The Coronavirus Countermeasures Part 1

Congratulations on the inauguration
of President Biden.
I was very worried at one point due to
the invasion into the US Capitol on
January 6th, but I am really glad that
his inauguration was finally completed
successfully. It is also welcome that
President Trump sent an Ale,
“I wish the next administration great luck
and great success”
to the next administration at the end of
his speech shortly before leaving the
White House.
This was thanks you to doing good deeds
and emitting mercy and wisdom under
the Law of Origin. It was extremely sorry
that there were five casualties, but it was
really nice to be able to land safely without
a major incident.

Now, regarding coronavirus infection, as
of January 23 present, the total number of
infected people in the world is 98,177,108 
and the death toll is 2,107,384.
Also, in the United States, as of January 8,
the number reached 300,000 a day, but in
recent days it has decreased from 180,000
to 190,000 a day. However, the situation is
still high. (Figure below)

In my last article on coronavirus
(November 4, 2020), I said
The third wave of infection spread
will end, if people in the Midwestern
states take Basic Measures against
coronavirus such as wearing masks
and Social Distance and so on.”
However, since the end of last year,
Economic Activity has resumed in
earnest throughout the United States.
As a result, the third wave of infection
spread has progressed rapidly throughout
the United States, and the basic measures
so far alone became no longer sufficient
as infection control measures.
In the future, expectations are rising for
vaccine intake or the various measures
that President Biden will take.
Those things are certainly important, but
I think they are still not enough for us to
completely protect our body from the

Coronavirus is a special virus.
The more powerful measures we take, the
more the virus can rewrite the way the
body works. And they become stronger
viruses and attack humans.
The “new variant of coronavirus” that
occurred in the United Kingdom is a
typical example. Now they are beginning
to infect in Africa, the United States and
other parts of the world.
I think that the only way to permanently
overcome this kind of virus is to
overcome it by strengthening the
immunity power” and vitality, which is
the defense power that human beings
originally have.
Even now, when healthy young people
become infected with the coronavirus,
they overcome and cure it with their own
immunity power. Those who cannot
overcome the corona infection and who
becomes severe are those with weak
immunity power, the elderly, and those
with chronic illnesses.
The principle is the same.
It will be important for us, the general
public, to take measures to strengthen
immunity power from the beginning and
confront the coronavirus. That is, it is
a measure from the viewpoint of
preventive medicine“.
For Articles I will write in the future,
I would like to switch to an Article
based on this policy.
So far, I’ve focused on measures to
stop the spread of the infection itself,
– (these are certainly important though) –
but if the infection have already spread
on such a huge scale worldwide, human
society will have to live with the
coronavirus for a long period of time in
the future.
In other words, on this stage, we need
the countermeasure that “builds  
strong immune power that can defend
against and permanently counter,
no matter how the coronavirus changes
and mutates.”

Also, I am thinking that this tells us that
it is time for humankind today to think
“True Health” seriously once again in the
wake of the “fight against the coronavirus.”
What is True Health?
It is a healthy body that does not get sick
even when you get old, and even if you get
sick, you can end it as a small illness. And
it is the establishment of a sturdy and
healthy body that can always live youthful
and healthy.

The coronavirus countermeasures Part 1

From now on, this title Article
“The coronavirus countermeasures” will
be delivered to you in a series.
Today’s Article is Part 1.
I will talk about how to deal with corona
infections from the following three issues:

How can you prevent coronavirus infection?
What kind of preventive measures are

If you have already been infected with
coronavirus, how do you cure it?  
Especially a treatment that prevents
sequelae from remaining later.
(Once infected with coronavirus, sequelae
such as hair loss and sensory organs
such as odor may not work. The treatment
method to prevent them from appearing)

What kind of treatment is required for the
people with corona infection in severity?

1. Warm your body by sleeping
    in a sweater

The first remedy is the most effective
and easy to practice. It is to wear
a thick sweater at bedtime, and keep
your body warm and sleep. This method
is valid for any of the above 1, 2 and 3
You might wonder, “Does such a simple
method really produce that much effect?”
However, in fact, warming the body has
great significance as a countermeasure
against infectious diseases.

The reason for wearing a sweater is
that the sweater acts like a sleeping bag
and it warms your body. If your body
warms up, your blood circulation will
improve, your intestines will work better
during sleep, and your digestion will be
better. And the immune cells in the
intestine are activated. Then from your
intestines, the powerful immune cells
will be produced and released, and those
protect you body from virus 
If only a pajama, the wind will enter
through the gaps and your body will
easily get cold. If you wear a sweater and
put a blanket on it, your body will be
warm enough. / Also, if you keep only
the upper body warm, the whole body
becomes warm. You can sleep well and
the effects mentioned above will surely
Conversely speaking, chilling your body
during sleep, weakens the immune cells
that emanate from the intestines and
increases the risk of getting a virus.
There are 60 percent immune cells of
the whole body in the intestines. Please
keep in your mind that the “Intestines are
the source of immunity power.”

The function of the intestines is not
just to digest food and absorb its
nutrients. There are many bacteria (1) in
the intestine, and it is a “Training ground
for many immune cells. As for immune cells,
only those immune cells that have fought
with these bacteria and became stronger,
will ride the blood flow and go to the other
parts of body, and fight pathogens and
On the contrary, when the immune power
is weakened, it becomes easy to develop
various diseases. The body is weakened
and the vitality also is weakened.
Technically speaking, most of the reasons
for people who cause “Complications” are
due to “weakened immunity power” rather
than aging.

(1)The difference between bacteria
and viruses――Bacteria is living
organism. It carries out life activities
such as ingesting nutrients from the
outside and producing energy. However,
it is prokaryotes (unicellular organisms)
that do not have a nucleus (cell nucleus)
that wraps DNA inside the cell. / On the
other hand, viruses do not do such life
activity. It is a microorganism with
a simple structure that only has genes
(DNA, RNA) inside and the protein shell

 (Activates white blood cell activity)

Another “good effect of warming the body”
is that when warming and improving blood
circulation, the activity of white blood cells 
in the blood becomes active. White blood
cells are the central players in immune cells
and fight various pathogens and diseases.

(Secretes growth hormone)

Warming the body secretes “Growth Hormone
during sleep and it recovers fatigue. If you can
warm your body and get a good night’s sleep,
the Growth Hormone secreted by it will
repair the cells damaged by the activity of
the day, recover your fatigue, and increase
your immunity power as a result.

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