The Meaning of a Beautiful Total Solar Eclipse

Hello dear everyone!!
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your splendid comments.
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Today, I posted a photo of
a Total Solar Eclipse like the one
above as the Cover Image of a New
The theme of the New Article is
“The Join of Twelve In-Nen and
Ten Nyō-ze.”
Although these two Laws have
different Roles and Purposes,
they are fundamentally the same
Law and merge exquisitely like
a Total Solar Eclipse.
I will explain it in detail at a later
By the way, on April 8th, 
a Beautiful Total Solar Eclipse could
be observed in many areas of the
American Continent. It was a
beautiful and mysterious Celestial

Since ancient times in China and
Japan, Solar and Lunar Eclipses have
often been seen as Harbingers of
bad things to come.
But you have the Law of Origin,
that is, Myō-Hō, which manages all the
phenomena of the phenomenal world.
Along with this law, if you send Mercy
to people and exert Wisdom, you will be
able to turn “All the Bad Harbingers’
Events” that occur in society and the
natural world into “Good Harbingers”
that will bring Happiness and

That is the mysterious power of
Myō of Myō-Hō means
“Realize the things fully in an exquisite
In this sense, there is no doubt that
“This time Beautiful Total Solar Eclipse
across the Americas” will become
“The Highest Good Harbingers” that
will create a Wonderful World of
Happiness near the future.

Let’s ride onto your own
Great White Bull Car” and run
towards the Boundary of Happiness.

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