Create a Strong and Beautiful Nation like a Diamond

Create a Strong and Beautiful
Nation like a Diamond

Countermeasures against the
problem by the Law
of Origin

When you use the solve serious
war and aggression problems
such as the Ukrainian problem
with the power of the Law of Origin,
you use “The Causes action and
Results action.

The Causes action and Results
action here mean

“The action of making the
     cause when you do one job”
     is the Causes action,.

“The action when making the
     final finish” is the Results action.

For example, in the process of
manufacturing an automobile,
the work of first making the power
parts such as the skeleton, chassis,
tires and engine can be said
the Causes action.
In addition, after the skeleton or
engine are completed, the final
work of covering the outer body and
finishing the details such as interior,
exterior, and electrical can be said
the Results action. (Figure below)

Others, whatever field of work,
there is an “Causes action and
Results action” in each work

The Real Causes action and
Real Results action

Now, if you do this Causes action
and Results action under the Law of
that Causes action and Results
action becomes “The Real causes
action and the Real Results action.”

What is “The Real Causes action and
Real Results action that you do under
the Law of Origin”?

For instance, if you perform the
Acts ① and Acts ②’s Mercy and Wisdom
action (The Acts of “The Law of Origin”)
and make the power of the Law
of Origin to be exerted.
Next, you do the Causes action and
Results action in your workplace.
Then, you will do two kinds of actions:
The first is “The act of the Law of
Origin” and the second is “The Causes
action and Results action that you do
at your own workplace.”
Performing these two types of actions 
are “The Real Causes action and Real
Results action” under the Law of Origin.

Because the actions of the Law of
Origin are added to the Causes and
Results actions that you perform at
workplace and in your daily life,
your actions become “The Causes
and Results actions that you perform
together with the Law of Origin.”

What makes this Real Causes action
and Real Results action different from
the normal causes action and results
action is that they are
“The acts that surely lead things to
The reason why “Real” is attached
to the head is that they are
“The real acts that actually realize

Why it becomes such an act, because
that your act will receive the support
from the Law of Origin by doing in
together with the act of the Law of
That is, the Law of Origin moves all
the phenomena in the phenomenon
world, support and back up “your act,”
and make your goals to be smoothly


What kind of actions are the “Acts ①
and Acts ②’s Mercy and Wisdom
action” that make the power of the
Law of Origin to be exerted?


For that, see this Article.
This Article summarizes it in 4 points.
Now we move on.

The meaning of the act
with the Law of Origin

I just talked about “The effectiveness
of the Law of Origin” above.
That is, “The Law of Origin will move
all the phenomena in the phenomenon
world to support your act so that you
can achieve your goals smoothly.

This is the effect of the power of the
Law of Origin worked on “The Horizontal
world of Phenomena.”
However, the Law of Origin also exerts
great power on “The Vertical world of
Time” and supports you.
The vertical world of Time is the past,
present and future.

For instance, regarding “The Past
among them, the length of the past is
extremely distant and long, and it is
infinite  as long as we can imagine.
Humans have been born and died,
died and born from that distant past,
and have been repeated Life and
Death innumerably as a human being,
or as a non-human being.
And we are reaching “The Current life“.
(Table below)
The same is true in the future, and
human life will repeat Life and Death
over and over again.

But we don’t remember what we
have done in the distant past life
before we were born.
We are forgetting almost everything.

Even in our present life, it’s hard to
remember exactly what happened
20 or 30 years ago. Moreover, we can’t
remember what we did before we were
Therefore, in our present life, we can
hardly make use of
“The good
experiences and good deeds” that
we have done in our infinite past life.

But if you have the Law of Origin and
perform the Real Causes action and the
Real Results action, you can do that.
The reason is that the Law of Origin
is also like your life, the Law that has
been existed from an infinite past.

The only difference between the Law
of Origin and your life is that the Law
of Origin remembers everything that
people have done in their infinite past.
And they are stored exactly as data.

In the Law of Origin, there is a
Storehouse” called “The Storehouse
of Law,” which can store data and
energy and all the information from
the distant past are stored there.
Therefore, “You act with the Law of
 means that you can make use
of all the past information and
experiences stored in the Law of
Origin to your life now.

It’s just like a High-performance
Cloud Computer remembering
a huge amount of information on
the Internet.
you know very little about the vast
amount of information on the Internet,
But even if you don’t know about
them, all you have to do is create an
account with a cloud service, such as
AWS (Amazon Web Services), and
you’ll be able to use that vast amount
of Internet information as needed.
(Figure below)

AI of a cloud service, extracts the
information you need now from the
vast amount of information on the
Internet, arranges it for you to use,
and provides it to your smartphone

It is the same.
Even if you can’t remember at all
what you did in your past life before
you were born, the Law of Origin is
accumulating and storing the past
information and experiences of all
people, including your past

The Law of Origin, like AI, arranges
those information for you to use and
sends them to you. And provides you
with those information so that you
and your society will be happier and
more peaceful.

So how will the Law of Origin convey
you that information?

The Law of Origin is the law that is
managing all phenomena in the
phenomenon world.
Therefore, it will convey you the
necessary information in a form that
you can understand through various
“Phenomena movements” and
“Changes of events” that you come
into close contact with.
It can’t be said “Specifically, the Law
of Origin conveys information this way,”
but it’s only certain that it will convey
exactly in a form that you will notice.

In many cases, the Law of Origin will
send you information based on myriad
past experiences such as “What you
shouldn’t do now”
 or “What you can do,” 
“What you should do positively” or
“How to solve various problems.” 

In this way, the fact that “Performing
the Real Causes action and Real
Results action” means that
“You will be able to use, through the
Law of Origin, the immeasurable
amount of information of the Past
for the happiness and prosperity of
the Present and the Future.”

Formation of the “Buddha Nation” 
and its two characteristics

Next, when the real causes action
and real results action are done,
what will happen after?
Let me have conclusion.
When you complete these two
actions, a country called
The Real Nation” will be formed.
The Real Nation is the Buddha

However, even if your country
becomes “The Real Nation” and
becomes “The Buddha Nation,”
your country will look almost
nothing different.
There are many religions and
thoughts in your country, many
kinds of economic activities are
carried out, and many citizens
live normally. Also, the traditional
culture of your country exists and
they are carefully preserved.

However, if your country
becomes “The Buddha Nation,”
the characteristic of the Buddha
Nation will come to appear in
some respects.

So what are the characteristics
of the Buddha Nation?
Here I talk about two main
characteristics of Buddha Nation.

(The first characteristic of
Buddha Nation)

One is that when your country
becomes the Buddha country,
it becomes “A country that
no one can destroy.”
This is called “The Kongō-fue
Kongō” means “extremely hard”
and “fue” means “impossible to
For example, a word that uses
Kongō is “Kongō-seki.”
“Kongō-seki” means a Diamond.
Kongō means “extremely hard”
and “seki” is stone.
Together, it is “a hard stone,”
that is Diamond. (Figure below)

When your country becomes the
Buddha Nation, that is the Real
Nation, this characteristic of
“No one can destroy” comes to
be appeared.
Even if your country looks the
same as before, it is already
“The Kongō-fue’s Buddha country
that no one can destroy.”
As a result, the various good ideas,
religions, cultural properties, and
civil life that exist in your country
are carefully preserved and

Why it becomes so?
This is because the Law of
Origin moves all phenomena and
strongly protects “your country.”
And in that country, all the people
will live in peace and happiness.
Real” of The Real Country means
“A country called ‘The Real Country’
that will never be destroyed, comes
to be really formed.

Also, It means that it will be formed
in full-scale

Even if some country attacks
your country with great military
power, they will either withdraw
or will leave for some reason after
a while.  Or their army will be utterly
weakened and withdraw.

The power of the Law of
Origin that you have exerted will
move all phenomena and make
them do so.
Alternatively, the good forces,
nations or powerful people who
play the role of the Law of Origin’s
works will come from the outside
world and protect your country
and citizen.

To give an analogy, even if an
unclean force enters a clean
country, the unclean force
cannot stay there for a long time.
Even if muddy water was mixed in
a clear stream, it will be washed
away in a clear stream after
a while.

The above is the first
characteristic of the Buddha
Nation  (the Real Nation).

However, in order to actually realize
the Buddha Nation as described
above, you need to keep performing
The Real Causes action” and
The Real Results action.”
If you do it once or twice and then
stop, the characteristic of the
Buddha country will also disappear.
Therefore, once you do one action,
it is important to do it until it is
However, that completion does not
have to be the completion of all.

Even if a part of completion of the
work (partially completed), the
result will come out.
It is necessary to complete the
work one by one, get results one by
one, repeat these things and
complete the whole.
Then your country will become 
“A country that no one can destroy,
that is, the Buddha Nation.”

(The second characteristic of
Buddha Nation)

The second characteristic of the
Buddha Nation is that when your country
becomes the Buddha Nation,
all the people will start to emit Mercy
towards other people.
All the citizens send Mercy each
other in their hearts, even though
they don’t put it into words.
So what form do they send Mercy?
Most people, in their hearts, send
Mercy in the form that
“Wish for his (or her) increase of Good
towards the people close to them or
the customers they come in direct
contact with at work.
The reason why they do so is because
they know that the Essential Characteristic
of “The Law of Origin” that manages
all the phenomena worlds is “Mercy.”
And they know that if they emit Mercy
on people, they can merge with the Law
of Origin.


What kind of person is the “Buddha
you speak of?
Is there special person called Buddha
in the Buddha Nation?


“Buddha” here means basically a person
who practices the Law of Origin.
Whatever one’s position, whether he has
property, authority, social status or not,
whoever practices the Law of Origin is
a Buddha.
In this sense, the Buddha Nation can be
described as “A nation where people
who practice the Law of Origin gather.”
Of course, people use the Law of Origin
as well as deepen and use Specialized
Law in each field as needed.

Let me back to “Mercy.”
All the people of the Buddha Nation are
doing “Sending Mercy to the people”
as a Mercy action.
And because Mercy action is an “Action
to the last, a Reward of “The increase
of Good Luck” is always accompanied
in reality.
Also, because it is an action, you can’t
do it alone.
You will definitely need someone others.
So people become sending Mercy to
each other.

As a result, the good luck of most citizens
in Buddha Nations increases daily.
Your good luck will be increased by the
Reward(fruit)of your Mercy action that
you have done to others. But besides that,
your good luck is increased by the Mercy
hearts that other citizens send to you.
Other citizens are in the same position as
you, and their good luck are increasing
day by day.

A little caution is required
about “how to send Mercy.”
→ Please refer to  this Article

Official names of
the Real Causes 
the Real Results action
the Real Nation

“The Real Causes action,
the Real Results action and
the Real Nation” that I have
talked so far are officially

     The Real Causes Myō
 The Real Results Myō
 The Real Nation Myō   
      (Table Below)

The meaning of “Myō ” at
the end of the word is
Unprecedented value
and “Mystery.”
This means “It is mysterious,
but in reality, the highly
Real Causes Myō,
Real Results Myō and Real
Nation Myō
are actually


The Ten Real Myō

So far I have discussed only about
“The Real Causes Myō,”
“The Real Results Myō,”
and “The Real Nation Myō.”
However, there are actually
10Real Myō processes” including
these three Myō. (Table below)
The Real Causes Myō, the Real
Results Myō, and the Real Nation
Myō mentioned so far are the first
three out of ten.
These 10 Myō processes are called
The Ten Real Myō.”

So what is this “The Ten Real Myō”
process for?
This is the process that you do
a good job with the Law of Origin,
become Buddha, become happy,
and become a Victor of All.

At the same time, in the process
of you becoming a Buddha
(=All victors), it is also the process
that the people and environment
around you become happy and

Also, at the same time, it is the
process that your society and
the international community
become a peaceful society, and
the entire Global Environment
becomes the Planet that shines
in peace and prosperity without
any environmental problems or

Individual meanings of
“The Ten Real Myō”

I will explain the outline of individual
meanings of “The Ten Real Myō.”

First, when you do 1 and 2’s 
The Real Causes Myō and
The Real Results Myō under the
Law of Origin, 3 The Real Nation Myō 
is formed. As I said earlier.
The Real Nation is the Buddha

When the Buddha Nation is formed,
what will happen?
From here, you enter
4’s The Real Reaction Myō.

When the Buddha Nation is formed,
the people in the Buddha Nation will
begin to show the reaction to what
you say. The reaction is a reaction
such as empathy or interest.
That is 4’s The Real Reaction Myō.

Next, when people start reacting to
what you say, you answer it with two
actions: Mercy Heart and Think well.”  
Your act is the act that contributes to
the well-being and victory of those who
react, which is a Contribution Behavior.

When you perform these two kinds
of actions, events (phenomena) will
begin to occur in the world.
It is “5’s The Real Phenomena Myō
which causes such events.
Because these events occur precisely
according to what people and citizens
“think” and “what they want,”
they lead people correctly and happily.

They may also, when necessary,
correct the “Mistakes and Excesses”
of society’s leaders.
The above is “5’s The Real Phenomena

When the events of
“The Real Phenomena” occur, you will
preach the law through that events.
It is 6’s The Real Preachment Myō that
preaches the law through the events.

The laws you preach here are the Law
of Origin and the specialized law, but
you preach with the Law of Origin at 
the center. When you preach
a specialized law, you preach the
required specialized law as needed.

Because you preach the law through
the events that actually occur,
you can preach the law empirically
and logically.
Both modern and future people will
practice the law based on
“The Theory of Law” that you explained,
and will open the way for their

What is
7’s The Real Succession Myō?

When you preach the law to people,
a deep relationship “Bond” will be
created between you and those people.
That is 7’s The Real Succession Myō.

About this 7’s “Succession“, I will
give a little basic explanation.
As I said earlier, “Human life is an
endless cycle of ‘Life and Death,’
going from the infinite past, through
the present, and moves toward the
distant future.”
In that process, if you were born in
a deep relationship with certain
people, such as parent and child,
siblings, or husband and wife,
it is likely that you had some quite
deep relationships factors with
them in your past lives.

In other words, even in your past life,
you are likely to had the relationship
of parents and child, siblings, or
spouses with those people.
Therefore, you were born as a relative
with them in your present life as well.

Also, if you are in a relationship of
parent-child or spouses in your present
life, there is a high possibility that deep
human relationships such as parent-child
or spouses relationship will be formed
with those people in the future life
as well.
Similarly, if you “talked about the law” or
“talked about the Law of Origin” with
certain people in your present life,
that will become a powerful factor in
forming extremely strong human
 in past, present and
future lives.
In other words, “Speaking about the law”
becomes the strongest of all the factors 
that make a bond in human relationship.
For this reason,
after 6’s The Real Preachment Myō 
of “Speaking the law,” 
7’s The Real Succession Myō is placed.

8’s The Real Resuscitation Myō
means “Gaining New Life”

As described above, if you preach
the law to people in 6’s The Real
Preachment Myō,
a Deep Human Bond (Succession)
is created between you and the
people/citizens whom you preached
the law to.
That is 7’s The Real Succession Myō.

When this Deep Human Bond is
established, you complete your work
and mission in your present life.
And your life ends once.
But as soon as it ends, you will be
revived and gain “New Life.”
That is 8’s The Real Resuscitation

In this case, the original text
of “The Real Resuscitation Myō
is “The Real Nehan Myō”
in Chinese characters.
Nehan (涅槃) means “Death.”
Also, Nehan has the meaning
of “Purity” or “Enlightenment.”
However, I translated Nehan into
English as Resuscitation and
made it The Real Resuscitation
The reason is that
The Real Resuscitation Myō has the
following meaning.

In the usual general interpretation,
Death is often interpreted as
“The end of everything.”
However, for you, who perpetually
repeat “Life and Death” from
the past, present, and to future,
Death (Nehan) is never the end.
Rather, Death is a great opportunity 
in order to wash away the old,  
become a new clean life, and
to be reborn.
In this sense,
8’s The Real Resuscitation Myō
is a stage of resuscitation for you
to gain “New Life.”

Also, Resuscitation is not limited
to what happens after you die.
It can happen while you are alive.
For instance, while your body is alive,
your hair, nails, cells, etc. are partly
repeating Death and Life, and
as a result, the old is replaced by
the new every day. 
They are also one of the resuscitations
of life.

Also, when you finish one task, your life
can and may be reborn.
For example, when you finish one
important task, you resuscitate and the
Borders of your life are expanded.
And you get a new expanded living space
and new Borders.
8’s The Real Resuscitation Myō is also
“Resuscitation” in this sense.

What is
9’s The Real Lifespan Myō?

Next, when you gain a “New Life”
and “Newly expanded living space,”
you acquire a New Wisdom by that. 
With your newly acquired Wisdom,
you prolong your life span.
That is 9’s The Real Lifespan Myō.

In this case, Wisdom is called
“E-Myō” and it is your life span.
E” in E-Myō means Wisdom
and “Myō” means life span.       
With your newly acquired Wisdom,
you learn Good knowledge and
New Philosophies, deepen them,
use them, and you prolong your
life span.

What is
10’s The Real Merit Myō?

In this way, you who have acquired
“New Life” and “New Wisdom
(Life Span),” you will use them and
work with the Lion’s momentum to
establish further happiness and joy
for human society and citizens.
You do that under the Law of Origin 
which manages the entire phenomena

Also, being able to do that itself is
The establishment of the Buddha’s
Vast Border.”
It is also Merit, Property, Reward,
and Grace.
That is 10’s The Real Merit Myō.


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