When the Buddha-nature appears, people’s goodness increases and the weather stabilizes

When the Buddha-nature
people’s goodness
increases and the weather

Next, let’s talk from a more
essential point of view, about
the “Relationship between
Human Behavior and
Meteorological Phenomena.”

Basically, Weather Changes
have deep relationship with
the Buddha-nature, which is
the main body of the Law of
The relationship between the
two is that when the Buddha-
nature appears, the goodness
of people increases and the
weather will be overall stable.
Conversely, when the Buddha-
nature hid, people’s goodness
decreases and the weather is
often unstable.

Use “Appear” and “Hide” when
expressing the Buddha-nature

Let’s discuss this point in a little
more detail.
When thinking about the Buddha-
nature, the following points are
The Buddha-nature is what is
inherent and originally existing in
all beings in this world.
For instance, it is inherent in
human minds, companies, societies,
nations, and in all beings and
phenomena in the natural world.
Therefore, the expressions
Appear” and “Hide” are used.
We do not say the ‘Buddha-nature
occurs’ or ‘fades away’.

For example, because the sun is
originally existing, we do not say
that the “sun occurs” or the”sun
fades away.”
We say the “sun appears” or the
“sun hides”.
It’s the same.
Because the Buddha-nature is
present in all phenomena such as
the human mind, society, companies,
nations, and the natural world,etc.,
when it appears, the power of the
Buddha-nature begins to act upon
all phenomena.
And the whole of society and
natural world will move toward
peace, stability, and prosperity.
In other words, if the Buddha-nature
appears, changes begin to occur
on the place of a large scale beyond
the reach of people or individuals.
For example, relations between
country and country will also
continue to improve.
Also, meteorological phenomena
in the natural world on a large scale
will become stable.
So what happens when the Buddha-
nature hid?
The opposite of that begins to
happen on a large scale.  
However, the advantage of the
Buddha-nature is that even if it hid,
you can make it reappear.

The Buddha-nature appears by En

So what should we do to make
the Buddha-nature to be appeared?
This is the problem.
Basically, the Buddha-nature appears
through “En” that people create.
En is an event that becomes the
trigger when a certain thing or
event occurs. It is also an event that
becomes an auxiliary factor.

The Buddha-nature arises by
your Good Deeds becoming
the EN (trigger).
What kind of Good Deeds is that?
The most powerful is the
Act of Mercy and Wisdom“.

For instance, if you send Mercy to
certain people by saying in your
“I wish increase of your Good Luck,” 
that act of Mercy becomes
the En (factor), and the Buddha-
nature will appear.
In that case, surprisingly,
if you do such a Good Deed to
one particular person and manifest
the Buddha-nature, not only your
surroundings but also it appears
throughout your country, the USA.
Also, the Buddha-nature appears
all over the world.
The Buddha-nature will also appear
in the natural world surrounding
our society, and its function will
strongly affect meteorological
This is a real event.
Also, you can confirm that
the Buddha-nature appeared.
For instance, you can confirm that
the Buddha-nature appeared due to
changes and events in various social
and political phenomena, such as
the improvement of economic trends
in the United States, the convergence
of inflation, and the stabilization of
Also, when the Buddha-nature appears
on the scale of the international
community, you can confirm it by the
end of wars and conflicts,
the achievement of cooperation
between nations, and the stability of
international politics, etc.

The same is true about the trends
in Natural World.
Certainly, the current climate in the
United States is extremely hot in most
But, as in the case of California and
the Midwest last year, when a cold
wave arrives in winter, you will be able
to correct the Meteorological
Phenomena that have been biased
toward Hot Weather for several years
until then.
In other words, if you reveal
the Buddha-nature, it will be possible to
cause Meteorological phenomena to
correct the one-sided weather.
And then you can balance the weather.

Next, as to why the Buddha-nature
appears when you perform the act of
Mercy, it is because the essential
characteristic of the Buddha-nature
is Mercy.
Because the Buddha-nature is
the main body of the Law of Origin,
the essential characteristic of the
Buddha-nature is the same as
the essential characteristic of
the Law of Origin. 
Therefore, the “Buddha-nature
appears” is the same as that the
“Power of
the Law of Origin, which
is established with the Buddha-
nature as its main body, is exerted.”

Regarding the Wisdom’s Acts

Also, not only the Mercy’s acts,
but your Wisdom’s acts reveal
the Buddha-nature.
The Wisdom’s act is the act of
reading well the correct information
of the “Law of Origin, which is
established with the Buddha-nature
as its main body,” thinking it well, and
understanding it well.
In addition, it is the act such as
telling the information to others or
leaving it by writing and printing.
These Wisdom’s acts act as an
extremely large Mercy work for
people and society.

For instance, suppose you wrote
or printed an article about the
Buddha-nature and the Law of
It will remain 1 year, 10 years,
100 years from now. Or it may
remain for 1000 years, no, beyond
that, it may stay to the era ahead.
Those of the future people who
read and understood that
information, will know the
existence of the Buddha-nature
and the Law of Origin.

And then, based on the Buddha-
nature and the Law of Origin,
they will perform the
Acts of Mercy and Wisdom” and
open up their each happiness.
Also, by doing so, they will lead
many social problems to resolving.
So your Wisdom’s acts is also
a great Mercy
s acts.
Therefore, Wisdom’s act reveals
the Buddha-nature well.

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