The Buddha-nature skillfully uses the Four Major Elements of the Natural World, “Earth, Water, Fire and Wind” to balance the Weather

Next, how concretely does
the Buddha-nature balance out
biased Weather Phenomena?

The natural world is originally
composed of Four Elements:
Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind.
These four basic elements that make
up the natural world are appearing in
the phenomenal world in the following

・Earth is Solid
・Water is a variety of Liquids
・Fire is the action of Heat 
・Wind is the Wind force that
    carries Cold Air or Heat Waves.

Each of these four elements has
different properties and functions, so
they interact with each other, change
things and move phenomena in various
For example, heat (Fire) melts ice
of solid (Earth) / Water extinguishes
Fire / When the Wind blows,
the Fire grows stronger / When the
Wind collides with the mountains
and mountain ranges of the Earth,
it stops moving.

Similarly, when the Water of seawater
encounters the Wind of a Cold Wave,
it freezes and becomes Ice of solid
(Earth). And form Glaciers.
/ Conversely, when seawater
encounters a Heat Wave (Fire),
it evaporates, and that water vapor
forms Rain Clouds that cause rain
(Water) to fall. / Hurricanes and
Typhoons, which are Winds, change
their course when they encounter
a Tropical Cyclone of Fire.

In this way, Earth, Water, Fire, and
Wind in the natural world each have
different properties, and these
different properties interact with
each other to create various situations.
When the Buddha-nature balances
the weather, it skillfully uses the
effects of these Four Elements to
achieve balance.
Let me show you a concrete example.
For instance, Hurricanes and Typhoons
can be said types of “Wind.”
The Hurricanes and Typhoons originate
from Tropical Cyclones (The Wind
having Fire). This is an example of
”Fire creating Wind.”
If a Warm Anticyclone (That is also
a Wind having Fire) forms on the path
of a Hurricane or Typhoon, it will
change its course (Image Below).

Why do Hurricanes and Typhoons
their course when they
encounter a Warm Anticyclone?

Why do Hurricanes and Typhoons
change course when they encounter
a warm Anticyclone?
Air tends to flow from Anticyclone ,
where air density is high, toward
Cyclone, where air density is low.
And Hurricanes and Typhoons are
Therefore, when they encounter
an Anticyclone, they are unable to
proceed toward the Anticyclone.
Then, it begins to follow a path along
the outside of the Anticyclone.
Let me give you a concrete example.

The Figure Below shows the area
around Japan, where many Typhoons
arrive every year from summer to

These Typhoons, as shown in the
Figure Above, take a circuitous path,
following the Warm Anticyclone 
coming from the Pacific Ocean,
and land in Japan.
Additionally, Mobile Anticyclones 
often come from Southeast Asia,
and Typhoons are pushed toward
And then, they often bring Disasters
such as Heavy Rain and Landslides
to the Japanese mainland.

The same is true for Hurricanes,
which often occur in the United States.
If the path of a Hurricane were to
change course due to the formation
of a Warm Anticyclone, and deviate
toward the ocean, many people living
in coastal towns and villages would be
saved from Disaster.
This is because the Wind having Fire
(Warm Anticyclones) change the path
of the hurricane.
In this way, in the world of climate
phenomena, weather conditions change
due to the strong interaction of the
effects of four elements, Earth, Water,
Fire, and Wind.

If your acts of goodness (The Acts of
Mercy and Wisdom) make the Buddha-
nature to be appeared, you will be able
to use the various properties and effects
of these “
Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind
on the large scale of meteorological
through the Buddha-nature.
For instance, if a major Hurricane that
would bring about a major disaster
approaches, “The Buddha-nature in the
natural world” that you have manifested
must generate a Warm Anticyclone and
change the course of the Hurricane.

And by changing its course to a direction
where there are no people, it will protect
the lives of many citizens, including you.
In this way, you will be able to correct
“Abnormal Weather” and a “Biased
Climate Change” through the Buddha-

The power to change the weather
is different from Magic

These powers are different from
the Magic
 that people often perform.
Magic uses paper and tools to make
people see things as if it were
changing. However, in reality,
things do not change.
There is always a seed (contraption).

However, the effects of Earth, Water,
Fire and Wind in the natural world
actually change things, as mentioned
Also, that actually changes the
direction of the course of large
phenomena well such as Hurricanes
and Typhoons move.

If you perform the Acts of Mercy
and Wisdom and do good,
the Acts becomes En (Trigger),
and Buddha nature appears.
And the Buddha-nature put the
effect of Earth, Water, Fire, and
Wind in the natural world to work,
to balance Biased Climate Change
and contribute to the happiness
of human society.

Why does the Buddha-nature
protect you and the environmental
world that you live in?

This is because your act of Mercy is
the Buddha-nature itself, and it is
The Buddha-nature of the natural
world protects those who perform
Mercy and the environment they live,

In this sense, your act of sending
Mercy and wishing for the increase
of Good Luck to the people around
you, or the people in society, country,
and town is extremely precious.
Also, its effectiveness is tremendous.
Because the effect of such acts
protects the living environment of
citizens throughout the country.




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