Talk about “Human Life” and the “Law of Origin” thru Time-Part 1

So far, I have talked about the
Law of Origin” through the vast
phenomenon world spreading horizontally.
But in this article, I will talk about the
Law of Origin through the “passage of time
vertically. Of course, I will talk about the
vast world of phenomena spreading
horizontally too, but in this article, I will
talk in detail about the relationship between
vertical world of time and the Law of Origin,
as well as the course of Human Life in it.
What is the passage of time in the vertical
direction is “Past, Present, Future.”

However, the past mentioned here does
not mean the past from when you were
born to the present, but includes the
past before you were born. Similarly,
the future mentioned here includes the
entire distant future after you die.
Now, I draw the following metaphor in
talking about the Law of Origin through
the passage of time. Please read with
looking at the “Figure Below.”

Now there are two office workers here,
A and B. Both are ordinary office workers.
One day, when A goes to work, he gets
$ 500 job.
For A, a $ 500 job in one work is a rare job
that can be done or not in a year.  
So what did A do the day before?
He did not do anything. However, the next
day, he went to work and could get $ 500 job.

Next, B, the day before the work day, B read
well, thought well and understood well the
correct information about the Law of Origin.
B also told people about the information. 
B isn’t an expert, so he did them normally in
his own way. 
The next day, when B goes to work, he could
get $ 150 job. This is the average amount for
the company of A and B.

About the progress of work of A and B as
mentioned above, how would you interpret it,
if it was you?
And by what causal relationship do you
explain it ?
if there is any causality.
The content of the job can be anything.
Apply it to your profession. For example,
in the case of sales between companies,
A could get the “work from three companies,”
while B could “only one company.” Whatever
the shape, A was able to get three times
as much work as B on the next day.
To reiterate, A did nothing the day before
his work day, but B did a job of reading,
thinking, and understanding well about
the information of the Law of Origin.
Then, it is the result at the next day’s
workplace where the two met.

However, these things are not only limited
to business comparisons. In the world,
there are people who are born in wealthy,
and some of whom are physically strong in
his whole life and can spend their lives
without any financial problems. There are
also people who say, “If you do your work
normally, you can get results.”
From here, it is the interpretation of the
Buddha though, but first of all, I would like
to think about the case of A.
Actually, A has a “past life”.
The past life here is not the past during
the present life. It is the past life before
A was born. (Fig. below)

A has been born and died as the same
human being or as a non-human life
form over and over again, and he has
repeated such life and death countless
times since the beginning of the
universe (1). And he reached to his
“current life” of today.

(1) However, the expression here is
if assuming that there is a beginning
in the universe. Currently, there is no
scientific way to know if there is a
beginning or not in the universe, so
the expression here means “from
the extremely
Distant Past of the

In the case of A, he has done many good
deeds in his countless Past Life.
In this case, the good deeds are not
limited to anything religious. It is general
good faith acts.  For example, he saved
a person about to drown in a boat at the
cost of his life, or he’s reached out to
people in need, or when he was engaged
in the service industry, he did a cordial
and polite job and served many people,
and had done many other kinds of good
deeds. By doing such good deeds over and
over again, and a certain amount of
Fortune” has been formed in A.
Then with that good fortune, A was born
into the present life. (Again, above Fig.) 

In A’s case, the fact that A was born as
a human in the present life becomes
the evidence of the fact that he has done
quite a lot of good deeds in his past life. 
At least the fact that he was born in
this world as a human being, which came
true because he had already done
considerable good deeds in his past life.

Returning to A’s workplace that I talked
about earlier, A uses part of the good
Fortune that he brought from the past to
the present and he gets a job of $500 the
next day. (Fig. below)

So if A uses that fortune further, he will
able to get a $ 500 level job the next day,
and the next day too. However, the fortune is
finite, so it will gradually disappear. Then,
the time will finally come when all his good
fortune will be exhausted. (Fig. below)
Then what will be happened――――

* Be careful. This figure is not a figure of
   cutting a round cheesecake (Lol)

Now, let’s call it Point C when A’s fortune is
completely exhausted. (Fig. below)

In the case of A, starting from that Point C,
he may fall straight down at a right angle
toward D (2).
However, it is rare case and usually follows
a “Gradual Descending Line E” starting from
Point C, where his good luck was exhausted. 
That is the general pattern.
This Descending Line E is the “Four sufferings
of Living, Aging, Illness and Death.”

(2) However, I will talk about later what to do
if it falls straight down at a right angle from
Point C.  That’s why the Law of Origin will be
needed. By using the power of law, it is
possible to make the line that should
originally go straight down below, to the
parallel line running sideways. Alternatively,
it is possible to change to a gentle upward
line. / Also, if you pile up a lot of “Fortune” at
the present by your action of Wisdom and
Mercy, the same thing will be possible.

What is “Four sufferings of Living,
Aging, Illness and Death”?

 “Four sufferings of Living, Aging, Illness and
Death” refers to the four fundamental
sufferings of life.
Also, “Four sufferings of Living, Aging, Illness
and Death” are just one word by itself, so
they all mean suffering.
However, even say so, Living, Aging, Illness
and Death do not always lead to “suffering.”
For example, there are various cases, such as
those who live a comfortable life as they grow
older, those who recover quickly when they
get ill, and those who can die peacefully.

But when Living, Aging, Illness and Death
lead to suffering,  it is the suffering caused
by the exhaustion or diminishing of the
Fortune that have been accumulated from
the past life, as I said above.
Now, let’s talk about the process what
happens when Living, Aging, Illness and
Death lead to “suffering.”

In general case, like the office worker A
mentioned above, when all the “Fortune”
that he has piled up from the past life is
exhausted, first comes the “suffering of
The suffering of living refers to all suffering
related to living. For example, living hardships,
financial hardships, and relationships and the
like, and it includes all the sufferings related
to living, (2)

(2) This means that all human suffering is
included in “Four sufferings of Living, Aging,
Illness and Death.”
 Indeed, there are

innumerable kinds of suffering in human life. 
However, all the myriad sufferings other than
the “suffering of Aging, Illness and Death”
are included in the living sufferings (the
suffering of living).  So, human suffering is
all in this four kinds. There is no suffering other
than that.
 / Therefore, human beings can be

happy if you can overcome the
“Four sufferings of Living, Aging, Illness and

Next to the “suffering of livings,”
the “suffering of aging” comes.
It is the suffering of old age caused by
aging both physically and mentally.
Also, because you are aging and your
body is weakened, you are more likely to
get sick. Therefore, “sufferings of Illness
comes after the sufferings of Aging.
And finally, the “sufferings of Death
comes. Anxiety and fear of death – They
are the sufferings of Death

Even if you think in general, because your
body gets weaker and decline as you get
older, you get sick. Alternatively, the illness
itself becomes difficult to cure. 
If the illness does not go away, it can trigger
the next illness and, in the worst case, death.
Therefore, the following causal relationship
will be established.

① Aging is the number one cause of Illness.
② Also, the “suffering of Illness” is the
      number one cause of Death.

Of the two causal relationships listed above,
regarding ② the “suffering of Illness is the
number one cause of Death,” – It means in
other words, the strongest factor that
makes people think “I want to die” is the
suffering caused by Illness.”
Now let’s think about it.

Today, hundreds of thousands of suicides
continue to occur worldwide each year. 
If you take statistics on that reason, the
data that most of the causes are the
“suffering due to Illness” is out. 
In Japan, 70% of the cause of suicides 
are the suffering caused by Illness.
I thought that most of the cause of
suicide was the suffering of living or
that of economics, but it was not, it
was the suffering of Illness. This fact
is, among the “Living, Aging, Illness and
Death” that I talked above, consistent
with the idea that the “cause of Death
is the suffering of Illness.
This clearly shows the fact that the
suffering by illness is, in reality, so severe
and so heavy.
We have to be very careful about our

Questions and Answers

I have a question about the case of office
worker A that you mentioned earlier.
You said, “A uses part of the Good
Fortune that he has accumulated in his
past life to get a $ 500 job the next day.”
That is, it is the figure below.
But hasn’t A’s $ 500 job the next day
come out by the “work and effort A did
the next day” ?

“A was able to work hard and work the
next day at his workplace” itself is the
result of the “Good Fortune” that
A has accumulated in his past life.
But that alone is only half the fact. If that
alone, human life will be determined solely
by past actions. And the meaning of
A’s strives in his present life will be lost.
It is not, the heart of this idea is the
present” as you say.
Indeed, as you say, the $ 500 job that
A earned today is the result of the “effort”
and “serious work” that A did in today’s
workplace. That is a fact.  
Now, let’s talk about this in relation to
“A’s Good Fortune that he accumulated in
myriad life before he was born.”

Because A worked hard with
concentration and made an effort in
today’s workplace, he was able to
bring out the good fortune he had
accumulated in the past and use it in
his present life. / vice versa, if A didn’t
work seriously, and worked distractedly
in today’s workplace, he wouldn’t have
been able to bring the precious “good
fortune” he had accumulated in the past
into his present life.

In this sense, whether or not you can
use the good fortune that you have
accumulated in the past, in your current
life, depends on “how to approach your
work” and the “seriousness” that you
are currently doing.
In summary, the “past is determined by
the present mind
.” Indeed, as I talked
so far, it is true that past life gives
a major impact to the present life. 
However, the center of this idea is
the “Present” to the last.


About how to erase the sins
you made in your past life

Next, I would like to ask what I want to
hear most about this subject. The story
so far has been that human beings have
Innumerable past life” in the past,
before they are born.
In that myriad of past life, one must have
done not only good things but also many
bad things.
How can that sin be erased?

Even in our current life, we often experience
that “doing bad things will bring you bad
rewards later, and doing good things will
bring you good rewards.”
Similarly, the rewards of bad deeds that
you may have already done in your past
life before you are born, can suddenly occur
in your present life. 
And if that happens too steeply and too
heavily, wouldn’t your current life become
like the “falling line D that falls straight
down at a right angle” that you mentioned
Even if you live in good in your present life,
you current life may be disturbed by that.

As you say, human beings have
innumerable “past life” before they are born,
in which they may be doing not only good
things but also bad things.
First, the most basic way to eliminate your
past sins is to do good things now. If you do
one good thing at the present,  you can offset
one bad sin that you have done in your past life
with it, and can eliminate that sin.
However, even in that case, you need a heart
of remorse (repentance) for doing that wrong
thing to you. Also, you need a strong spirit of
“devoting yourself toward goodness” from
now on.

However, you may say, “that is what I did it
in my past life before I was born, so I don’t
know what bad things I did. Therefore,
I cannot reflect nor remorse on it.”
But if you look at the current outcomes
―some painful outcomes―, you should be
able to, to some extent, predict what you
have done in your past life. You should
strongly swear that you will not do such
a bad thing from now on.
At the same time, you will have a swear
“to do good things, work and contribute for
the well-being of the citizens from now on.”
These minds add value the “good deeds”
you are doing now, and strengthen its
power. Then, those will lead to erase the
“heavier sins” and “more sins” you have
done in your past life.

The idea of
“By one good deed, erasing the bad sin
that you would have made in your past life.”
is well understandable for me. 
But you said,
“There are countless number of the past
life before you are born.”
In that countless number of past life,
what if you were doing extremely many bad
Can one or two good deeds you do now
erase all the countless number of sins of
the past?
Wouldn’t it become “a few drops of water
on high heat big stone”?

In that case, using the “power of Law.”
By using the power of law, strengthen
the “power and effectiveness of each
and every good deed that you do now,”
up to 100 or 1000 times. Then, with the
power of one good deed you do, you will
be able to erase many sins in your past life. 
I talked in the site’s basic paper too,
about the power of the Law of Origin
expanding and strengthening the power
of individual goodness. 
Because lawyers use the power of law
to strengthen their wisdom and
exert it, they solve various legal and
social problems well, that ordinary
people cannot solve. / Doctors use the
law of medicine to strengthen their
wisdom and exert it, so they can treat
a variety of illnesses well.
These cases are typical examples
that the “power of law” often strengthens
and expand the power of human goodness
and wisdom.
When using the Law of Origin, the scale
and dimension are different, but it expands
and strengthens the power of goodness
that individual do, as the same law. 
And the “power of personal goodness
expanded and strengthened by law”
erases many sins in his (or her) past life.

These power of the Law of Origin
work not only in the horizontal world
of phenomenon, but also in the
vertical world of time. The vertical
world of time means “past, present,
The Law of Origin goes all the way
to the origin of the “world of all
phenomena” and “the world of time”
and manages all of those worlds.
Therefore, those things become

Emitting mercy also erases
past sins well

As another major factor,  the “heart of
mercy that you emit to all living
s” under the Law of Origin also
erases your past sins well. This is
because the effect of emitting mercy
is extremely large.
The power of mercy is large” says the
information (teaching) of the Law of

Mercy is “to get rid of suffering and give

Because you emit and send this mercy
to all living existences, you will get large
good fortune.
Even if you send mercy to one person,
you will get great good fortune from it.
What’s more, you send mercy to the
myriad of living existences, so the good
fortune you get from there is innumerable
and becomes ten of thousands times,
hundreds of millions of times.

For instance, if you strongly think and
desire to “send mercy to all living
” in your heart, that mercy
will be greatly expanded and
strengthened by the power of the Law
of Origin, and it will spread to the place
of all living existences. 
And you will get
a large good fortune at a later date.
These good fortunes offset your past
sins and many past sins are erased.
For instance, “your act of sending mercy
to the whole world” is also the act of mercy
that creates great good fortunes and
erases the past sins.
→ Send mercy to the Five Continents
Mercy” is the essential characteristic
of the Law of Origin. Therefore, if you
emit its heart, the Law of Origin considers
you a “realizer who realizes what the Law
of Origin is trying to achieve, companion,
and collaborator.”

The process of which the
Law of Origin
erases your
“past countless sins”

However, the action of the Law of
Origin in the world of time is more
than just only expanding and
strengthening your current power of
good. Of course, that is also achieved,
but the Law of origin takes great care
of that your past sins do not interfere
your present life.
For instance, this Law prevents that
the “reward of the heavy sin” which
you have made in your past life,
suddenly appear into your present
life as “suffering,” and disturb your
present life.
Concretely speaking, it turns the
suffering that will originally occur as
a heavy sin, to occur as the “light form
of suffering
,” or make that occurrence
prolong if necessary, or make it
occur little by little
In this way, the Law of Origin makes
you to be able to deal without difficulty,
any of the “sufferings by the sin” that
you have made in the past. That is,
it turns them into “just the right size,”
adapt to you now.

For instance, among these,
Lightening the heavy sins of the past
means that the Law of Origin strengthens
the good deeds that you are doing now
by the power of law, offsets the past
heavy sins by them and make the sins
small. And the sins that became smaller,
comes up as “small suffering events” in
your current life. You process those little
sufferings unconsciously and smoothly
in your daily life.
When you have processed that small
suffering, your past sins disappear.
This is the process.

Every time your past sins disappear one by
one, your current body shines brighter and
your skin will be clean. 
From inside of you, your unique beauty that
only you have will be born. This is proof that
past sins are disappearing.

Increasing the goodness of the present and
the future means that your skin is filled with
the collagen and the like that gives the skin
moisture and elasticity. 
Also, the reduction of evil of the present and
the future means that your skin becomes
pure and clean.

In detail, “increasing goodness” means that
high-quality proteins and nutrients fill the skin,
and it is said “Skin is filled“. /
On the other hand, the reduction of bad sins
means the removal of impurities, etc, so it is
said “Skin becomes clean.”
You will see yourself in the mirror and confirm
these things.
You will also be told by your parents and those
around you that
“Recently, your skin has become beautiful.”
“you’re Shining.”
In the above form, the Law of Origin
transforms all of the past “sufferings by
the sin” that you have made, into
just the right size” so that you can now
deal them without difficulty.

This may be unbelievable, but it is true.
Whether even it’s the “sins you’ve created
in the millions of past life” and  the
“suffering that is caused by them,”
the Law of Origin adjusts their size without
That is the meanings of that the Law
of Origin is going all the way to the origin 
of the “world of all phenomena” and
the “world of all time.”
However, the Law of Origin is the Passive
nature to the last. Unless your “goodness,
wisdom, and mercy of the Active nature” is
done, its power will not be exerted.
The power of the Law of Origin is exerted
for the first time by you taking positive
action of good deeds and the Act ① and
Act ②’s mercy and wisdom.
And your good power will also be expanded
and strengthened for the first time.
Those good deeds will offset the myriad sins
you have created in your past life, and your
sins will surely diminish and disappear.

In most cases, the process of extinction
of sin progresses unnoticed by you.
But if you often act the act of mercy and
wisdom, and merge with the Law of Origin,
your eyes of the wisdom will surely see
that process and grasp it.
Since the treatment of past sins will
be done in the above way, you don’t
have to worry too much about it.
Rather, please focus on doing goodness
in your current life.
And also, no matter how much the
power of the Law of Origin is exerted,
your Active mind will be important. 
As I said earlier, it is important to have
the following mind.

The regret mind for having created
       a bad sin in the past life
・  A strong vow that “I will not do
       evil in the future” 
・   A determination mind to “working
        hard and doing best for the
        well-being of all citizens”

Only with these spirits of Active nature
can make the power of the Law of
Origin to be fully exerted, and lead to
the disappearance of the past sins.

If you erase the sins with the Law
of Origin and your good deeds, the
D Line going straight down will
become an ascending line

Next, I talked earlier about the D Line 
that falls straight down at a right
angle from the Point C, where all
of Office worker A’s Good Fortune
was exhausted. (Figure below)
But if you do goodness well and
emit Mercy and Wisdom under the
Law of Origin, you will be able to
change the “directly downward D line
to a “smooth ascending lineF” or
“Rising Line G” according to the
principle of erasing sins” that
I have talked about so far. 



Again, would like to ask, by what
mechanism can the Law of Origin
move the “suffering of the past sins”
to somewhere else or reduce?


“Suffering” can be reduced or moved
by your wisdom and the way you act.
For instance, suppose you were planning
to climb Mount Everest tomorrow.
At that time, if you climb tomorrow
without any preparation today, you will
face “Great Suffering” at the climbing site

For instance, what if the soles of
your Climbing boots are worn and slippery,
Ropes are old and likely to break, and
the Haken (4) that drive into the rock
(The stake for hooking the rope) has
a rounded tip and become bent ?
You will probably die at the climbing site.

(4)Haken: A stake that is hammered
into a crack in a rock wall. There are
soft iron and hard iron. The soft iron bites
and advance while bending according to
the shape of the crack in the rock, so it will
never come off. The hard iron goes straight
into the cracks in the rock, so it can be used
many times. Whether Haken firmly entered
the rock and fixed, you can know it by the
“sound” of hitting with a hammer. / A rope is
hooked into the hole attached to the stake
to climb, so it is an indispensable essential
item for climbers to support their lives.

But if you at today’s stage, meticulously
groom Ropes, Haken, Climbing Shoes
with sharpening the tips or replacing
them with new ones, the “suffering” at
the climbing site tomorrow will be

So in that case, where did the other half
of your tomorrow’s suffering go?

Half of tomorrow’s suffering entered into
the “suffering of labor and effort” you
spent today for the preparation work
of climbing equipment. In other words,
you moved half of tomorrow’s suffering
into the suffering of doing preparation
work today.”

The same thing happens between the
“suffering by the sins of your bad deeds”
that you have accumulated in the past,
and the “suffering in your present life.”
The Law of Origin reduces your “suffering
by your past sins” and moves them into
the “suffering and hardships” caused
by your work and efforts you do at the
present workplace and in your daily life.

You don’t know about it and finish today’s
work with today’s “labor and suffering.”
As soon as you finish your today’s work,
the Law of Origin erases the suffering
of your past sins that the Law of Origin
put in it, too.
Therefore, when you finish your work
today, the suffering of past sins also

This is called “Ten-Jū-Kyou-jyu (転重軽受).”
Ten means convert, Jū means heavy,
Kyou means light, and jyu means receive.
Put them together, it means,
In today’s life, you receive the heavy
suffering by past sins in a light form.

Of course, these effects are the effects
caused by you cherishing the law,
doing good and performing the acts
of mercy and wisdom in your daily life.
The Law of Origin expands and
strengthens your good deeds,
in the “world of time” and the “world of
As a result, you will get these effect.

B who gives results only by
the cause he made yesterday

Next, I will talk about case of B.
Earlier, I said that in the case of A,
he was getting $ 500 job the next day, by
using some of the “good Fortune” he had
accumulated in the past life.
On the other hand, in case of B, he is
getting $ 150 job the next day only by the
behavioral factor
 of “reading well, thinking
well, and understanding well the information
of the Law of Origin (Myo-Hō),” that he did
yesterday. (Fig below)
This is one of the major differences between
A and B.

In this case, B is producing the result of the
work next day only by the cause of the day
before. That means, in other words, that
“it is not necessary to use a lot of
the good fortune brought from the past life
unlike A.”
Surely, B also uses good fortune from the past,
to get $ 150 job for today’s job. However, in the
case of B, because the good fortune created
by the wisdom and mercy’s action under the
Law of Origin is large,  B can produce the
results of the work next day almost by
its behavioral factors alone.

It also increases the good fortune he has
brought from the past life. Therefore, B does
not have to have anxiety and worries that
the “good fortune that he made in the past
life may gradually decrease and fall into
the situation of unhappiness and suffering.”

However, considering by the daily sales
amount, it basically depends on the quality
and quantity of the work they did that day.
For instance, if A beats B in terms of
seriousness, concentration, experience,
and physical strength, then A’s sales may
be better than that of B.   Or, if B is better
in those respects, then B’s sales may be

B’s action produces many results 
in places other than the workplace.

Now, I said above, “In case of B,
he is getting the results of the next day’s
work only by the behavioral factors
he did the day before.”
This means in other words, that B can
always work at his own pace.
To be sure,$ 150 sales that he produces
at his workplace the next day aren’t
particularly high at their workplace.
However, the greatest strength of the
B’s form is that he can constantly
establish causality at his own pace,
regardless of the surrounding
circumstances. That is what it means
“To be able to reliably produce tomorrow’s
results with just today’s behavioral factors
In other words, regardless of whether
the world economy is good or bad,
B is extremely likely to be able to generate
average sales every day (only by his own
behavioral factors), regardless of such
trends in the world. 
This becomes a great ability and credibility
for both the person and the company,
especially when the economic situation in
the world is worsening overall and the
sales of the company are declining.

(1) However, even if B can make the
next day’s sales only by the behavioral
factors he did the day before, that is
when B works seriously and intensively
the next day. If B doesn’t work seriously
the next day, he can’t bring out the
“good fortune” he made with good
behavioral factors the day before.
As I mentioned in Case A earlier, whether
or not you can bring out the good
fortune you have accumulated in the
past and use it in your current life
depends on your current “how to
approach your work” and “seriousness.”

However, basically, in case of B,
the true value of what B did yesterday
cannot be measured only by the amount
of sales at his company.
Because, the true value of the act of
reading well, thinking well, understanding
well, and telling people well, about the
information of the Law of Origin” under
the Law of Origin, produces results in
many other places besides the result of 
$ 150 sales that he produces at the
workplace the next day.
For instance, those good deeds are
expanded and strengthened by the
vast power and action of the Law of
Origin, and those are giving a profound
effect on the luck of his family, the
well-being and security of those around
him, the good fortune and security of
the society and country in which B lives,
and the trends of events that occur on
a global scale.
Also, as mentioned so far, those are
giving a strong effect on the
“disappearance of B’s own past sins”
and on the “increasing good” and
“decreasing evil” of the society in
which he lives.
Of course, not only B, but A’s case is
the same.
If A has the Law of Origin and practice
the Act ① and Act ②’s Mercy and
Wisdom action under that law,
his actions will produce many good
results outside of his workplace. 
For instance, all his excellent abilities
and talents that A exerts in the daily
workplace, strong concentration,
and seriousness will be utilized under
the Law of Origin, and will exert great
power and effect in many places.

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