Comparison with Pessimism

This Article is a Continuation
the Previous Article, “Father
and Son.” 

Difference from Pessimism


What you just said is similar to Pessimism,
which is an idea of Escapism from Reality.
How does it relate to pessimism?

Pessimism is a way of life and way of
thinking in which “Since can not create
happiness in present life, giving up
present Life, and seeking happiness
in the future and the world after Death.”

For instance, in the case of 
“Father and Son”
 that you cited earlier,
the son ended his current life by himself.
And suppose that in his Next Life in the
future, the son received a good education,
etc. and was able to achieve happiness
and his purpose with the support of
his Father of his Previous Life.
Doesn’t this way of thinking lead to the
“Idea that you prioritize Future Life after
Death than Current Life”,
 due to the
meaning of “It will be able to happier
in Future Life after Death than Current
Isn’t that pessimistic thinking of escape
from Reality?

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