The eternity of life – Talk through Examples

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The Eternity of Life –
Talk through Examples

Now, when talking about
the Eternity of Life, I would like
to discuss in detail through some
This is because it’s extremely
difficult to express with words

The Incident that I will take as an
example here was happened in
a typical Japanese family.

The Family was consisted of
a married couple and their only son,
who was 13 years old.
Father is an ordinary office worker.
Son attended a nearby junior high
His commuting to school is often
on foot, but sometimes, father would
drive him to school while driving to

One day, son said to parents,
“I don’t want to go to school today…”
When father asked, “Why?”,
he did not say the reason.
What son looked like at that time,
had no symptoms of illness, but his
complexion was pale and he looked
So, Father said calmly,
“It’s not good to skip school without
permission. Unless having a special
reason, you should go.”

The conversation between father and
son at that time was ended with that.
Although son seemed reluctant,
he went to school as usual.

And after that day, son never returned
home. At a later date, he was found dead
by suicide in a shed near his home.

After that, father faced the death of
his son and was extremely worried and
He was a father who truly loved son
and cared for son very much.
He looked for various causes in his
own way. However, there was nothing
what comes to mind at all.
There was no suicide note, his attitude
at school was very normal, there was no
special reason for him to be bullied.
And it was an incident happened so
suddenly at all.

After that, father becomes making up
his own reasons and blaming himself.
“At that time, I should have driven him
to school. If I had, this wouldn’t have
“I should have taken time off company.”
“I should have had more intimate
conversations with him on a regular
basis and cared for his heart.
If I had, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Later, his father said in an interview of
Commercial Broadcasting Media, NHK
as follows:
“The hardest thing for me is that I can’t
know where to bring this
“Empty hole-filled like feeling.”
Every day, my son comes to my mind,
and each time I feel pain and sadness,
and I don’t know where to bring that
feelings. It is a continuation of that.”
So far the story is.
Losing a loved one and feeling sadness
and suffering are common to
all countries and ethnic groups.

Now, I would like to apply that to the
Twelve In-Nen“, which is the law of the
“Law of Origin,” and think about what
happened to his son after that and
where he went.

In his case, he hasn’t done anything
particularly bad in his short life, and
he doesn’t have any serious sins.
So you can think that he will enter
a new mother’s womb in a few weeks
or months, be born in a new place,
and starting a new life. That is,
he starts a next New Life somewhere
on Earth.(1)

(1) However, in his case, even if
he enters a New Mother’s Womb
a few weeks later, there is
a 10-month Gestation Period, so
he will actually be born into this
world about a year after entering
the Mother’s Womb.

Therefore, after 5 years, he is living
somewhere as a boy of about
4 years old.
After 10 years, he will be
a 9-year-old boy. And at that time,
you can assume that he is doing
well in elementary school.
Also, 20 years later, the son is
19 years old and is studying
seriously at university.

At this time, what becomes important
is the support and wishes of the
surviving family, father, mother, etc.
It is important for his father to see
that his son will grow over time in
his Next Life, and to send him good
fortune and support him each time.

For instance, if his son wanted to
become a doctor when he was alive,
then father should wish for son to be
able to attend a specialized university
to become a doctor.
And it is important that father wishes 
for son’s business and goals to be

Alternatively, if the deceased son,
daughter, or mother was “good at
languages when they were alive,”
the bereaved families left behind
should wish that they will make use
of those talents, they will go to
language universities and become
excellent interpreters in their Next
This is because the talents of this
life are often carried over into the
next life.

“Each time wishing” means that
20 years after his son dies, the figure
of his deceased son must be clearly
visible in father’s eyes.
 That is, it is
the figure of son attending university
and studying to become a doctor in
his Next Life.
Because that is what his son will
actually be, of 20 years from now.

After 20 years, Son is not in the grave.
(A grave is sufficient as a monument
to preserve memories of the past.)
His son has already started his new
life a few weeks after his Death.
In other words, after 20 years, 
his son is living in reality
Living in somewhere on Earth as
a 20-year-old young man, in the same
Era as his father and mother.
The parents left behind should be
aware of this.

If they know that fact, both the father
and mother who were left behind will
understand “What they should do now.”
If these parents truly care about their
son, they should contribute for the
well-being of those who are currently
alive, and work hard for them.
And it is important to send the
“Good Fortune” that they have gained
through these “Act of Mercy,” to their
son who is now living somewhere as
a 20 year old young man.
Think about it.
A father who loses his son and
continues to chase that illusion,
suffers, grieves, regrets, and
blames himself.
Also, in contrast,
A father who is looking ahead to
his deceased son’s next New Life,
and works hard for the people of
today, for the deceased son’s
success and happiness. And
continues to send the deceased
son, the “Good Fortune” that
he gained there.

Which way of life is more valuable
and meaningful?
Also, which way of life is happier
for the father himself, and which is
more conducive to the happiness
and development of those around

It is obvious to anyone that the
latter is better and more valuable.
In this way, the “Eternal View of Life
is essentially a view of life that
serves as the foundation for people
to live independently and creatively
under the prospect of a New Future.
However, even after 20 years,
his father still recalls the hallucination
of his son who died 20 years ago and
is chasing after that illusion.
And even now, he creates the cause
of son’s Death by himself, continues to
regret and blame himself.
This should not to happen.
Excessive Regret can make a father’s
own life crazy and cause him to fall
into misfortune.
If he continues to be sad forever,
he will not be able to live
an independent and healthy life.
As I said earlier, the effect of the
Law of Origin works not only in the
present, but also in the distant
future life.
Also, it works not only to nearby
phenomena, but also to distant
Of course, that power also works
on the son, who is already starting
a new life somewhere far away or
Because the Law of Origin is the
law that is managing all phenomena.

Therefore, if you perform the
Act of Mercy and Wisdom with
the “Law of Origin,” that action
becomes En (Trigger), and the
“Power of Law” of the “Law of
Origin” will be exerted.
That power of law will magnify and
deepen the “Good Fortune” you have
gained by your Acts of Mercy and
And it will become working everywhere.
By that Good Fortune, the deceased son
or relatives will lead their “New Life”
to be happy and prosperity.
Also, they will achieve their own Goals
in their Future Lives by the Good Fortune
you send them.

Whether your deceased relatives will
live happily or not in their Future Lives,
depends entirely on your Current


However, whether a person will
become happy or not in his/her next
Future Life will depend on his/her
own Will and Efforts?


That is also true.
However, the person who died-
for example, if taking the example
of previous Son- even if he starts
his next Future Life, he cannot
immediately engage in Social
Can a newborn infant or a 5-year
-old or 10-year-old child have
full-fledged social activities?
Therefore, His first 20 years will
be a period of Education.
At least until he reaches around
the age of 20, he should receive
a Good Education.

That Educational Environment is
not necessarily school, but he needs
to grow up in a Good Environment.
For instance, he needs to grow up
in the presence of good books,
philosophy, and civilization, etc.
When it comes to Growth, one
cannot grow in a vacuum.
For example, in a remote Jungle
or on the Desert. (lol)

Therefore, it can be assumed that
during his growth period, he cannot
live an “Independent Life in the true
sense” or engage in full-fledged
Social Activities.

So who will educate him for the
first 20 years?
That is you.  

By your devoting and working for
people’s happiness and social peace
in your Current Life, and sending
them the “Good Fortune” you have
gained there, they (the deceased son
and people) will be able to receive
a Good Education
 in their Next Lives
(Future Lives).
It is essentially the same as what
I said earlier.

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