Continuation of “President Biden’s Goal is to create ‘A Bipartisan Consensus Force'”

At the end of President Biden remarks
above, he said “I especially want to
thank the young people of this nation.”
Among this remark, we can find
President Biden’s “Wish” and
Political Prospects and Goals.”

Who are the “Young people of this
nation” on earth, the president is
referring to?

It refers to many independents
people, including those who opposed
abortion in the Midterm Elections.
As President said, they voted in
order to take back “Individual Rights
and Liberties.”
Especially for women,
“the right to have an abortion is
taken away” is a very serious
problem. It is a life-threatening
issue for women.

For many women, being deprived
of the right to have an abortion is
synonymous with being deprived
of the right to live.
 It was the
nonpartisan classes people this
time who stood up to recapture that
precious right.

“They also voted to resolve issues
such as ‘the climate crisis, gun
violence, and student debt relief’,
which they see as serious issues.”
(A passage from the above the
president’s speech)
They are the “Good Nonpartisan
people” who make up the majority
of American citizens.

I am thinking that President Biden
is therefore trying to bring together
the following three forces to create
“One consensus force of good.

1. Good nonpartisan people
2. moderates of the Republican
3. Democratic Party

But why would the president want
to go to such lengths to create
a “one consensus”?

The answer is in the president’s
statement above.“
I know it is still very hard —
I’m going to do everything in my
power to see through that we unite
the country.  (Because) It’s hard to
sustain yourself as a leading
democracy in the world, if you can’t
generate some unity.”

As the president puts it, if we are
serious about America’s future
prosperity and development,
we need to transcend the differences
between Democrats and Republicans
within the United States and create
greater “Unity” and “Consensus Building.”
That is extremely important.

if you can’t do that, the United States
may become in the future, even more
divided domestically, its economy may
decline, the National Strength may
decline, and it may become weaker.
If that happens, America will find it
difficult to demonstrate leadership
in democracies, and there will be less
and less room for democracies to
survive on this planet.
The meaning of President Biden’s
statement above is such a meaning.

In other words, creating a unified
agreement within the United States
in the future means “Extremely Strong
as a Nation
It means that the country will become

This is true both in personal life and
in the political world.
Even for individuals, if you can create
one mind (one strong concentration),
suffering will stop and you will be
Organizations and Nations are also
the same. If you can create one
consensus, you can overcome hardships.
Also, you can beat big enemies.

Without America, the World’s
Democracies will no longer be able to
win even wars of aggression like the one
in Ukraine. And it will be thought that the
aggression could extend to many other
countries besides Ukraine.

America needs to unite with
the whole world
to solve the
Climate Change Issue

The same is true for environmental
issues and climate change issues.
The United States withdrew from the
Paris Agreement” at some point in
the past, but now is not the time to
There are scientific findings that the
climate change issue is now
approaching the Tipping point (1)
every moment.
A tipping point is a point from which
there is no turning back.
Once you reach the tipping point,
you can’t go back even if you try to
go back.

Fortunately, the United States has
returned to the “Paris Agreement”
after becoming the Biden administration.
Global environmental problems are
the issues that the United States must
take the leadership to make all countries
and companies around the world work
seriously toward solutions.

(1) What is the Tipping Point
      of Climate Change?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      It is a theory that multiple earth
systems may cross the “Tipping
point” in a chain reaction, and the
whole earth may become irreversible.
About this, Tim Renton, a climate
scientist at the University of Exeter
in the UK, wrote in an editorial on
November 28, 2019 in the academic
journal “Nature” that it was a
Crisis of the survival of civilization.”
Here are nine major tipping points
that scientists list today.

1. Collapse of the North-South
   Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation
2. Melting of the West Antarctic
     ice sheet
3. The disappearance of the
     Amazon rainforest
4. Changes in the West African
5. Arctic permafrost thaw
6. Coral Reef Death
7. Indian monsoon changes
8. Greenland ice sheet melting
9. Boreal forest decline

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