Infection of coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 4

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goodness” first. It requires an
understanding of the “Law of the
Origin” and the “Act① and Act②’s
act of mercy and wisdom.”

Coronavirus is showing signs of
recovery in China and Japan. About
two months ago, Wuhan, China,
where the infection was the worst,
set a record of zero cases for the past
few days. But Europe and America are
still tough.
Today, I will talk about what measures
have been implemented in China and
Japan so far.
I will also talk specifically about
countermeasures using the Law of the

Features of coronavirus
that came to light

The coronavirus, an unknown virus,
had many unknown points so far, but
recently a number of infections have
revealed some “characteristics.”
The virus is overwhelmingly spread
in three places:

1   A closed space with poor ventilation:
    a live house or a theater.

2  A place where many people gather
     and crowd: Places that approach or
     touch each other, such as in a rally,
     train, or bus.

3   A place where people talk at short

Therefore, as a countermeasure against
coronavirus, try not to go to these places
as much as possible. Also, avoid
touching them. When talking with people,
some measures are taken such as
opening a certain distance.
In Japan and China, with the measures
that pay special attention to these three
points, they have been able to significantly
reduce the spread of infection.
In particular, the Government of Japan
and its supporting expert meetings
emphasized this point.
At present, the governments of
European countries and the United
States place importance on these
three points, and are taking measures
to forcibly block places and buildings
where many people gather and
regulate the movement of people.
Unnecessary going out is prohibited
in France, and a certificate is
required when going out. It is said
that 100,000 police officers are on
patrol in the town. Major cities in the
United States, including New York,
are now sparsely populated.

Under these circumstances,
IFPMAT(1), which is comprised of
the world’s leading pharmaceutical
companies, announced on March 19
that it would collaborate on the joint
development of a vaccine against
coronavirus. Immediately need a
vaccine. As the coronavirus world
pandemic continues, it is powerful
good news that they have stated
that they will respond
a “Full mobilization for vaccine

(1) IFPMAT:  International Federation
   of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers


Now Europe and the United States
will be difficult, but the effects of the
measures will increase over time, so
it is important to keep fighting
patiently. Since the effects have
been produced in China and Japan,
there is no doubt that it will also
succeed in the West.
However, if these measures are
implemented, small and medium-
sized businesses, shops, restaurants
and retail stores will stop operating,
and the number of customers may
decrease significantly. Urgent
government funding is needed.
President Trump is urging Congress
to raise $ 2 trillion in emergency
funding. (March 21)

Measures by the
Law of the Origin

Next is the countermeasures based
on the Law of the Origin. In my earlier
article, I elaborated on the five
processes of “Name, Main body,
Essentials, Effect, Identification of
” as the information of
the Law of the Origin.   

And especially in the information of
1 Name, the below three names are
established. These three name is the
same as the title, and it summarizes
a lot of information well and displays
it clearly.

1  HON- IN- MYŌ        
2 HON- GA- MYŌ        

→ See “Explanation of Name in
          Five Processes

Now, Countermeasures using these
three name are effective against
coronavirus. 1 HON-IN-MYŌ means  
“Action of cause” and 2 HON-GA-MYŌ 
means “Action of result.”
I’ve talked about the meaning of
action of cause and action of result
several times before. Action of cause
is “work when making a cause in
one job,” and action of result is
“work when finalizing the work.”
In the case of the above three
names, if 1 and 2 are performed,
3 HON-KOKUDO-MYŌ will be
formed. “KOKUDO” of
HON-KOKUDO-MYŌ means the
society or country where you live.

In this case, what does “HON
before three names and “MYŌ
at the back mean?
Hon” is translated as Real.
The meaning is “full-fledged” or
the “work / task that is really
realized.” If you use the Law of
the Origin, you will move all
phenomena in the phenomenon
world, so the work you do becomes
a “work that is really realized” and
a “full-fledged work.”

The meaning of “MYŌ” attached
to the back is the most superlative ,
the unfathomable meaning.
In Chinese character, it is
expressed as “無上 = MUJŌ,”
where MUJŌ means “There is no
more up.”
For instance, it is unfathomable
and superlative (MUJŌ) that you do
action of cause and action of result
while moving all the phenomena.
Also, by doing these action, you can
merge with the Law of the Origin
and complete your job – that is
also the unfathomabled and
superlative thing.
Also, these things are hard to
believe, but they realize in reality,
so that that is also the MUJŌ and
the superlative thing. For this
reason, “MYŌ” is attached after
the three names.
Next, when you perform HON-IN-
MYŌ and HON-GA-MYŌ  with the
Law of the Origin, a “Country”
called HON-KOKUDO-MYŌ is formed.
What kind of country is that?

For instance, what you do now
with HON-IN-MYŌ and HON-GA-
MYŌ means, specifically speaking,
doing the act of Mercy and Wisdom
of Act① and Act② based on the
Law of the Origin. Act① and Act②
also have an action of cause and
action of result, and when you
performed them well, the power
of the Law of the Origin is exerted
well, and your country (special
environment) is formed around you.
The special environment is just like
a Barrier or Shelter, only in which
the power of the Law of the Origin
acts. And you and the people around
you within that Barrier, will be better
protected from the outside world.
That barrier is “Country” of HON-
Even if the world outside the Barrier
is a world where viruses such as
coronaviruses spread, even in
a world where wars and fires are
occurring, because the power of
the Law of the Origin is acting
inside the Barrier, the people inside
are protected. If your company,
village or community is within the
Barrier, they will be protected as
well. You will surely see in the
Barrier, the world (spectacle) where
many people live a peaceful life, live
always with joy and liveliness, and
are filled with those people.

Shopping malls around the city are
crowded with people, buying beautiful
dresses and shoes, and Gas lights lit up
in front of restaurants to create an
elegant atmosphere, and many people
toast with wine and champagne. The
streets of the city are illuminated by
colorful spotlights as if on a stage,
and people stroll and children cheer
with joy.
Also, the country is home to many
universities and “Learning office,” and
many young students are seriously
learning the knowledge built up by
world truth and human wisdom.
They also learn information about
the Law of the Origin. There is no
more precious sight than that young
people are studying academically
A “Country / KOKUDO” created by
your action of HON-IN and HON-GA is
just such a World of Peace and Prosperity.
This may not be easy to believe, but
it is reality. You can experience it in
reality. So this Law of the Origin is
an unfathomabled law and is called

* HOU means Law

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