Examining President Biden’s Policy Address

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Talk about Human Life and the Law of
Origin thru Time
,” I received a great deal
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For this article, I’m going to continue to
create Part 2 with the same title.

Today, I would like to return to the theme
of International Affairs and talk about the
content of President Biden’s “Policy Speech
held on April 28.

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The pace of recovery in the US economy
is accelerating.
Retail sales in March, which show trends
in personal consumption, recorded
a significant increase of 9.8% compared
to the previous month.
Last year in 2020, the number of people
infected with the new coronavirus
became the highest in the world, and
the US economy fell to the negative
level for the first time in 74 years.
In April 2020, employment statistics
announced an unemployment rate of
14.7%, the worst level since the Great
Depression in the 1930s.
However, this year’s GDP growth rate
was increased to 6.4%, and a V-shaped
recovery is expected (IMF forecast).
This is really great.
I’m really glad when the American
economy develops.

President Biden celebrated his 100th
day in office and declared in a policy
speech at the US Congress on April 28
that “America has begun to move again.”

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