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Today, I’ve re-edited the previously
written Article,
Explain the Five processes by Cause
and Result,”
to make it easier to read.
This Article is set as the “Revised Second

The content of this post is the opening
sentence of the previous Article, and the
previous Article follow after this opening
Therefore, please read this Article first.
Then read the re-edited previous Article.


The Five processes of “Name, Main body,
Essentials, Effect, Teaching” mentioned in
this Article has the same meaning as
Myō  Hō  Ren  Ge  Kyō“, which is the Chinese
name of Lotus Sutra, the scripture of the
Law of Origin mentioned in the previous
(Myō Hō Ren Ge Kyō is the official name
of this scripture)

● When interpreting the meaning of
“Myō Hō Ren Ge Kyō,” it must be summarized
in the Five Letters “Name, Main body,
Essentials, Effect, Teaching,” and interpreted.
Therefore, I will first talk about the
meaning of these five characters.
The meaning of the summary is as follows:

First of all, Name of 1 is the
Comprehensive information” that
contains the whole contents from  1 to 5.
Comprehensive information is well
organized with Name (= Title name),
so it is called Name.

By this comprehensive information,
you can know the existence of the Law
of Origin.
The Law of Origin is the root law of all
phenomena and is also the “Law of the
main body of all laws” that exists in this
Therefore, the Law of Origin is Main body
of 2.

Also, the Main body of Law is
a treasure house.
The treasure house door can only
be opened by the act of person.
The “relationship between the Law
and the person act” is basically the
Law is a treasure house, while the
person act is hand that open the door
of the treasure house.
That is, the person act- your good deeds-
is the hand that open the door of
the treasure house, which is the most
important and essential in the practical
Therefore, the person act is
Essentials of 3.

(1) In this case, treasures (Good
fortune) are in the Law to the last

Person act is hand that open the
door of the treasure house, and
person himself (or herself) do not
have treasures, or even if they have,
they are finite. This point is easy to
The amount of treasure that
a person can have, is limited, so
if it decreases , it can cause conflict.
But when you run out of treasures
(Good fortune and power), you can
pull the treasures out from the
treasure house of Law.
In other words,
if you have the Law
of Origin,
Replenishment of treasures
possible at any time.

The door of the treasure house is
opened by person hands, and the
treasures is pulled out from there.
The treasures drawn out is power,
and it has the effectiveness of  leading
to the solution of internal and external
problems effectively.
Therefore, that effectiveness is Effect
of 4.

Finally, if Effect of 4 is large, you look
at that effect, go back to the first
comprehensive information (Name),
can evaluate that information. And
That is Identification of information
of 5.

Why do you need to identify
comprehensive information?

The point of “Identification of
information of 5” is to identify
“Comprehensive information of
the Law of Origin” and “Comprehensive
information of the specialized law.”
Just as the Law of Origin has
comprehensive information, the
specialized law in each field also has
comprehensive information.

By correctly identifying them,
you will be able to use both the Law
of Origin and the specialized law for
happiness, peace and prosperity.
Also by that, each field’s specialized
law is properly positioned within the
whole by the Law of Origin and
becomes able to maximize that

If putting what I said above in the
table, it will be as follows.

Also, the relationship between “Name, Main body, Essentials, Effect, Teaching” and “Myō Hō Ren Ge Kyō” is as follows.

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