The complete solution to the Ukrainian war

The complete solution
to the Ukrainian war

I would like to think about
a fundamental solution to the
Ukrainian war.
When considering the “End” and
Fundamental Solution” of this war,
even if the Ukrainian army wins the
battle, the war cannot be completely
Of course, it is important for the
Ukrainian army to win, which has
been unilaterally invaded by Russia.
However, that alone does not lead
to a true solution.

The reason is that if the war was
prolonged in the future, NATO member
countries and Western countries will
continue to have a strong sense of
anxiety and caution toward Russia.
And the citizens of Western countries
will lead an uneasy life while holding
fear and threat to neighboring Russia.

Also, if this war cannot be completely
ended, when Ukraine rebuild their own
country, they too will have to do that
while being vigilant for invasion from
In addition, “The problems of Ukraine’s
Grain Export”
 that stagnate along the
Black Sea coast, “Global Food Crisis” 
and “Energy Problem” will remain.
Also, there is the anxiety that
“When may it develop into World War?”

I am thinking that the most
Fundamental Solution
 to this Ukrainian
war is that president Putin is to be reborn
as a good king.
Then because everything will come to
a solution.

The current President Putin violated
the Charter of the United Nations,
invaded Ukraine, killed many Ukrainian
citizens, and destroyed social capital
such as their homes and factories.
And he is trying to make the land of
another country Russian territory.
Therefore, I have to say that the
current President Putin belongs to
the evil king.
We transform that evil king into
a good king.
It may be a bold idea, but by doing so,
all issues will be resolved.

Historical case of King Ashoka

However, even though saying
the evil king turns into a good king,
is it so easy to achieve?
Is there really a case in history
where an evil king suddenly turned
into a good king?
It exists.
It was an event in ancient India.
It is the famous Ashoka the Great.

King Ashoka was the king of
ancient India who had the greatest
power and achieved the first
unification of India in history.
However, the first half life of King
Ashoka, who was a very good king,
was actually an evil king.
He destroyed many nations.
However, in the wake of a certain
event, he was reborn as a good king.

What is that event?
It was that a poor, torn-dressed old
man appeared before the king.
He has held his already dead child.
And the old man said to the king:
“Great King with the strongest power,
please bring my child back to life
with that great power.”

At that time, the king realized.
He also became aware of his own
“Doing my best and contribute to
the well-being of the citizens of
the country, that’s my mission!”
And he deeply reflected on his
actions so far and repented it.
After that, he has laid Law-based
Good Politics
 all over India, which
is rare in the world.

He abandoned the war and
undertook a number of social
projects, including the construction
of hospitals and roadside trees.
In addition, despite the king
himself was a Buddhist, he did not
make Buddhism a state religion,
and he often defended other
religions in the country and kept
Freedom of Religion.”
Also, from a life-oriented
perspective, the implementation of
the “Abolition of the death penalty”
was achieved during the time of
King Ashoka. The spread of Buddhism
in Southeast Asian countries is also
largely due to the achievements of
the king.
By following such a precedent,
the current President Putin too
should become a Good King and
return to Russia as soon as possible.
He should act and do his best for
the well-being and prosperity of
many good Russian Citizens who
do not want “War” and “Invasion of
other nations.”
Also, he should do his best for the
well-being and prosperity of the
citizens of the world.
Moreover, this requires urgent.

He has a great reason to return
to Russia.
According to many experts and
institutions, Russia is currently
expected to face a tremendous
crisis in the coming months due to
severe economic sanctions imposed
by the United States and other
Western countries.
President Putin has no time to wage
war in Ukraine.
His heart should return home early,
rebuild his own country’s damaged
economy and rebuild its ties with the
international community.

How to turn an evil king
into a good king

Next, let us talk about what we citizens
should do to transform the Evil king into
the Good king.
The most powerful way to do that is
you (and the citizens of the whole world)
have the perspective to grasp and think
that “The main body of the Evil king and
that of Good king are the same.”

However, this perspective does not
mean that the Evil king and the Good
king are the same and agree with the
evil king
. It means “Both main bodies
are the same.”
Certainly, what the evil king and the
good king think is the exact opposite.
The Evil king’s heart thinks,
“Even if killing a citizen, I will invade
the territory of another country and
make it my own.”
On the other hand, the Good king puts
the well-being and safety of the citizens
first, and also values the citizens of
other countries. And “The king works
hard and acts to ensure that
the citizens have a lot of good luck
and happiness.”
Thus, the hearts of the Evil king and
that of the Good king are the exact

However, both are the same in that 
they have the same human heart.
In this sense, you hold the perspective
that “The main body of the Evil king
and that of the Good king are the same.”

So why is it important to have this
Also, what are the advantages of
holding that perspective?
If you take the perspective that
“The main body of the Evil king and
the Good king are the same,”
easy transformation between
each other becomes possible.
For example, if the king of your
country (the supreme authority)
became an evil king, you can quickly
turn him into a good king.
However, this does not mean that
the evil king naturally transforms
into a good king without any

“Easy transformation between the two”
means that transformation is possible
with a few steps or a little treatment.
For example, suppose the international
community imposes some economic
sanctions on the Evil king or gives
some treatments.
Normally, a little treatments does not
turn an Evil king into a Good king.
However, as mentioned above, if you
take the perspective that “The main
body of the evil king and the good king
are the same,” that can be achieved
with a few steps and treatments.

So why is the conversion between
the two possible with such a few easy
That’s because both main bodies are
the same.
This is the same principle that the
main body of day and night is the
same, and night is easily converted
to day and vice versa.

In this way, “You stand in the perspective
that ‘The main body of the evil king and
that of the good king are the same'” has
great power.
(I will talk about the reason later )
However, there are also some
disadvantages to this perspective.
Even if the evil king is converted to
the good king, it may soon be
converted back to the evil king.
However, in that case, if an evil
king arises, you should immediately
re-convert him to a good king.
Every time an evil king arises,
you turn him into a good king.

Also, in the process of striving and
fighting to accomplish such
conversion work, there is your
growth and development as human.
If you think and grasp that “The main
body of the evil king and that of the
good king are the same,” there are
advantages like the above.
In thinking about this, let’s consider
the case when you think that
“The main bodies of the evil king
and the good king are completely
different.” If you think that “The main
bodies of the evil king and the good
king are completely different,”
it will be extremely difficult to
convert between them.
It’s not impossible though…

In that case, even if the evil king
could be converted into a good
king, it takes the form of
“Extinguish completely the evil
king first and then replace it with
the good king”
 or “Completely
destroy evil and then replace it
with good.”
However, in that form, the 
transformation from an evil king
to a good king becomes extremely

For example, like the current
President Putin, it is the same as
he will not easily turn into
a good king, even if the international
community, including the United
States, imposes a number of
fairly strong sanctions.

Also, during World War II, evil kings
like Hitler of Nazi Germany appeared.
It took the Allies six years to stop and
win his aggression and savage acts.
(The period of World War II is 6 years
from September 1, 1939 to
September 2, 1945)
In other words, through “The battle to
turn the evil king into a good king,”
there can be considerable casualties, 
even on the good side.

Also, even if saying that you
extinguish the evil king completely
in this way, it will be difficult to
achieve in full form, and will be
able to only be partially achieved.
Some of the evil kings and evils
will continue to survive.

Therefore, in the world after the
21st century, this shape can not
be recommended.
Rather than that, so that the
night becomes noon,
“Transform the evil king into
a good king at once” is practically
easier, more certain, and less likely
to cause casualties.

What is the same main body
of the evil king and the good
king?    It is Buddha-nature.

I just said above as follows:
“The hearts of the evil king and good
king are completely different, but they
are the same in the point that they
have the same human heart.
” And
that refers “The main body of the
evil king and the good king are the

However, in reality, “The both main
bodies are the same”  means that
they are the same in “Having
Buddha-nature is in both hearts
of the evil king and the good king.
Also, it is in everyone’s heart.

Therefore, “The main body of the
evil king and the good king are
the same” means they are the
same in that They both have

So what is Buddha-nature?
Buddha-nature is a characteristic
of Buddha that is in everyone’s
heart. Buddha-nature is not only
in heart, but in your body,
surrounding matter, all phenomena
of society, energy, all natural
phenomena, and all phenomena
and events in the universe.
For example, desk in front of you,
pen, paper, house, town, person
walking in town, car, organization,
company, country, human society,
various lives in the natural world,
and stars and galaxies that exist
in the universe. Everything, from
the interstellar medium till to the
energy, has a Buddha-nature.

For this reason, Buddha-nature was
placed in the main body of the Law
of Origin.
The reason that the Law of Origin
can act on and manage
all phenomena in the phenomenon
world is because having such
“Buddha-nature in all things” as the
main body and works.
(See the below Article for the
relationship between “Buddha-nature
and The Law of Origin” ↓ )

The power of the law to expand
the power of citizens’ goodness


Now, I would like to talk about
the main characteristics of Buddha-
nature in the following Five points.

1.  In the case of Buddha-nature,
     the expressions “Appear” and
     “Hide” are used

When considering Buddha-nature,
one of its major characteristics is
that when distinguishing
Buddha-nature, the expressions
appear” and “hide” are always used.
For example, the expressions
“Buddha-nature appeared in the heart
of the king” or “It hid”.
The heart of the king, even the evil king
and good king, always has Buddha-nature
inherently, so we use such expressions.

This is the same as for day and night,
for example.
In the case of day and night, we also
use the expressions “The sun appears”
and “hides.”
This is because the sun originally exists.
We do not say “The sun occurs” or
“The sun vanishes.”
Buddha-nature is also the same.
Since it’s originally existing, we use
the expressions “Appear” and “Hide.”

In short —
Why use such an expression?
Because Buddha-nature is the
existence that originally is in this

2.  Buddha-nature is deeply
     connected to Mercy heart

So what happens when Buddha-
nature appears in the king’s heart?
When Buddha-nature appears in
the heart of the king, “Mercy heart
for the citizens”
It also creates “Mercy heart for
other countries.”
On the contrary, what if it hides?
A heart of Merciless” arises in
the heart of the king.
And he often becomes an Evil king.

The reason why this happens is
that the essential characteristic
of Buddha-nature is “Mercy“.
This is the same as the essential
characteristic of the Law of Origin
is “Mercy”.
Buddha-nature is the main body
of the Law of Origin, so naturally
the essential characteristics of
both are the same.
Both are “Mercy.”

Therefore, doing “The work of
transforming an evil king into
a good king,” means that you
make the king’s Buddha-nature
to be appeared.
If you make the king’s Buddha-nature
to be appeared, Mercy heart will arise
in the king’s heart and he will become
a good king.

3. What is needed to make
    Buddha-nature appear?

So how do you make the “Buddha-
nature of Evil king” to be appeared?
What concretely do you need to do?

To make the Buddha-nature of the
Evil king to be appeared, you need
two acts of Mercy action and
Wisdom action.

This is the same as “The Act① and
Act②’s Mercy and Wisdom action.”
However, you now make Buddha-
nature to be appeared in Evil king’s
heart and cause Mercy heart in his
heart, so the way of practice is
a little different from so far.
You will do it more concretely than
the form I have talked so far.

Let’s start with Mercy action.
Perform Mercy action in the
following form.

For example, let’s say you have
one person near you. That one
person is the person you work with,
a customer, a colleague at work,
a clerk when buying a hamburger
at some store, or people walking in
the town, etc. It can be anyone.
Then, you strongly think and wish
that “Good luck of that person
will increase.”
That is Mercy action.

Or, at one time, an old man or
woman you happened to meet.
The person has a serious illness
and has confided to you about
his  (or her) illness.
The person is now going to the
hospital. That person is a one-time
encounter for you only then.
Then you strongly think and wish 
that “Good luck of the person
will increase” and “The illness will
be cured.”
That is exactly Mercy action.

Anyway, if there is even one person
by your side, you wish and think for
the increase of the person’s good
luck. That is Mercy action.

In that case, he (or she) will not be
aware that “The mercy action has
been done by you.” 
However, that person may be
somehow feeling pleasure or
comfort, because he (or she) was
hoped and thought by you
“The increase of Good Luck.”

I have mentioned so far
“When you perform the Act ①’s
Mercy action, you say ‘Sending Mercy
to all living existence’
 in your heart.”
But now, including that shape, please
send mercy in a more concrete form.
For instance, have send mercy directly
to the person in front of you as I said

4. What needs to be done to
     expand and strengthen
     Mercy action

The next question is how to expand
the effectiveness of your Mercy action.
It is not enough for your Mercy action
to work only on the one person in front
of you.
Now, you must make “Buddha-nature”
to be appeared in the heart of the
Evil king, who is at the center of state
power and invading other nations.
And must cause Mercy heart in his
Therefore, the effectiveness of your
Mercy action must also be expanded
and strengthened
 so that it works on
more people.

To expand and strengthen the
effectiveness of your Mercy action,
you use the Buddha-nature
characteristic of “Everyone has
The characteristic of Buddha-nature
here means “The Buddha-nature
existence form.”

The Buddha-nature existence form is
“One and at the same time infinite
amount, and infinite amount and at
the same time one.”
This is because Buddha-nature is
existing in one individual phenomenon
and at the same time, existing in
innumerable phenomena, too.

As I said earlier, Buddha-nature is
in your personal mind, but at the same
time it is also in “Organization”, such as
a company, society, or nation, etc.
It also exists in the myriad of matter
and life in nature and the universe,
as well as in stars and galaxies.

The Buddha-nature existence form is
very similar to the existence form of
a phenomenon.
In the phenomenon world, human
beings exist as individuals, but at
the same time, they also exist as
groups and organizations such as
company, society, nation, public
people, and human society.
There are also units such as the
Earth, the solar system, and galaxies.
(The figure below)
In the micro world, there are many
layers such as molecules, atoms, and
elementary particles, and there are
organizations and individuals.

Similarly, Buddha-nature is in individual
and at the same time in innumerable
organizations and phenomena, too.
Therefore, The Buddha-nature
existence form is “One and at the
same time infinite amount, and infinite
amount and at the same time one.”

In this case, “One” in “One and at the
same time infinite amount, and infinite
amount and at the same time one” is
“One Mercy action that you do.”
For instance, let’s say you did
Mercy action to one person close
to you.
Then, through the Buddha-nature
existence form of “One and at the
same time infinite amount, and
infinite amount and at the same
time one”, that effect works on
“Innumerable people and
Among that “Innumerable people
and phenomena,” there are
Evil kings and Good kings too.

In this way, you make the effect
of your Mercy action work on the
hearts of distant Evil kings.
Also, you make it work on the minds
of many people. 
And you make
Buddha-nature to be appeared
in their hearts.

In this way, the effect of your Mercy
action is expanded and strengthen.

Mercy is an essential characteristic
of “Buddha-nature” and “The Law of
Therefore, if you do Mercy action to
someone close to you, your Mercy
heart sympathizes with the essential
characteristic of Buddha-nature,
Mercy.” And the two merge.
And through the Buddha-nature that
is being in countless phenomena,
the effect of your Mercy action works
on all people, organizations, societies,
and nations.

When your Mercy action works on the
Evil king, Buddha-nature appears in
the heart of the Evil king and mercy
heart arises.

So what happens when it works on
the King of Goodness?
When your Mercy action works on the
King of Goodness,

1  The good luck of the good king
      will increase.
2  The king receives a good impression
      by other countries.
3  The king’s lifespan will be extended.
4  The king will be well protected.

As a result, the good king will do more
work and contribute to the well-being
of the citizens.
For example, if the current president
of your country is President Biden,
the president’s lifespan will be extended,
his good luck will increase, will be
well-liked by other countries, and
he will do more work for his citizens.
You can help the president a lot.


Earlier, you said, “If there is one
person close to you, you wish and
think strongly ‘The increase of that
person’s good luck’. That is Mercy
But what if that one person is not
definitely the one I can send mercy to?


You don’t have to force yourself to
send Mercy.
Please send it only to the person
you like, or only to those who seem
natural that you “want to send mercy”.
Also, it can be people walking in the
town. They are all good citizens who
live in the same society.


However, it is very difficult for me to
wish for completely unrelated person
or stranger, “I wish the person’s good
luck to be increased.”
For instance, for completely unrelated
people walking down the street, I just
can’t bring myself to wish, “I wish that
person’s good luck to be increased.”
How can I make me feel like that?


You don’t have to force yourself to
feel that way when you can’t feel that
The heart of Mercy occurs by “En“.
“En” is some kind of trigger.
For example, one day, suppose you
had the opportunity to exchange
a few words of greeting with
a completely unrelated person.
Then, that person’s “Greeting words”
or “Thank you words” were polite, and
suppose you thought
“This person is nice person” or
“This man (or woman) is polite person.”
Then, please wish and think in your
heart, “May that person’s good luck

In this way, if there is an opportunity
of any one action even it is “a single
greeting,” there are times when you
can think naturally, “I wish that person’s
good luck to be increased.”
When you send Mercy to others,
it’s only good when you feel that way.
As I said at the beginning, you don’t
have to force yourself to wish the
other person’s good luck.


What if no one is around me?


If no one is your around, have
strongly wish and think that the
luck of All Things will increase.
Have strongly wish and think
“May the town, the forest, the sea,
the mountains, the society,
the country, the citizens,
All be fortunate, head for happiness,
and win prosperity and comfort.”
That is “The Mercy action of Buddha.

Also, human life is established only
when there is a good environment.
Therefore, when you wish for an
increase of the good luck of person
around you, it is also important to
wish “May wish the good luck of
All things.”
The word All things includes
all environmental worlds.

In addition, there is a fact that
humans live in coexistence with
living existence other than humans.
With them, human life can be also
established for the first time.
So let’s do not forget to include
the words “Sending Mercy to
All living existence”
 too, and wish
for it.


My job involves contacting
many customers every day.
All those guests are one-off
encounters for me.
The time I am in contact with
the customer is not very long,
but I have to complete many
procedures in a short period
of time.

Those procedures are detailed,
and I have to finish them all
carefully. If I don’t finish my work
in perfect form within a short
period of time, and if there are
mistakes, etc. in the work later,
it will be a big problem.

When doing this kind of work,
there is no room in my heart to
wish or think of each person’s
Good Luck.
Even if the impression of
a customer is very good,
sometimes I am so busy with
work that I forget to wish for
the increase of Good Luck.
If so, how do I wish the increase
of people Good Luck?

I think there are many people
doing the same job as me.
For instance, Airport check-in
counter staff, Shopkeepers who
sell merchandise to a constant
stream of customers,
Customs Officers, Security Guards,
and those who run some important
meeting or event and the like.


In that case, later when you have
time, you can be calm down and
send Mercy.
For instance, “Among the
10 customers I met just now,
Mr. A, Mrs. B, and Mr. C’s greetings
were very polite and heartfelt, and
made a very good impression on
me. I wish these people more Luck,”
or something like that.
It doesn’t matter that wishing of
the increase of Good Luck is after
10 minutes or 30 minutes after
you parted with those people.
That is, after parting with guests,
you remember those people and
send Mercy.

Its Mercy effect is the same as
when sent on the spot. It’s no change.
The people to whom you wish for
the increase of their Good Luck will
surely increase their Luck in their
own best way.
Of course, the Good Luck of you
who sent Mercy also increases.

Let’s add one word greeting

Also, many of them are the people
who you meet once for you.
After you wished for the increase of
their Good Luck, let’s add the follow
words like in your heart and part
with them.

“I wish you having a good life”
“Take care”
“See you again somewhere”

Even if you don’t speak directly
with words, and even if you say it
in your heart, the feeling of
closeness and affection will
definitely reach that person.
Mercy heart attracts and pulls
people’s hearts.
When you show Mercy heart to
someone in your heart, they will
definitely respond in some way
at the time of parting.
They show you their gratitude.
You will certainly be able to catch
Of course, if you are in a situation
where you can say these words
directly, you may say them directly.
However, if you are at work or the
other person is a stranger and
unrelated person, you may give
them a sense of incompatibility or
strange impression.
At that time, I encourage you to
send those words in your heart as
I said above.
If you are at work, it is best to do
your work seriously and then I think
it’s best for you to think
“I wish this person increase of
Good Luck” for a moment in your
If you can’t do that, you can remember
later and send it, as I said earlier.
The potency of a Mercy heart is the

Let’s look at Advanced Civilized
Society other than Earth

Next, I would like to look at the picture
below. This is a picture showing the
vastness of the universe.

The picture in shows countless stars
concentrated near the central nucleus of
the Galaxy.

The picture in  is the Andromeda
It is made up of about 1 trillion stars 
that are the size of the Sun.
It is located 2.5 million light years
from Earth.

The picture of  was taken with
the Hubble Telescope(1), and
hundreds of billions of Galaxies
are clustered together.
Each and every light that looks like
a single point is all Galaxy made up of
hundreds of billions of stars.

These pictures will give you an idea
of how vast the universe is.

(1) Hubble Space Telescope:
A space telescope
 that orbits the

outer space about 600 km above
the ground. It was launched in 1990.
While Astronomical Telescopes on
the ground have the disadvantage
of being disturbed by the earth’s
atmospheric layer, the Hubble
Telescope was able to take clear
pictures of astronomical images
without being disturbed by the
atmospheric layer.

In such a vast universe, many
planets with Advanced Civilizations
Of course, it’s too far away and not
be astronomically confirmed yet,
but they definitely exist.
This is because, while there are
innumerable stars and galaxies
in the universe, it is unthinkable that
life exists only on Earth.

Among the many advanced life
planets, there are also many
Buddha nations.”
About the Buddha nation, I talked
about it in a previous Article.

(See the Article 
Create a country that is hard
as a Diamond and no one can

In the Buddha nation, many people
are knowing the existence of
the Law of Origin and are well
acquainted with its use.
This is because the Law of Origin is
not a law that exists only on Earth,
but a law that exists on a cosmic
This law is the law that manages
the phenomena of the entire

But when it comes to the
existence of the Buddha nation,
their numbers are extremely
limited. Among the many advanced
life planets, the Buddha nation is
extremely rare existence.
Nevertheless, the universe is so
vast that, on a cosmic scale, many
of Buddha nations exist.

Among the many Buddha nations,
there will be some nations that are
very similar in appearance to human
society on Earth. Also, there will be
nations that are not similar.
Alternatively, there may be nations
that are far more civilized than the
But I can say only one thing.

That is, in those Buddha nations,
people wish in their hearts for each
increase of Good Luck. 
In other words, they are sending
Mercy to each other in their hearts.
As a result, their Good Luck never
Always growing.
Your Good Luck is increased by
the Mercy hearts sent by others,
and their Good Lucks are increased
by the Mercy hearts you send.
And because their wishes and
Mercy are expanded and
strengthened by the power of
the Law of Origin, their wishes are
leading to the peace and prosperity
of whole society as a result.
This is true.
Human society on earth will too,
eventually become a peaceful
Buddha nation as long as you keep
sending Mercy heart to people.

5. The Reason why Wisdom action
necessary to make the Buddha-
     nature appear

Next, I will talk about Wisdom action.
Wisdom action is to have the perspective
that “The evil king and the good king
are the same in that they have Buddha-
nature as the main body.”
Basically, by doing Mercy action with
this perspective, you can turn
an Evil king into a Good king.


Besides Mercy action, why will it be
necessary to have this perspective?


This is because when you perform
Mercy action on a person close to
you with this perspective,
that Mercy action becomes
“The Mercy action based on
And your Mercy action is greatly
expanded and strengthened through 
the Buddha-nature existence form
of “One and at the same time infinite
amount, and infinite amount and
at the same time one,” and that effect
works on “innumerable people and

In that case, “One” is a Mercy action
you do, and it means that it acts on
a myriad of people and phenomena.
As I said earlier.
Among that “innumerable people,”
there is Evil king too.
By your Mercy action, Buddha-nature
will appear in the heart of the Evil king,
Mercy heart arises in his heart, and
he converts into a Good king.

On the contrary, if you do Mercy
action without this view, it will not
become the Mercy action based on
Buddha-nature, but just a Mercy action.
Then, it is difficult to convert
an Evil king into a Good king.
Nor it becomes the Mercy action that
can bring effects on “many people”
and “many phenomena.” Because its
power is not expanded or strengthened,
since it is not the Mercy action based on


Why do we need  Wisdom action to
have the perspective of “The evil king
and the good king are the same in that
they have Buddha-nature as the main


This is because in order for you
to stand in that perspective,
you need first confirm the existence
of “Buddha-nature”
 by Wisdom.
And you must, by your wisdom,
confirm that Buddha-nature is indeed
“a powerful existence” in the real
Therefore, these are the jobs of
your wisdom.

“Agreement on Grain Export
Corridor” is the result of your
Mercy action

Let me give you one analogy.
For example, on July 22nd the other
day, an agreement was signed to
set up a “Grain Export Corridor” to
export large amounts of grain that
had previously remained on the
Black Sea coast of Ukraine.
That is, it is A Four-Party Agreement”
Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and
the United Nations.” (Figure below)

This agreement was achieved
by discussions and agreements
between Russia and Ukraine
through the mediation of the
United Nations and Turkey.
The agreement raised the possibility
that the problem of “The Global
Food Crisis” will be resolved.
It is expected to resume exports of
25 million tons of grain from three
ports, including Odessa, Ukraine.

UN Secretary-General António
Guterres said that while efforts still
need to be made towards a final
“Finally, the light of hope to alleviate
hunger in the world has come.

The achievement of this agreement
is actually the result of “The Mercy
 that you thought and wish for
the “increase of luck” for one person
close to you.
The effect of your Mercy action was
expanded and strengthened through
Buddha-nature, and Buddha-nature
appeared in the heart of Russian
President Putin, and Mercy heart arose.
If his Mercy heart for the “World Food
Crisis” did not arise, “The Grain Export
Corridor” would not have been agreed.

Certainly, “The Grain Export Corridor
Agreement” alone is not yet complete.
The day after the agreement was
signed, Russia made a missile attack
on Ukraine’s grain export hub, Odessa.
As it’s reason, the Russian side is
demanding “lifting the export ban on
Russian wheat,” which is one of the
Economic Sanctions by the West.
However, Russian Foreign Minister
Sergey Lavrov said
“This attack will not hinder the
implementation of the’ Grain Export
Corridor’ ” (24th).
In other words, he’s saying, that the
export corridor will be implemented. 

In Ukraine, there are still fierce battles
going on.
In this way, there will still be various
difficulties before the agreement
text is actually implemented.

However, the signing of the
agreement is a major achievement
in itself.
Why did that achievement come out?

Because you have done Mercy action
to some person close to you based on
Buddha-nature. The power of that
Mercy action was expanded and
strengthened, which led to this

Therefore, if you continue to do this
kind of Mercy action, all phenomena
will basically move toward the
“End of the war,”
even if various events
occur along the way.

By experiencing such Causal
Relationship several times, you will
be able to confirm the existence of
Buddha-nature and be strongly
convinced of its power.
Therefore, it is the role of
your Wisdom 
to confirm the
existence of Buddha-nature.
In this way, when you do Mercy action
with the perspective of
“The evil king and the good king are the
same in that they have Buddha-nature
as the main body,”
your Mercy action becomes a Buddha-
nature-based Mercy action and
it transforms an Evil king into a Good king.
And the war will be over.


So far, you have said that Wisdom action
is to “Read the correct information of
the Law of Origin well, thinking it well,
understanding it well, and talking about it
to others well, etc.”
What about that?


“The correct information of the Law of
Origin” means “The correct information
about the Buddha-nature.”
Since Buddha-nature is the main body
of the Law of Origin, both information
are basically the same.
Therefore, if you read the correct
information of the Law of Origin
(Buddha-nature), think about it well,
understand it well, and talk it to others
well and the like, you will be able to
have more understanding and
conviction for the existence and
power of the Buddha Nature.

For correct information of the
Buddha-nature and the Law of
Origin, please refer to the Articles
on my site. If you are reading my
articles, your Wisdom action will
be fully accomplished.

What you can see from
the current situation in Ukraine

Next, let’s talk about the current
situation in Ukraine.
In the eastern part of Ukraine,
Ukrainian troops stood inferior
under heavy attacks from Russian
and pro-Russian troops, and
withdrew from Severodonetsk
by June 26. And they were
completely withdrawn from the
Donbass region by the first week
of July.

After that, Ukrainian troops are
based in the Midwestern part of
Ukraine, rebuilt the army posture,
received weapons such as the
Hymers” from the United States,
and launched attacks again
in Kharkiv of the north and
kherson of the south
(Purple Arrow in the Below Fig)
These two battles are currently
in good shape, with the Ukrainian
army dominating.

Meanwhile, Russian troops
rapidly weakened after
withdrawing Ukrainian troops
from the eastern region in the
first week of July.
The tiredness of the soldiers
and Decline in morale can be

Russian troops are fighting for
the remaining 40% of the west
side of the eastern Donbas region,
which the Russian troops have
not yet controlled, but the attack
has been scaled down (Below map).
It will take a considerable amount
of time to dominate the entire Donbus
region. (British Ministry of Defense)
Also, Russian troops are currently
launching missile attacks against
the Midwest of Ukraine, but the
attacks are sporadic and lacking

In short, the situation can be
summarized as follows:
The current Russian army does not
have the momentum to lead the
Entire Army and launch
a Total Attack on Ukraine.
Russian military attacks are now
sporadic and seem to only symbolize
political significance.
For instance, Foreign Minister Sergey
Lavrov said,
“We are aiming to overthrow the
Zelensky administration with a view
to seizing the mainland of the
Midwestern part of Ukraine” (late July).
As you can see, the content of the
Russian side’s remarks is big, but the
attacks are now waning, sporadic
, and
seem to be nothing more than symbolic
meaning attacks that try to support
those statements.
Meanwhile, Ukrainian troops are fighting
well to recapture Kharkiv in the north
and Kherson in the south, but there is
still no momentum to regain the entire
eastern region.
As a result, the battle between the two
armies currently continues in
a stalemate.

Why did the Russian army
lose momentum
so quickly?

In that case, why did the Russian
army, which had withdrawn Ukrainian
troops until the first week of July
and had intensified its offensive,
rapidly lose momentum in the
second half of July?
This is an important point.

That’s because,  you wished
“The increase of good luck” of
the people around you, and sent
Mercy to them.
That mercy was expanded and
strengthened by the power of
Buddha-nature (the power of the
Law of Origin), and stopped the
momentum of the Russian invasion.

This is the same as the “Ukrainian
Grain Export Corridor Agreement,”
which was established by your
Mercy action.
And finally, “The first ship, Razoni,”
loaded with Ukrainian grain, was
able to depart Odessa on August 1.
(Figure below)

The ship is heading for Lebanon
 and now sailing around Istanbul
as of August 7.
This ship is the ship that open
a breakthrough to avoid the global
“Food Crisis.”
It is a ship carrying our “Hope for
Currently, there are no attacks
from Russian troops.
Let’s all send Ale to Razoni to
arrive in Lebanon safely.

However, in the case of the first
ship, Razoni, at first it was sailing
smoothly toward its destination,
Lebanon, but after that, the
Lebanese grain buyers disagreed
over the price, and the contract
seems to have failed.
The Razoni’s whereabouts are
unknown after that, and it appears
that the ship docked in some
other country’s port and sold the

However, Ukrainian grain exports
have progressed steadily after
the launch of the Razoni, the first
cargo ship, and dozens of cargo
ships left the port of Odessa,
As a result, as of August 30, 
61 cargo ships have left Ukraine
so far, and the total amount of
food exported by sea has reached
1.5 million tons. (Reuters)

United Nations Secretary-General
António Guterres visited Istanbul,
Turkey on August 19 to inspect
a cargo ship that exports grain
At a press conference following
the visit, the Secretary-General
“To date, more than 650,000 tons
of grain have been exported from
Ukraine. I was very impressed when
I saw the wheat filling the holds.
It was a load of hope for many
people around the world.”
This is the first step towards
avoiding the World Food Crisis.

Your Mercy and Wisdom actions
based on the Law of Origin have
helped not only the work of the
President of the United States,
but also the work of the United
Nations Secretary-General, and
have brought such impression
and joy to the Secretary-General.

Inspection of the Zaporizhia
Nuclear Power Plant by the IAEA

I think there was another
big achievement.
That is the inspection of the
Zaporizhia nuclear power plant
by the International Atomic
Energy Agency (IAEA) began at
the beginning of September 2022.
It was also a deal that came in the
midst of heavy fighting between
Russian and Ukrainian forces.

I believe that Russia consented to
this inspection was itself a great
victory and achievement.
The Zaporizhia nuclear power
plant has been under Russian
control ever since it was ruled by
Russia. And Russia is now strongly
opposed to NATO and the
international community.
I am surprised “That Russia agreed
with the intervention of
the IAEA inspection.”
Inspection intervention is a powerful
means of preventing nuclear
It is a huge difference between
an inspection being carried out
and not being carried out.
This achievement is also the
result of the Mercy action you
have done on the people around
you, under the Law of Origin.

IAEA Director General Grossi said
in a statement on August 6,

“I am very concerned about the
shelling of the Zaporizhia nuclear
power plant. Any military firepower
directed at or emanated from
a nuclear facility, will have tremendous
devastating consequences for
the surrounding area.”
I believe that this problem is not
limited to Ukraine and the European
region, but a global problem.
I would like to wish a success of the
inspection and the end of the war
as soon as possible.

Don’t you feel “Mystery”?
In Ukraine, Russian and Ukrainian
troops continue to fight fiercely.
Among that situation, both Russia
and Ukraine were able to reach
an agreement to establish
a “Grain Export Corridor,”
even if
there was the mediation of the
United Nations and Turkey.
In addition, IAEA inspections are
being conducted at the Zaporizhia
Nuclear Power Plant.

All of these are the result of the
Mercy action you have done to
the people around you.
Also, these are the result of the
Wisdom action of which you have
deepened understanding of
“Buddha-nature and the Law of

The effect of those actions is
called “Myō“.
Myō means “mysterious”.
In reality, even if everyone thinks
it is impossible, it actually realizes,
if you carry out the Mercy and
Wisdom action along with Buddha-
For example, even in the midst of
a war, like the peace-carrying
freighter Razoni, it can proceed
toward its destination and achieve
the goal.
These events are mysterious.
But, it is “Myō,” because it will
actually come true, 

This article ends

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