Hello dear everyone, long time no see.
How are you doing?
Thank you very much for your
wonderful and heartfelt comments.
I am really grateful for your heart
and consideration.
Since it took me while to write,
I would like to apologize for not having
the opportunity to express my gratitude
to all of you.
Thanks to everyone’s actions,
the climate in America is currently
relatively stable. There are no long
Droughts nor Large-Scale Forest Fires
like in the past.

“The weather of your country is stable”
is actually important.
That is the proof that your mind is stable.
Stability of mind and Wisdom are two
sides of the same coin.

・Stability of mind brings Good Wisdom.
・Good Wisdom creates Stable mind.

Therefore, there is a time when you set
“Stable mind” as King, while set “Wisdom”
as Minister, and proceed on a way.
Also,  there is a time when you set
“Wisdom” as King, while set “Stable mind”
as Minister, and proceed on a way

The current climate stability in the
United States is the Result of your acts
of Mercy, acts of Wisdom, and
“Stability of mind.”
I appreciate.

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Also, Temporary Truce Deal was recently
signed in the Middle East, and dozens
of hostages were released.
This is also thanks to your Actions of
Mercy and Wisdom. Thereby, the power
of the “Law of Origin” was exerted,
leading to the success of Secretary of
State Blinken’s Diplomatic Efforts and
intermediary diplomacy of Qatar and

However, even today, wars still ongoing
in the Middle East.
In Ukraine, too, the opportunities for
Ceasefire are not ripe.
We must continue to act Good Action.

I sincerely pray that peace will come
as soon as possible to the wars in the
Middle East and Ukraine.

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