Thinking about the situation in the Middle East

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(Dec 28, 2023)

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Currently, War is breaking out
in the Middle East, causing many
casualties. The first beginning was
the extremist group Hamas invaded
Israel, and killed 1,400 of Israel
Civilians on October 7, this year.
After that, Israel has launched
a military invasion of the Gaza
Strip, where Hamas is located.
As a result, many casualties also
began to appear in Innocent
Palestinian Civilians in the Gaza

As of December 20th, it was
reported that the number of
Palestinian casualties had reached
20,000. And the number of victims
is still increasing.
Using the Law of the “Twelve In-Nen
and the “Law of Origin” that you
talked about, what is the best treatment 
for those who have already passed
Also, what should we do to end the
war that is currently going on?

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