Swap the order of Part 1 and Part 2 of the previous Article

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By the way, today’s post has
rearranged the order of Part 1 and
Part 2 of the Article
Talk about Human Life and the Law
of Origin thru Time” as follows.
This is because the Articles in this
series are the ones that originally
read Part 1 and then enter Part 2.
Part 2 has more to come.
Please wait for a while.

In Part 1, the sentence of  
Climb Everest” was revised as
follows. Please enter from Excerpt.
I sincerely pray for your health,
happiness, and victory in your life.



Again, would like to ask, by what
mechanism can the Law of Origin
move the “suffering of the past sins”
to somewhere else or reduce?


“Suffering” can be reduced or moved
by your wisdom and the way you act.
For instance, suppose you were planning
to climb Mount Everest tomorrow.
At that time, if you climb tomorrow
without any preparation today, you will
face “Great Suffering” at the climbing site

For instance, what if the soles of
your Climbing boots are worn and slippery,
Ropes are old and likely to break, and
the Haken (4) that drive into the rock
(The stake for hooking the rope) has
a rounded tip and become bent ?
You will probably die at the climbing site.

(4)Haken: A stake that is hammered
into a crack in a rock wall. There are
soft iron and hard iron. The soft iron bites
and advance while bending according to
the shape of the crack in the rock, so it will
never come off. The hard iron goes straight
into the cracks in the rock, so it can be used
many times. Whether Haken firmly entered
the rock and fixed, you can know it by the
“sound” of hitting with a hammer. 
/ A rope is
hooked into the hole 
attached to the stake
to climb, so it is an 
indispensable essential
item for climbers to 
support their lives.

But if you at today’s stage, meticulously
groom Ropes, Haken, Climbing Shoes
with sharpening the tips or replacing
them with new ones, the “suffering” at
the climbing site tomorrow will be

So in that case, where did the other half
of your tomorrow’s suffering go?

Half of tomorrow’s suffering entered into
the “suffering of labor and effort” you
spent today for the preparation work
of climbing equipment. In other words,
“you moved half of tomorrow’s suffering
into the suffering of doing preparation
work today.”

The same thing happens between the
“suffering by the sins of your bad deeds”
that you have accumulated in the past,
and the “suffering in your present life.”
The Law of Origin reduces your “suffering
by your past sins” and moves them into
the “suffering and hardships” caused
by your work and efforts you do at the
present workplace and in your daily life.

You don’t know about it and finish today’s
work with today’s “labor and suffering.”
As soon as you finish your today’s work,
the Law of Origin erases the suffering
of your past sins that the Law of Origin
put in it, too.
Therefore, when you finish your work
today, the suffering of past sins also

This is called “Ten-Jū-Kyou-jyu (転重軽受).”
Ten means convert, Jū means heavy,
Kyou means light, and jyu means receive.
Put them together, it means,
In today’s life, you receive the heavy
suffering by past sins in a light form.

Of course, these effects are the effects
caused by you cherishing the law,
doing good and performing the acts
of mercy and wisdom in your daily life.
The Law of Origin expands and
strengthens your good deeds,
in the “world of time” and the “world of
As a result, you will get these effect.

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