President Biden and his wife visited Maui, Hawaii (August 21, 2023)

I have finished writing about
the first question, “The solutions
to Canada’s large-scale forest
fires.”  Please see the Excerpt.


What about the “Unusually
Large Forest Fires in Canada since
the beginning of 2023,” and the
“Air pollution caused by it that
turned the sky in New York red.”
What do you think about them?
It is now August 10th, 2023 and
they are still going.
Can it be resolved smoothly?

Also, on August 8, a large-scale
forest fire broke out in Maui,
and many people have
what do you think about it?


Regarding the wildfires that
occurred in Maui, Hawaii this summer,
I am also very sorry.  As the one who is
truly loving the United States and
its citizens, this is extremely

The beautiful nature of Hawaii is
a Treasure and an Asset for the
whole world.
I would like to express my deepest
condolences to the many victims
who lost their lives.
At the same time, I sincerely pray
for the earliest possible recovery
and rebuilding of the town.
I believe that each of the victims
who passed away has a loving family.
My heart aches when I think about
how great the grief of the bereaved
families is.
Therefore, I have decided to write
a Special Article in the near future,
the title called “What happens to
people after they die” for those
persons, many bereaved families.

Death is the most fundamental
problem of any living person.
It is also the biggest problem for
Human Society.
However, humanity has yet to
find a clear answer to death.
This Contribution Article will be
posted as soon as it is ready.


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To be continued
at a later date


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