Three kinds of the “Orbit of Actions” that open the future


You have said so for a long time, that
“In order to exert the power of the Law
of Origin, three types of actions are
required, the Act ①,Act ②, and Act ③.”
That is, the contents are as follows.

Act ① ――Act of Mercy
Act②  ――Act of Wisdom
Act ③ ――Act of Gentle Perseverance

But after reading many of your Articles,
in order to exert the power of the Law of
Origin, you often talk about the Act ① and
Act ②’s actions of Mercy and Wisdom,
but rarely talk about the
Act ③’s Gentle Perseverance.”
Why don’t you talk about the Act ③’s
Gentle Perseverance?


That is because in conclusion, Act ③’s
Gentle Perseverance is the Effect that is
obtained as a result of performing the
actions of Act ① and Act ②’s Mercy and
In other words, it is the “Relationship of
the Act ① and Act ② are the cause,
while the Act ③ is the result.”

Based on this relationship, from the
perspective of emphasizing the act of 
, I always omit the Act ③ and
don’t talk, but I only talk about the Act ①
and Act ②.

To specifically talk about this causal
relationship, if you do Act ① and Act ② well,
the need to use the perseverance of Act ③
will decrease.
On the contrary, if you do not do Act ① and
Act ② well, the degree to which you have to
use perseverance will increase.

This is the same as “a person who studies
well and hard, will have a smoother human
relationship, because the people around him
(or her) will begin to respect that person.”
When you perform Act ① and Act ②,
particularly the power of the wisdom of
Act ② will be exerted strongly, and
a situation will be created in which the
relationships with the people around you
can be achieved smoothly with
“Gentle Perseverance.”

Furthermore, for example, if you do Act ①
and Act ② well and hard, the power of the
Law of Origin is exerted as a result, and
all problems will be solved softly and
smoothly in the form of “Gentle Perseverance.”
Conversely, if you deal with the problem
without doing Act ① and Act ②, “Gentle”
of Gentle Perseverance will be lost, and
you will often have to solve problems with
Perseverance alone. 

It doesn’t mean that it can’t solve the
problem by that, but if you try to solve
all the problems with just “perseverance”
only, you will face extremely heavy pressure
and resistance.

In particular, it is not impossible to solve
the problem of discrimination between
ethnic groups and the problem of economic
disparity, etc. only with perseverance, but it is
often extremely difficult and can develop
into violence and riots.

So, on the contrary, can all the problems be
solved by doing only the Act ① and Act ②?
That is also unreasonable.
Some problems will remain.
Then, you treat them that remaining
“some problems” with Perseverance.
That is, you treat them in the form of
Gentle Perseverance.
Gentle Perseverance” has the meaning
of “Mild Perseverance,” but it also means
No matter what happens, a perseverance
in order to create Gentleness and Politeness
In the latter case, strong perseverance will
be required.

For the above reasons, the Act ①, Act ②, and
Act ③ are inscribed in Lotus Sutra as the
Orbit of Actions” that the posterity people
should take after the death of Buddha.

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