for many
wonderful heartfelt comments.
Thank you again this year.
This year again, I will publish a lot of
the latest articles.
I wish you many happiness and victory.

As the first article of the New Year,
I added the following additional text
to the previously posted “Patrol the
five continents and send mercy.”

Sending mercy across the five
continents of the world

It is also important to float the
entire five continents of the world
in your heart and send mercy beyond
the differences between developed
and developing countries.
Mercy is the same as the canopy.
it covers the five continents of the
earth like the canopy of the large

How about the following course?
Departing from the North and South
America → cross the Atlantic and
then to the continent of Europe  →
then move east, and enter to the
Arabian Peninsula / Middle East →
go south to the lower left and enter
into the African continent → then
move to the right → Eurasian continent,
Russia, India, and via China and reach
to the eastern end →  Korean peninsula
and Japan → next go down south, to
Southeast Asia and Australia. → Here
we go to Antarctica  and Arctic and
reach to Greenland. Finally, cross the
Pacific Ocean, travel to Hawaii, and
return to the Americas.
Following such a course, you cover
the entire continent with a canopy of
mercy. You also make silver rain with
the heart of mercy.

In this way, you protect the continent,
protect the countries in it, prosper them,
and improve and stabilize the
interrelationship between the nations.
And send mercy for the citizens of those
countries to be happy and prosperous.
Also, through that you send mercy to
“All living existence.”

January 1, 2020
Alam Iwadate

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The new table of contents was completed

The new table of contents of 
The power of the law to expand the 
power of citizens’ goodness” which is 
the basic paper of this website was 
completed as follows.
In the future, I will add new papers in 
this table of contents.
Please enter from the following.

Patrol the five continents and send mercy

If you are reading this paper for 
the first time, please read the 
basic paper of this site “The power 
of the law to expand the power of 
citizens’ goodness” first. 
(Philosophy of Menu )

Hello everyone.
Thank you very much for your sincere 
and heartfelt comments. I am grateful. 
I feel pain that I cannot reply to all 
comments. If I press the “Approve” 
button for a comment, the comment 
will be posted on website’s Widgets. 
When it is posted, please understand 
that I have read it properly. It is the 
same as “love” of Facebook.
However, I will reply as much as I can
to answer your sincere heart without
relying on these things.

Now, this paper was published on 
July 29 this year. A part of the text 
was added as shown below “Excerpt.”
Currently, I am changing the 
composition of “Home” a little, to 
publish a new paper.
I always pray for your happiness and 


When it comes to war, regardless 
of the country of victory or defeat, 
it gives rise to “many mothers who 
lose their important son on the 
battlefield.” And many young soldiers 
will be shot and killed on the battlefield, 
and their bodies will be taken to 
Arlington Cemetery in Washington. 
His mother and father are crying in 
front of the body. A lover and a friend 
are crying. How many solitary 
bereaved families have been created 
in the 20th century alone? 
This is already too late. 
To avoid this, you have to work before 
that. We fight at the time of peace. 
The hero is willing to fight.
The battles are “Do not cause military 
conflicts in each country’s army,” 
“Stop crimes of terrorism and mad 
people” and “Send mercy and the 
power of wisdom to people in each 
country.” That is what I said above.
It is also a battle to inform people 

about the “existence of the law of 
the origin” that expands and 
strengthens the good power of 

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To have the law of the origin is to have innumerable amount of treasure

This article was added on
September 30, 2019.
Please see the end of the article.

Hallow everyone, how are you?
It is a great pleasure for me that 
your heart and your will reach me 
through your comments.
Now I am revising some of the 
content to compile the articles on 
the site.
In addition to 1 to 13 in Chapter 2, 
A new title 14 “To have the law of the 
origin is to have innumerable amount 
of treasure” has been added.
(See the table of contents for
“Philosophy of Menu.”)

Also, following this, I will post the 
new sentence of the first half of the 
Article 13 “Follow on the causal net 
and patrol the five continents.”

Bellow is Full text of a new title 14

To have the law of the origin is to 
have innumerable amount of treasure

Having the law of the origin is the 
same as having  a “treasure trove 
full of infinite treasures.” This is 
because the law of the origin is a 
On the other hand, your action of 
the mercy and wisdom power are
“Hands” that draw treasures from 
that treasure-trove. You can open
the treasure trove door and draw out 
the treasure with your “Hands” of 
mercy and wisdom power. (However, 
the “Information of the law of the 
origin” is required. Because it 
connects you with the law of the 

You yourself create the future of America

This article was published on 
  December 6, 2018

Dear everyone
You are a great person, a citizen and 
a leading actor.
You are the sovereign owner standing 
with the future America. 
You are also the “Foundation” of the 
United States.
Especially I am looking forward to the 
growth of young people. I received a 
comment that young people are reading 
my website and growing, there is no 
more pleasure more than that. 
Also, it is very happy for me that my site 
is useful for the happiness and growth 
of many people and achievement of 
each job.

Why does it have to be mercy?

Hello everyone. How are you doing?
How are your family, friends and colleagues 
around you all? Thank you very much for 
your comments that are always sincerity. 
I am encouraged very much and it is 
helpful when writing the next post.
In addition to the good deeds you do 
on a daily basis, if you practice 
“Act of Mercy and Wisdom” of Act①
and② that I mentioned in the previous 
paper, it will raise a torch in the dark 
world and leads to lighting up the orbit 
of happiness. 
When considering this act of mercy, 
that is “To send mercy to all living 
existence,” there is a question 
“Why does it have to be mercy”? 
“Is it not possible with love, or other 
Mercy is sympathy, compassion.
Why is it mercy?

In short, the reason is that there are 
many “People suffering” and “Living 
being suffering” in the world. 
Even those who say “I am happy now” 
also getting older someday, the body 
weakened, anxiety to the disease will 
occur, and death will come. In other 
words, there are the suffering of aging, 
disease and the fear and suffering towards 

death. There are also “suffering to live” 
for example life suffering, economic 
hardship, suffering of human relations.
There are two meanings of mercy.
meaning to “remove suffering” and 
“give comfort.” Because there are many 
people suffering in the world, you will 
remove the suffering first. It is because 
you can not give comfort unless you 
remove suffering. After that, you will 
give comfort.
That is why priority is given to “mercy.”
The Buddha-nature’s law, that is 
“the law of the origin of the whole 
phenomenon world” goes beyond this 
four suffering of “Life, Aging, Disease, 

I am very glad when I receive comments 
of impression and sympathy from 
everyone. I am glad that at least one of 
your goals has been reached. 
Everyone is “core person” and “sovereign.”
You are the owner of the democratic 
society in America.
If you carry out “acts of mercy and wisdom,”
there will always be a great achievements, 

pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. 
That is also a great pleasure for me.

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Explanation of “Name” in Five Processes

Hello everyone
Thank you for always your great 
comments. I really appreciate it. 
I am very sorry that I cannot reply 
to all comments.
I am really grateful for your support 
and kindness.

Now, this time article is that delved 
into the content of the earlier article 
Explain the five processes by cause 
and result.”(Chapter 2) 
In particular, here I gave a detailed 
explanation of 1.Name.
Please enter from below.


If you are reading this article for the 
first time, please read “The power of 
the law to expand the power of citizens
goodness,” first which is the basic paper 
of this site.

This article will be placed in 1 of Chapter 3.
Chapter 3 has been “Other articles” so far, 
but they will be included in Chapter 4.
In Chapter 3, I will have to speak in the 
future, more professionally and specifically 
about what I said in Chpter 1 and 2. 
In other words, Chapter1 and 2 is the 
general remarks while Chapter 3 is details.

Then, considering the future, I change the 
structure of  MENU. It will be as follows.

2 Basic papers of the site
3 Latest Information | Philosophy
4 Latest Information | International Politics
5 Music
6 Bio
7 Sitemap

I haven’t changed the menu yet, but I will 
do it in a few days.
I sincerely pray for your happiness and 
victory life.
Alam Iwadate

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Four kinds of processing methods are used for the processing method of “Trace action”

This article is currently being
revised and please wait a while.
Nov 30, 2019.

Good evening, Dear everyone.
Thank you very much for your
always wonderful comments.
I am deeply appreciated. I can’t
reply to all comments, but I always
feel the heart and warmth you send
me. I always feel so painful the heart
and warm consideration send by you,
and work with these hearts in mind.
Thank you very much.

Now, today’s article is a sequel
to “Explanation of Name in Five
Processes” published last time.
In the contents of “Basic Papers
on the site” in MENU, this enters
in Chapter 3.
Therefore, if you are reading this
article for the first time, please read
the first half of “Explanation of Name
in Five Processes” first. Otherwise,
the meaning will not be connected.

The content of today’s article is
taken entirely from the Information
(Teaching) of the law of the origin.
And I edited it. By reading this,
Act ②’s action of wisdom will be
fulfilled. Therefore, if you read this,
please go out to the phenomenon
world (outside world) with confidence.
And please win many merit and
Your contribution to the well-being
and prosperity of people and society
will make you rich and happy.
Sending wisdom to people is sending
mercy, and the action of mercy is also
that of wisdom. In that case, in fact,
I want you to explain or write and
leave this information for others,
but to write, you must read it first,
think and understand it. Therefore
just only read, think and understand
the information of the law of the
origin, Act ① and ② of mercy and
wisdom is fulfilled.
If they are fulfilled, Rewards from the
law of the origin (Buddha-nature) will
be definitely prepared. And it is huge.
I sincerely pray for your happiness and


What is the Action to make your body and mind shine

November 12, 2019
New sentence has been added.
Please see the end of this article.

Dear everyone of you.
Thank you for many of the wonderful, 
heartfelt comments.
I am sincerely grateful.
Your heart always reaches me.
I am very pleased when I receive your 
reports that the articles on my site 
were “helpful” and “effective.” 
In addition, based on that, when I hear 
the report that your important daughter, 
your son and your company colleagues 
have achieved their goals, 
I’m really really pleased.
Please walk the life of victory.
I am always praying for everyone’s 
(your) happiness and safety, and 
“Achievement of a beautiful 
relationship” with the people 
around you. The words of impression 
and encouragement sent from you 
are the driving force when I write 
articles. I’m still writing the following 
I’m a little worried about your health.
If you are a man, please do muscle 
training if possible.
Even if you are a woman, please do 
muscle training if possible, and 
attach the necessary muscles.
The wrinkles disappear from the skin 
and the tension appears.
Skin gloss becomes beautiful.
In addition, curvaceous beauty 
appears on the arms and legs.
Your body proportion is also 
improved. The same applies to 

Dealing with grave environmental issues with wisdom and mercy

(Dear to everyone Oct 20, 2019)

I brought this article together.
In particular, the “Japanese situation” was 
summarized briefly. For “Details of the 
renewable energy situation in Japan,” 
Please Pagelink from the text.

Environmental problems are now 
a serious problem for all mankind. 
If this is not resolved, the global 
environment will be in a crisis situation 
after 30 or 40 years, the time of our 
But you have the power to solve it. 
For how to solve it, I will continue to 
post related articles including this 
article in the future, and talk about 
my views.
Especially, present young people 
should read these articles carefully 
and please save the future global 
environment and many citizen.

This article is in 4 of Chapter 4 of 
the basic paper “The power of the 
law to expand the power of citizens’ 
goodness. ”(See Philosophy of Menu)

Please enter from the below.

Related article:
Details of the renewable energy 
situation in Japan

A space odyssey in the 21st century

Good evening everyone
The video I’m delivering today is 
A space odyssey in the 21st century
 which I said at the beginning of 
January. Initially, this video was 
scheduled to be completed in a 
couple of days, but it took nearly 
three months to produce.
In this video, I took out some scenes 
from “2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY” by 
Stanley Kubrick (director) and 
Arthur C. Clarke (original) and 
re-edited to match the music.
This film, which was screened in 
1968, is a film that was produced 
at a huge cost, making full use of 
the state-of-the-art technology of 
the 1960s. When it comes to editing, 
it was not easy. When I started to 
work, some problems occur and 
I was forced to introduce some 
new software. The video was taken 
in HD, and the music was high-quality 
with “High-Resolution.”

However, 19 years have already passed 
since the beginning of the 21st century, 
but such a wonderful Space Station 
and Lunar Base have not been 
completed yet.
Perhaps that will be around the end 
of the 21st century. So I named this 
title ” A space odyssey in the 21st 
Century.” When the film was 
completed, Director Kubrick said, 

“I hope it will be a classic for the 
future space movie.”
In the later years, director James
Cameron, famous for his “terminator,”
which made a big hit in the 1980s,
said, “I saw this movie 17 times.”
Others, the film has had a major
impact on many later years films.

In the first scene in this video, there 
is a scene in which artificial satellites 
run parabolically through space outside 
the atmosphere quietly without sound. 
That is first two scenes. It is one of 
the scenes I like most. In this way, 
I would like to get over everything, 
absorb everything, and run on a much
higher orbit with people.

Another scene I like is the space 
station’s first appearance.  A bright
circular moon comes down from the
top left, turning into a circular space
station as well. And two rings overlap
beautifully. This is another great
composition technology for Kubrick.
It is a scene likely to be inhaled
blending with a soft prelude music.
I am glad if dear ones enjoy with it.

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2018 Bridge over Troubled Water

Bridge over Troubled Water 

A hit worldwide upon its release by 
Simon and Garfunkel in 1970. 

It shines to the top of the hit chart 
for 10 consecutive weeks in the US, 
and in England it holds the 
unprecedented record for the longest 
that a song has stayed in the top half 
of the chart for 6 years. 
In addition to Simon and Garfunkel, 
it has also been covered by many 
artists, including Elvis Presley, Whitney 
Houston, and Eva Cassidy etc. 
The lyrics brim with love and mercy 
“When pain is all around – When tears 
are in your eyes – Like a bridge over 
troubled water, I will lay me down”. 
From the 1970s to the 80s when 
barren and confused deepened, 
this song may have touched the 
hearts of many with the deepness 
of its love for mankind, and its 
gentle tenderness. 

Hello everyone,
Thank you very much for 
the heart muffled comment.
I am reading well. I am 
encouraged. Thank you.
Today I will present 
“2018 Bridge over Troubled 
Water” which I worked hard 
for years. Although it is only 
verse 1, I will post it when 
the video of the full version 
is completed at a later date.
Please take good care of 
yourself and have a good life.
Alam Iwadate

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A Whiter Shade Of Pale & Running Mustang America

A Whiter Shade Of Pale 
Running Mustang America

A Whiter Shade Of Pale is the 1967 
debut song of Procol Harum. 
Looking back at this song half a 
century later we can see that 
it was one of the few famous 
songs over this period that had 
a sense of “globalness”. 

What is meant by this globalnessis 
its potential to show the listener 
the grand scope of the whole 
world, without limiting itself to a 
single region or country. 
Originating from the west, it is 
regarded as a quiet hit that 
continues to be popular in 
South America, Japan, 
and in other Asian countries 
where English is spoken 
(though more often the 
melody rather than the song). 
Music and song are the 
common languages of the 
world, but I think that a 
potential for globalness 
such as that of A Whiter 
Shade of Pale, will have an 
extremely large role to play 
in the formation of global 
consensus in future.  

Next this great masterpiece 
was originated in the West. 
So it is a song that the 
West should be proud of. 
And I created a movie 
tying with Mustang , one 
of  America’s most popular 
sports cars. This movie was 
created as a draft for 
advertisement, but it was
not created by formally 
signing a contract with 
Ford. It is by my own 
personal will.
 I would like to realize
“American Dream” with
American people.

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Casablanca (2017)

Casablanca full version (2017)

The 3rd US-North Korea Summit Meeting is held in Panmunjom

Hello everyone. How are you?
This time, I will talk about the U S-North 
Korea summit meeting suddenly held 
on the 30th of last month on the North-
South military border in Panmunjom. 
Please enter from below:

This article is linked to the previously 
written , so please read it together 

Article just before the 2nd US-North
Korea Summit Meeting:

Lead to success the second round 
of the US-North Korean summit in order 
to open the beginning of world peace”

Article immediately after the 2nd
US-North Korea Summit Meeting:

The interruption of the summit will be
a step to build a stronger trust in the future

 Article about the “First US-North 
Korea Summit Meeting” on June 12, 
2018. (Revised on July 8, 2019)

The significance of the 
First US-North Korea summit

Explain the Five Processes by Cause and Result

Hello everyone. How are you?
In Japan, succession to the throne 
has taken place, and new Emperor 
and Empress
 have been born.
Along with that, it became the new 
era “Reiwa 令和 “.
With the new Emperor and Empress, 
Japan is in an age of peace, and 
would like to do the best for the 
peace and prosperity of the 
international community.

Now, “Explain the five processes by 
cause and result” has been completed. 
I publish from the following links.

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If you are reading this for the first time, 
please read Part 1-11 of the basic paper 
below first.

→ The power of the law to expand 
  the power of citizens’ goodness

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Identification of information

Hello everyone. How are you?
Thank you for always a heartwarming 
comment. I appreciated. It is also very 
encouraging me.
I really feel sorry that I can not reply to 
all the comments. But everyone’s mind 
is transmitted to me. With everyone, 
I would like to open a new era of peace.

Today’s article is about the 5th 
Identification of information” of 
Five processes” mentioned in the 
previous article. 
Please enter from the following.

This article will be a little longer. 
There is a continuation.  If you are 
reading this article for the first time, 
please read in the following order 
if possible.

1 Basic papers of this site

The power of the law to expand 
the power of citizens’ goodness

2 Previous papers

“Explain the five processes
  by cause and result”

However, the content of this time 
article talks about the “difference 
between the role of the law of the 
origin and other laws” and so on, 
so even reading this article alone 
makes sense. I also talked about 
Buddha’s basic view of life.

I pray for your success and happiness 
from the bottom of my heart.
June 3, 2019, 0:00 am

Practice and application of Five Processes

Watch the trends in the 
US Economy and 
know the 
power of your good deeds 
and of the law of the origin

Hello everyone.
Thank you for always a lot of 
I am deeply grateful to 
your heart of giving me a comment.
I am reading all the comments 
posted on the wedge and the 
comments not posted.
I am really appreciated for your 

The contents of this paper will 
talk about several perspectives 
concretely about the “view” when 
you look at the effects (results) of 
good deeds that you have done 
based on the law of the origin. 
Since the paper could not be 
completed at one time, the sequel 
will be posted immediately.
The first is the 
Effect of your good deeds on the 
US economic trend.”
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Next, I would like to change the 
structure (table of contents) of the 
papers I have written so far, as 

Chapter 1
Contains from 1 to 11 of the basic 
paper of this website “The Power 
of Law to expand the Power of 
Citizens’s Goodness.”

Chapter 2ー 
Contains “From 1 to 4 of 5 Processes” 
and “Identification of information of 5.”

Chapter 3ー 
Includes other articles written so far.

Such a configuration is for making it 
easy to record new papers that I will 
write in the future. There are some 
important things I still need to talk 
to you.
Also, I am writing a book, and the 
above configuration is the same as 
the book configuration. I would like 
to publish all the papers I’ve written 
so far, together with some new ones, 
as “one book.”

2019. Jun 25.
Best regards to the future.
Alam Communication  

North Korean situation heading to the Ocean

If you are reading this article for 
the first time, please read Part 1-7 
of the basic paper below first.

      The power of the law to expand 
  the power of citizens’ goodness

We can see signs of change in the 
North Korean situation.
North Korea has conducted a 
short-range missile launch tests 
twice this month (May 2019) on 
the 4th and 9th. 
The Pentagon has declared that 
what was fired on May 9 was a 
“ballistic missile.” The missile flew 
about 300 kilometers eastward and 
dropped to the sea. The launch of 
ballistic missiles by North Korea was 
the first in one year and five months 
since November 29, 2017.
Meanwhile on the sea, on May 9, the 
US Justice Department announced 
that it had seized a North Korean-
flagged cargo ship that was 
transporting coal (BBC News). 
This is the first time that the United 
States has seized North Korean ships. 
The reason is that North Korea’s 
coal transportation is prohibited 
by the United Nations Security 
Council’s economic sanctions. 
The United States has announced 
that this foreclosure is irrelevant 
to the missile launch experiments 
on the 4th and 9th.

As tension increases, pessimistic 
views spread in the mass media. 
However, there are various processes 
in the course that rivers flow toward 
the ocean. The river hit a rock at one 
time, pass through the valley and it 
encounter a cliff and become a fierce 
However, it is absolutely certain that 
all rivers finally reach the ocean. 
The same is true for North Korea, 
and it is certain that it will finally reach 
the ocean.

This is because North Korean leader 
Kim Jong-un has basically acted so 
far for the sake of the “Safety of the 
Korean peninsula / Denuclearization” 
and “Peace in his own country.”
Because there are that hope and 
purpose, he actively held two times 
of US-North Korea summits, and 
held three times of North-South 
summits. He also visited China three 
times in 2018 and once in January 
this year, for a total of four visits, 
and held a summit with the Chinese 
leader Xi Jinping. And he piled up 
dialogue for peace realization. Also, 
in April of this year, he visited Russia 
for the first time, and held a summit 
with President Putin.
All these actions are because Kim 
Jong-un wants to achieve the 
security and happiness of the people 
of his own country, and he wants the 
peace of the country.
He also knows that that is the way he 
rewards the most loyal predecessor 
leader, Kim Il Sung. This year marks 
the 70th anniversary of the first visit 
of that Kim Il Sung to the Soviet 
Union. The visit to Russia by Kim 
Jong-un in the same year can be seen 
as a sign of his strong intention to 
realize the predecessor’s intention. 
President Kim Il Sung’s intention was 

the “security and peace of the Korean 

Everything happening in the 
international community is heading 
towards the ocean.
What is the ocean?
If the “heart of mercy that you 
send to all living existence” merged 
with the law of the origin, it becomes 
the ocean. 
That is, when the “heart of mercy that 

you emit” is fused with the “mercy” 
which is an essential characteristic 
of the law of the origin, it becomes 
the ocean. Buddha’s mercy is deep 
and vast like the ocean.
When you send mercy to all living 
existence, the law of the origin 
receives that mercy and starts to 
merge the movements of all 
phenomena in one direction.
And it leads them to the ocean.

The same is true for events that 
occur in the international 
community. Even if there are 
individual movements that 
seemingly repel or move in the 
opposite direction, they are 
eventually combined and utilized 
by much greater power, and flow 
towards the ocean.
It is the power of wisdom of Act ② 
to see and grasp this process 
correctly. Therefore, the power 
of wisdom sends the right 
information to the mercy and 
further strengthens the power 
of the mercy of Act ①.
In addition, wisdom gives “Backing” 
to mercy.
If you learn the right information 
about the law of the origin and 
exert wisdom based on that, 
that ties the “mercy heart that 

you emit” deeper and virtually 
with the law of the origin.

In this way, as long as you emit a 
“Deep mercy heart” to all living 
existence and exert wisdom, 
it is certain that the international 
community will head towards 
permanent peace.
You can think that is certain as if 
“many rivers definitely return to 
the ocean.”

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