The Law of the “Twelve In-Nen” | Practical Edition

In this Article , I will talk about
Continuation from Present Life to
Future Life
 through one example.
I have finished writing it now.
It was difficult to translate into English.
In the Article, I focused less on the
Life of the person who died and
rather, more on
 the way of Life of the
family and bereaved family left behind.

The following text is excerpted from
the Article:

Talk through Some Examples |
The Continuation to the Next
Future Life

Now, when talking about this kind
of thing, I would like to discuss in
detail through some Examples.
This is because it’s extremely
difficult to express with words
The Incident was happened in
a typical Japanese family.
The Family was consisted of
a married couple and their only
son, who was 13 years old….

Please enter from the “Excerpt
below. In the Excerpt, this time
Article was linked to the previous
Article, “Practical Version.”
Therefore, please read from
the second half.

In “Full Text“, this is connected to
the previous “Twelve In-Nen” Article.


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