Buddha established the Fundamental Philosophy of the Law of Origin in the Border Myō | Part 4

About the first difference
the Real Ten Myō
and the Trace Ten Myō

Now let’s go back a little and
explain the first difference between
the Ten Real Myō and the Ten Trace
The first difference is, as shown
in the table below, Four Myō of 1 to 4
of the Ten Trace Myō, the “Border
Myō, Wisdom Myō, Action Myō and
Rank Myō” are performed only by the
Real Causes Myō of 1” in the
Ten Real Myō.

So the first thing we have to think about
in this is what kind of act specifically the
Real Causes Myō is.
Regarding that, I said earlier,
“The Real Causes Myō is the act of
Real Cause in the phenomenal
world. Therefore, it is called
Real Causes.”

So what is the Real Cause?
Also, what would that cause realize?
As its answer, for instance
“Behavioral Causes that undoubtedly
create Lasting Human Happiness.”
“Behavioral Causes that creates a peace 
that is unquestionably lasting and
“Behavioral Causes that undoubtedly
leads all the problems facing society
today, to the solution.”
It is considered that it is the causes
that realize these things.

Therefore, since the Real Causes
Myō is an act that realizes such a
thing, there is no doubt that it is a
considerably deep and content-rich act.
Can you imagine what kind of acts is
such a “Real Causes Myō” like ?
It’s difficult for me too.

So, in order to definitely clarify this
Question, “What kind of action is the
Real Causes Myō?”,
let’s open the Blueprints of the Ten
Trace Myō. If you have any Questions
about the Ten Real Myō, that is, the
Building, opening the Blueprints and
clarifying them is the quickest and
surest way.
Then you can see that the action of
the Real Causes Myō consists of four
types of actions: 
The Border Myō,
the Wisdom Myō, the Action Myō, and
the Rank Myō. 

These four types of actions are the
action of the “Ten Trace Myō that was
preached by summarizing General World,”
so you can apply to Corporate Activities.
In my last article, I did that.
It was something like this:

1. The Real Causes Myō: 
               The object when a corporate
                uses its wisdom

2. The Real Results Myō:
                Corporate Wisdom

3. The Real Nation Myō:
                Corporate Behavior

4. The Real Reaction Myō:
                Corporate Growth

The first “1. The Border Myō”, is
the object of corporate wisdom,
such as consumer trends, the market,
and what is happening in society in

“2. The Wisdom Myō” researches and
analyzes external events and markets
to obtain important information such as
“Where are consumers’ needs?”
And corporates make their own
strategies and plans here.
Therefore, 2 is Corporate Wisdom.

Next, “3. The Action Myō” means that
the corporate manufactures products
and provides services according to the
plans and strategies established by
1 and 2, The Border Myō and the
Wisdom Myō.
Therefore, 3. The Action Myō is
Corporate Action“.

Next, if the action of the corporate
develops on a large scale, the profit
of the corporate will increase,
the organization will grow, and the
corporate will develop as a
“Social Enterprise.”
Therefore, 4. The Rank Myō is
Corporate Growth”.

In this process, the most important is
the first 1. The Border Myō.
Because 1. The Border Myō leads
2. The Wisdom Myō,  2. The Wisdom Myō
causes 3. The Action Myō, and
3. The Action Myō promotes the growth
of 4. The Rank Myō.
And I mentioned above, about
“What 1. The Border Myō is.”
It is the “Market” and “Social Trends”.
In other words, it is the “Whole of the
phenomena occurring outside in general.”

External phenomena change
on the eyes, how to see
of people

However, in reality, “Phenomena and
Events” in the phenomenal world change
depending on the human eye and
how to see.
Certainly, it is true that the Border Myō is
“Market” and the “Phenomena occurring
outside in general” itself. However, it is
also true that the phenomena change
depending on how people see it.

Let me give you an example.
For example, if you wear yellow
sunglasses and look at the world,
the whole world will appear yellow.
If you didn’t know you were wearing
sunglasses, you would assert that
the world was originally Yellow.
But someone who wears blue
sunglasses would assert that the
world was originally Blue. Also,
someone who wears green sunglasses
will assert that the world is originally
Green. In this way, a different color
world appears for each person
depending on the color of the

In the world of leading-edge astronomy
and quantum physics, the following is
often said about this.
“Currently, the universe that can be
seen in the world of astronomy is the
universe that we see by our own tools
we use to the last, such as Optical
Telescopes, Radio Telescopes, and
Space Telescopes (1). If we were to
look at the universe with an unknown
observation technology that has not
yet been developed, a completely
different universe would emerge.”

(1) Space Telescope:
An astronomical telescope launched
into outer space, such as in the Earth’s
satellite orbit. Hubble Space Telescope,
James Webb Space Telescope.

For example, as shown in the image
below, even with the same Radio
telescope, if you observe galaxies in
space with different wavelengths of
light, completely different Galaxy
images will appear.

In this way, events and phenomena
in the phenomenal world change
depending on human view.

Buddha established
a Correct View
and Philosophy
of Phenomena in the Border Myō

Back to the Border Myō.
This point was emphasized in the
Border Myō as well.
Indeed, it is true that the Border Myō
is “Markets and the External
Phenomenal World in general,”
but at the same time, Emphasis was
placed on
People’s perspectives
and how they see
 on phenomena.
Because phenomena change
depending on the perspective of the
person who sees it.

If your eyes and perspective seeing
on phenomena are inadequate or
defective, your wisdom will make
a big Error of Judgment.
Even more so, if it were Corporate
Wisdom, the corporate would make
the wrong strategy. If a Corporate
makes the wrong strategy and makes
the wrong decisions and actions,
it could end up incurring huge losses
rather than future gains.
Also, accidents and the like may occur.

The same is true in the case of
If your eyes seeing phenomena has
an error or defect, you may become
unhappy rather than happy.

As a result, in the information of the
Law of Origin, at the place of the Border
Myō, a “Correct view and Law
when looking at phenomena” that
could undoubtedly lead humans towards
happiness and victory, was established.

This “Correct view and Law when
looking at phenomena” is of also
a Philosophy, if you change the word.
That is called the “Philosophy of the
Law of Origin” and the “Philosophy of
Myō-Hō”, and it is the Philosophy that
correctly sees the movements of
all natural and cosmic phenomena.
Therefore, it is an extremely profound

Buddha indeed established this
philosophy of the Law of Origin
the Border Myō.
This point is important.
Please see the table below.
Why did Buddha establish the
Basic Philosophy of the Law of Origin
in the Border Myō?

If he establishes that philosophy
in the Border Myō,
the Wisdom Myō, the Action Myō, and
the Rank Myō, as I said above, will be
And when the Four Myō of Border,
Wisdom, Action, and Rank are completed,
the acts of “The Real Causes Myō“,
which consists of Four Myō, will be
And, when the acts of the Real Causes
Myō is completed,
 by that acts,
the following things that I talked earlier,
will become practically possible.

“Realization of lasting Human Happiness
“Realization of Lasting Peace in society”
“Solving all the problems in the world”

So he established that philosophy
in the Border Myō.

In other words, this philosophy provides
the right perspective when the acts of
the Real Causes Myō goes down the road,
and plays the role of the eyes of the Real
Causes Myō.
Also, in the “Ten Real Myō,” once the acts
of the first “Real Causes Myō” is completed,
the acts of other Nine Myō will proceed
Also, going back to the first Question:
“What kind of acts is the “Real Causes
Myō,” which consists of Four Myō of
Border, Wisdom, Action, and Rank?”
This will also not become clear, unless
you can clarify what kind of philosophy
is the philosophy that plays the role of
the eyes of the “Real Causes Myō,”
that is, the philosophy established
in the Border Myō.

What is the Philosophy that was
established in the Border Myō?

So, what kind of the Philosophy that
was established in the Border Myō?
It is the philosophy of the
Right Perspective and Law for
seeing phenomena correctly and clearly
when humans or human wisdom sees
Forming the skeleton part of the
philosophy is the Ten Laws called
Ten Nyō-ze“.
Its name looks like this:

  1 Outer phase
  2 Characteristic
  3 Main Body
  4 Power  
  5 Effect  
  6 Causes
  7 Auxiliary Causes 
  8 Results
  9 Effect  
10 First ‘Outer phase’ and
      Last ‘Effect’ are essentially equal

I’m already explaining the philosophy
in the Above Post.

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