Comparison of “The Ten Trace Myō” and “The Ten Real Myō”

Comparison of “The Ten Trace
Myō” and “The Ten Real Myō”

Next, let’s compare the names
of “The Ten Trace Myō” and
“The Ten Real Myō.”
“The Ten Trace Myō” that I have
talked about so far is The Ten Myō
that was preached by summarizing
General World,” so the name can be
explained through General Corporate

On the other hand, “The Ten Real
Myō” is  “The Ten Myō that was 
preached by summarizing the

Buddha’s Border.”
So the name will change slightly.

Please see the the table below.
The right side is the name of
“The Ten Real Myō”.
Comparing both names, there
are three key differences, as
indicated by the red arrows.

・The first difference is that 4 Myō
     of “The Trace’s Causes action”,
    1. The Border Myō,
    2. The Wisdom Myō,
    3. The Action Myō,
    4. The Rank Myō 
    are Summarized into one Myō,
The Real Causes Myō of 1” in
    “The Ten Real Myō.”
    (Top Red arrow)

・The second difference is that
    “The Ten Trace Myō’s Results
    action”, that is “5. The Three
    Laws Myōis opened to two Myōs
    of “
2. The Real Results Myō” and
3. The Real Nation Myō” in
    “The Ten Real Myō.”
    (The Second arrow)

・The third difference is that
    “The Real Resuscitation Myō 
    and Real Lifespan Myō of 8 and 9
    in “The Ten Real Myō” are not in
    “The Ten Trace Myō.”
    (The bottom arrow)

What do these differences mean?

The first difference

The point of the first difference is
that 1. The Real Causes Myō” of
“The Ten Real Myō” does by itself,
four Myōs of “The Ten Trace Myō”:
“The Border Myō, The Wisdom Myō,
The Action Myō, The Rank Myō.”
(Table below)
From this, you can see how
The Real Causes Myō” that
you do at the Buddha’s Border is
a Deep Act.
This part is important and will be
explained in detail later.

The second difference

The second difference is
“The Results action” of the
“The Ten Trace Myō, that is
5. The Three Laws Myō” is opened
to two Myōs of “2. The Real Results Myō
and “3. The Real Nation Myō” in
“The Ten Real Myō.” (Table below)

In this case, “The Three Laws Myō
means “Completion of a corporate”
in corporate activities.
Earlier, I said that a corporate can
be completed in three forms:
Individual, Universal, and Middle way.

1.”Individual” means that the
   corporate is established as
   a single social corporate.

2.“Universal” means that the
   corporate has sufficient
    external capabilities to
    operate widely in external  

3.The “Middle way” is to have
    both 1 and 2. If 1 and 2 are
    combined, the corporate will
    have the power to produce
    actual profits, and can run a
    good management. Hence,
    the combination of “Individual
    and Universal” is called
    the Middle Way.

From these things, the Three Laws
Myō means to fulfill the above three
requirements and “to complete the
corporate itself as a a single social
Therefore, in “The Ten Trace Myō”,
the result of performing “the Causes
action” arises in one place of
“Completion of the corporate”, that is 
The Three Laws Myō.”
On the other hand, in the case of
Buddha, the results of
“The Causes action” that he has
taken, occurs in Two places:
His own life” and “His own nation.”
Why does it occur in two places?

This shows in a practical sense,
that if the individual is to be happy, 
the nation must be at peace and
stability together.
That is why the perfection of the
nation is of real important matter
to the well-being of the individual
and to the well-being of its citizens.
Even if your own deed is completed,
if the nation you live in or the
“relationship between nation and
nation” is bad, your personal
happiness will not be established.
Also, “Nation” of “The Real Nation
Myō” does not necessarily mean
only a nation, but refers to
the General Environment in which
people live. In order for humans
to be happy, we need the stability
and prosperity of the entire
environmental world.

Therefore, in “The Ten Real Myō”,
the result of performing
“The Cause action” is said to arise
in two places: “Your life” and
“Environmental World”.
In short, in “The Ten Real Myō”,
what is most important in
a practical sense for people to be
happy and get victory will be
shown, so the result becomes
two places.

To be continue

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