How can we know whether Deceased Ancestors are happy or not in their Next Future Life?


Returning to the “Father and Son” case
earlier, you said earlier,
“After 20 years his son dies, the figure of
his deceased son must be clearly visible 
for father’s eyes. That is, it is the figure
of his son who is currently living
somewhere as a 20 year old young man.”

By what triggers, will that father be able
to see about the followings?
“Whether his deceased son is living
happily or not in his Next Life” and
if he is, “its specific process.”


For instance, suppose you lost your
beloved Grandmother or Grandfather
several years ago. Or suppose you
lost some years ago, your beloved
wife or husband, or in some cases,
even a daughter or son, by some
reason – an accident, illness, disaster,
war, infectious disease, etc.
In that case, I think there are times
when you want to know the followings:
“Whether these people are currently
living happily or not in their Next Life”
and “If they are living happily, how
exactly are they living happily?”

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