The meaning of the total withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

The meaning of the total
withdrawal of US troops
from Afghanistan

The withdrawal of all US troops from
Afghanistan by President Biden has
been completed.
And the true end of the last 20 years
of war is approaching.

This war was launched in order to
give legitimate penalties to the
perpetrators of the major incident,
which will never forget for American
citizens on September 11, 2001.
The incident was an extremely
miserable and vicious incident in
which two passenger planes plunge
into the World Trade Center building.

However, this war was prolonged,
and during that time, the perpetrator
of the incident was punished, and in
recent years, the purpose of the war
has been losing.

Various counterarguments and
criticisms arose against this time
total withdrawal of the US military.
Also, I am very sorry that more than
a dozen young American soldiers
were killed in the process of
withdrawal in August 2021.
I pray for them from the bottom of
my heart.
But I still believe that President
Biden’s Decision was right.
On September 1st, Japan time,
President Biden made the following

“I simply do not believe that the
safety and security of America in the
hands to continue, by deploy thousands
of American troops and spending
billions of dollars in year, in Afghanistan.
After a long time of 20 years in
Afghanistan, I refuse sending another
new generations of Sons and Daughters
to fight in the war.
We should have ended this war the
long ago.”

Moreover, the president emphasized
the successful  evacuation abroad
of 5,500 Americans amid the
unexpected turmoil of the Afghan
The president also said that sparing
no support if more than 100 Americans
still in Afghanistan want to leave the
Also, in response to criticism of
the “Confusion by the US military’s
total withdrawal operation,”
the president argued, “It is impossible
to withdraw without confusion at the
end of the conflict.”
And he emphasized that future
counterterrorism measures will

As President Biden says, we can
never send our dear and important
young people of new generations
to this war in the future.

President Biden is entrusting
the future
of America to young
people (you).

The future peace and prosperity of
America, along with the peace of
Afghanistan, are in the will and hands
of you everyone.
You as well as we fight in peace, and
by supporting the president, the
president’s goals will be achieved.

I will fight too.
You also please support the work of
the president so that the “Peace and
prosperity of the United States” and
“International cooperation” that the
president desires, will be realized.

President Biden is entrusting the
future of America to young people (you).
That president’s heart is reflected in
the statement above,
I refuse sending another new
generations of Sons and Daughters
to fight in the war.

The president calls you a Son and
It is a proof that the president is
seriously thinking about your future.

You have the Law of Origin.
You also have the information to
make good use of it.
If you fight, the president’s goals
will surely be achieved.
This is not ideal.
It is a familiar reality.

What the Successful
of 200 Foreigners
on September 7 means

On September 7th of this month,
a charter plane carrying 200 evacuees,
including Americans, departed from
the airport in Kabul, the capital of
Afghanistan, for Dova, the capital of
And a charter plane was able to reach
the destination safely.
According to the White House, 100 of
the 200 were Americans. (euro-news)

This was the “First success of the large-
scale evacuation of foreigners from
Afghanistan,” since the US military
withdrew from Afghanistan on the
31st of the end of August last month.
That became possible because Taliban
allowed them to leave the country.
These thing was unthinkable in the past,
10 or 20 years ago.

This clearly shows the fact that when
you act good deeds under the Law of
Origin and exert the power of this law,
“a step towards peace will be surely
” in such form.
Now, based on this fact, it is important
for you to realize more “one step to
Peace” and build a peaceful world in
the turbulent world of the future.


Why is the achievement of this event
so important now?


In a nutshell, this is because, with the
withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan
this time, it is more likely that instability
will be increasing in the Middle East and
If these regions become unstable, the
impact on world politics, economy and
civil life will be enormous.
Citizens are often involved in unfortunate

In addition, the US military plans to
complete its combat mission in Iraq
later this year.
This is partly because the shale
revolution has reduced oil dependence
on the Middle East.
President Biden declared that the
“Era of large-scale military operations
to remake another country is over.”

However, in reality, the number of
radical organizations in the world has
not decreased, and there are many in
Palestine, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen.
Also, Al Qaeda exists on the Arabian

In such a world situation, it is becoming
more and more difficult to realize
“one step toward peace.”
Therefore, it is worth because it is a
difficult step.
Realizing that difficult step many times
and creating a peaceful world is

That will be only realized when you have
the Law of Origin, do good, exert the power
of that Law, and use that power with the
power of other specialized laws.

There are two ways to practice
the Law of Origin

There are two ways to practice
the Law of Origin:
The “Actual Law and Applied Law.”

The “Act of Actual Law” is the
Act ① and Act ②’s Mercy and Wisdom
actions. It is the act of practicing the
Law of Origin.

On the other hand, the “Act of
Applied Law” are various good acts
that we do in our daily lives in society.
Work at workplace, work at home,
and various other necessary procedures
that are indispensable for social life.
In addition, it is an act performed by
people engaged in various fields such
as politics, economy, information, and
education, etc.
They are all acts of Applied Law.

“Applied” of Applied Law is application.
Why is it Application?
Our society has various specialized
fields such as politics, economy,
information, and education and the
lifestyle of each citizen is different.
Citizens live according to their lifestyle,
do good deeds (work) suitable for each
profession and ability, and proceed to
each goal.
Therefore, the word Application is
used and it becomes the
“Act of Applied Law.”
When comparing the Act of Actual
Law and that of Applied Law――
The Act of Applied Law is an act that
is closely related to our lives, so when
you thought that you have to do it,
it is easy to be aware and also easy to
perform it.
However, Act of Actual Law makes it
difficult to see where the results will
come out, so people sometimes can
not be strongly aware of the
importance of that act. And because
its importance cannot be recognized,
it will also be difficult to execute.

The Act of Actual Law here is to carry
out the acts of Mercy and Wisdom of
Act① and Act ②.
The Act ①’s Mercy action is to
“Send mercy to all living existence,”
and the Act ②’s Wisdom action is to
read well, understand, and think well
about the “information of the Law of
Origin” through my site. And it is an
act of telling people about it.

Doing these Acts of Actual Law
makes the power of the Law of
Origin to be exerted and moves
all the necessary phenomena,
so the result of doing that comes
out in the most important place
of your life or work.
Where on earth is that?
It comes out in one point:
Make things realize.”
For instance, suppose you now want
to achieve something at work or
something, and are working on it.
At that time, despite you are working
hard, I think sometimes you have
the question,
“Will this really realize?”
or you may have a feeling of tension
that resembles anxiety.
At times like this, if you practice
Actual Law, these questions and
anxieties will disappear.

Why things like this happen is
because if you perform the Act ①
and Act ②’s actions of Mercy and
Wisdom, the power of the Law of
Origin will be exerted and by the power
of that law, both near phenomena
and far phenomena will begin to
move toward a good direction for
And the “Flow of big and strong
phenomenon” will be created. 

That is like, for instance, a big flow
towards the goal of “Realization of
the result” begins to be created, and
your ship (Act of Applied Law) follows
that flow and moves toward the goal.
Alternatively, you can think that
Railroad Tracks are laid toward your
purpose, and your train (Act of
Applied Law) advance on that rail.

In this way, the practice of Actual
Law is deeply linked to “Achievement
of Purpose” and “Fulfillment of Result“.

Therefore, in conclusion, they are
useless if either of the “practice of
Actual Law” or “practice of Applied
Law” is missing.
If the act of Applied Law is lacking,
there becomes nothing that Actual Law
will realize.
On the contrary, if the Actual Law is
lacking, the situation of
“sometimes the result will come out
and sometimes the result will not come
out” will continue forever.
To get things done smoothly, both
actions are necessary.
It’s like a father and a mother.
Father is Actual Law while mother is
Applied Law.

Actual wisdom and
Applied wisdom

There is another important term.
It is Actual wisdom and Applied wisdom.

Actual wisdom is the wisdom to
understand the value of the Act of
Actual Law. It is also the wisdom
performing the act of Actual Law well.

Applied wisdom is the wisdom of
choosing the best act of Applied Law
in a variety of situations. It is also the
wisdom of performing it.

Actual wisdom and Applied wisdom
make the actions of Actual Law and
Applied Law progress smoothly and

Now, the world is about to enter the
“world after the withdrawal of US troops
from the Middle East or Afghanistan.”
That world is likely to become an unstable

In the face of such a world, people are
beginning to be seriously worried about
the good deeds they are doing,
“Does this good deed really bring the
results of happiness, peace and security?”
Under these circumstances, it is very
meaningful for the world that you use
Actual wisdom and Applied wisdom, do the
act of Actual Law and Applied Law, and
surely realize peace and security in the
international community.

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