The Law of Origin and the solution to the Disparity Society

What will be happened when
person doesn’t know the
existence of the Law of Origin

So far, I’ve talked about the “Merit
when people had the Law of Origin,”
but I would like to consider what
could be happen when people did
not have the Law of Origin.

In that case, because there is no the
Law of Origin , you will have to deal
with all issues with the power of your
own acts alone.
“Doing everything only with the power
of your own acts” means to do the
work and owed that should be originally
done by the Law of Origin, by using only
your own power.
That will increase your burden.

This also means that when dealing with
various problems, there will come a time
when you have to force yourself to exert
power that you are not good at.
Also, it will come out many times when
you have to win and success by competing
in society only with your current abilities
and labor alone.

Also, the good / good deeds performed
by the individual will not be greatly as
expanded as when there were the Law
of Origin.
Your good deeds may be expanded to
some extent by science technology
around you, specialized laws in each
area of specialization, or assistance
and welfare policies from corporate
and administrative organizations, but
it is not as perfect as when there were
the Law of Origin

Also, as I said earlier, the Law of Origin
connects large net of the cause and
result to the good deeds you do, and
spreads the net widely to society and
the world and
Increases the good in the world and
reduces the evil and evil deed
” —
such a dynamic action will not occur.

In that form, no one can say “you can not
succeed” and “cannot be happy.”
Someone in them may be successful.
This is a problem that can not be asserted. 
“Challenging” itself is important, and
whatever the outcome, the challenge
will bring  a great meaning to your life.

The reality of Disparity Society

However, what I would like you to know
is that today’s society is a competitive
society with winners and losers.
The real American society now has
fallen into excessive Disparity society.”(1)
“In the United States, the top 1 percent
of households hold nearly 40 percent
of the nation’s wealth, and the bottom
90 percent of households only account
for about 23 percent of total wealth.”
(Newsweek 2018). 
On the second half of 2021 when this
article was written, the inequality is
widening even further.

As a result, as Thomas Piketty(2)
says, there is a reality that the
“Top 1% of Americans have more total
assets than the remaining 99%.”
After the 2008 Lehman shock, net assets
increased between 2009 and 2011 only
at the top 7% of the wealthy, and the
“Gap between rich and poor expanded
at a stretch.”
Also, this is not only the problem of the
United States, even in Japan, although
not as much as the United States, the
same disparity trend continues.
In a competitive society, and in an
excessive gap society(1), even if
individuals exert their ability and
compete, not everyone can compete
under the same conditions.

(1) Disparity society Excessive
gap society. A disparity society is
defined as a society in which things
like hierarchies are created in society
by income or assets and becoming
difficult to move upward among
the hierarchies.

(2) Thomas Piketty — French
Economist. From Clichy. Doctor of
Economics. Became famous in the
“Capital in the Twenty-First Century”
specialized book of the society of
disparities. The content researched
the wealth gap over 15 years, and
investigated data such as income
tax and inheritance tax of more than 
20 countries in the world to more
than 200 years ago, and an attempt
was made to clarify the accumulation
of wealth.

The opponents – top few percent of
wealthy – are experts in wealth, capital,
organizational power, power, and having
specialists in each specialized field and
are firmly solidifying their fortress.
Even if the individual competes properly,
the probability of losing is high.

There, there is a reason why
unreasonableness occurs and innumerable
Disappointment, abandonment, give up,
defeat, hopelessness, inferiority, isolation,
suffering in a competitive society, etc.
One of the major causes of various
sufferings of modern society is here.

There is also the middle management’s
suffering. The suffering that you can not
exert power as you think, a life that often
compromises, the pain of relationships, etc.
(This solution has already been mentioned
in the basic paper, “The power of the law to
expand the power of citizens’ goodness.”)

Of course, people may use the power of
experts in each specialized field or use
the power of specialized law to solve
various problems.
But essentially human power, everyone
has limits. As getting older, everyone
notices a decline in power and talent, and
physical strength weakens. It becomes
easy to get sick.

No matter how talented and wealthy
person, the body, sense organs and
abilities are decline with age.
Then, your position will be superseded
by the next, more talented, financially-
powered person.

Still, if the safety of citizens’ lives and
life is secured, it is better.
The point is how much the power of your
good and good deeds can create a social
environment where citizens can live safely.
It is because if you can not prevent the
growth of evil and the plan of wrongdoing,
the suffering of the citizens will increase.

In order to eliminate such sufferings
and issues, how much power, leeway
and happiness can be brought to people,
by knowing the “Existence of the Law
of Origin” and “How to approach it,” –
it’s immeasurable.

Certainly the Law of Origin is Passive

If the action of Active nature of person
is not done, the power will not be exerted.
However, you can move the whole of the
vast “Law of Origin” simply by doing
“Good deeds” in your immediate vicinity.
There is no need to overdo work in order
to move the Law of Origin, and there is no
inconvenience to the surroundings either.
You do not overwork nor break your body
for it.

In order to move the Law of Origin,
if you have a “feeling of lack” only with
your good deeds, you can add and
perform the action of Mercy and Wisdom
of Act ① and Act ②.
You have this website for that.
If you read this site carefully, think it
well and understand it well, the Act ②
of Wisdom will be achieved.
In addition on that, if you tell people
what you understand, or print it out and
leave it as data for the future, the Act ②
of Wisdom will be further achieved.

The Meaning of doing
Act ②’s Wisdom Action

Now, I will talk a little more concretely
about this “Wisdom action.”
Act ②’s wisdom action refers to the
actions such as reading the “Correct
information about the Law of Origin”
carefully, thinking carefully, understand
well, seeing things in that perspective,
or telling that information to people.
If you do that, the great power will be
exerted from the Law of Origin.

But what exactly is the “Correct
information about the Law of Origin”?
That is the “Five processes of Name,
Main body, Essentials, Effect, Teaching
that I talked in previous Article.
The power of these five processes is
the power that will only be exerted by
combining “your personal good deeds”
and the “Law of Origin.” It is not exerted
in other combinations.

Therefore 5 processes are one of the
“correct information about the Law of
Origin.” If you read this and think about it
well, a great deal of power will be exerted
from the Law of Origin.

In addition to that, I recently told you
about the “Eternity of human life
in the Article “Talk about Human Life
and the Law of Origin thru Time | Part 1.”

Also, in “Talk about Human Life and the
Law of Origin thru Time | Part 2,”
I talked about how to manage the world
of time, “Past, Present and Future” through
the Law of Origin.
These are, of course, important information
about the Law of Origin. If you understand
them well and tell your family, friends and
peers, then your wisdom will be fulfilled
and you will receive tremendous rewards
(Benefits) from the Law of Origin.

What anxieties and worries do you have
in performing these acts of wisdom?
A great power which does not lose to
any other power in the world is already
equipped in your body.
You can go out into the phenomena world
with confidence and conviction.
If you do the Act ① and Act ②’s Mercy and
Wisdom action and exert the power of the
Law of Origin, you will be raised to
a much higher level, both mentally and
physically. This is a reality.

Excessive gap society / Disparity
society” “Over-competitive society
that I told above — the fundamental
solution to these problems is that
each citizen has great power.
This will correct and balance the
excessive bias between the top and
Also, that shape helps those who are
above – the millionaires and the mighty
political powers.
If they are also supported by good and
powerful citizens, their lives will become
more stable and they will be able to run
their own businesses safely.
Therefore, if you exert power from the
Law of Origin and empower yourself,
the excessive disparity society is already
moving toward solution.

Your actions please the president
and stabilize the Democracy

Moreover, if you exert power from the
Law of Origin, you will be pleased and
appreciated from the people around you
as well as from society.
That power will, of course, lead you to
wealth and prosperity, but at the same
time, the power stabilizes and enriches
your society, citizens, economic situation,
church, businesses, educational institutions,
mass media, all other good organizations
and Democracies. And makes their jobs
easy to do.
And the power weakens all sorts of evil
forces, making even the president of your
country much easier to work with.

Earlier, when I talked about the Effect of
5 processes, I talked that it was the
“Effect of increasing good and Reducing
 and that’s exactly what it is.
The President of your country will be
delighted if you act with both the Law of
Origin and good Specialized Laws.

Let me give you another example.
For instance, in a situation where crime
frequently occurs, will hundreds of
convenience stores and supermarkets
in the city be able to concentrate on
business with confidence?
Can each company be involved in
management with peace of mind?
The same is true even for educational
institutions and schools.
The power of your good deeds is
expanded and strengthened by the
Law of Origin, and “Increase good and
Reduce evil” in society, – That is
immeasurable how much peace of
mind, security and stability it brings
to companies, educational institutions
and citizens’ lives.
Therefore, your actions will be to
receive a huge welcome from them.

As I said in the previous Article
“Explain the Five processes,” the Effect
that exerted by working on the Law of
Origin, is an “Effect that leads others
It is not just an effect.
It is the “Effect that brings good results
to citizens and society around the world.”

The act of good appropriate to
time brings a great power

“What is the best act of good?” – This will
become vary depending on the age, time,
and circumstances.
For example, if there is a person who falls
off a boat and asks for help, helping him
becomes the best act.
When water is needed at the time of
disaster, it is to give water.
When there are many injured people,
providing the “ambulance necessary for
the conveyance” and “medicine” will be
a great good deed.
In this way, good deeds appropriate to
time exert great power.

So what will be the best good act in this
age now?
Nowadays, letting people know the
“existence of the Law of Origin” and
“how to exert the power of this law”
become the best “timely good deeds.”
Because, if you let them know it, people
will, by the Law of Origin, expand and
strengthen their good power and wisdom,
solve internal and external problems,
and open the way of happiness.
So, letting them knowing it now, is an act
that leads to the salvation of all humankind,
and becomes the “timely good act.”
The power of good deeds that is
appropriate to time is great, and the
rewards are enormous.

If you are still young and
have a special talent

Finally, let’s talk about the case when
you are still young and have great
talent and power.
If you are still young and have good
talent and power, you should definitely
demonstrate those talents and power.
That will benefit the country and will
benefit society and citizens as well.

For example, studying hard to enter
a prestigious university, raising the
average GPA (Grade Point of Average)
to get a good job, or having the purpose
of becoming a politician, businessman
or sports player and the like.
In a competitive society, it is important
to live by taking advantage of those
“severe environments” conversely
It also leads to training your own

In that case, the Law of Origin will
support you well in the direction in
which your talent is exhibited.
Also, the law must protect you by
moving every phenomena so that
there is no accident and no loss.
The cause and result of the Law of
Origin is “All causes and All results.”
This Law will willingly accept the
“act of cause and act of result” of
the professional forms that you do,

Also, someday when you getting older
and your talents reach the limits, and
you lose confidence in your physical
strength, you should live and do daily
good deeds without overdoing in your
own pace as I said above.
Even so, it does not change, through
the Law of Origin, the fact that your
good deeds you do every day, exerts
enormous power in society, your
country and in the international
Therefore, you can send mercy to
all living existence, exert wisdom, and
live happily while merging with the
Law of Origin.

So what about your family?
You do not need to worry.
The Law of Origin protects your
descendants with great care.
Because the effect of your good deeds
will act till far into the future.

For the future person who will
go out to society from now

In order for you to go out to the future
society and win the victory there,
I would like you to take advantage of
the “Five Processes of Name, Main body,
Essentials, Effect and Teaching

mentioned in the previous Article.
If you have these five letters, you have
nothing to fear anymore.
I mentioned in the previous article that
the power of the Law of Origin is fully
demonstrated in these five letters.

In the future, I would like you to have
the Law of Origin, win in society, and
grow into a respectable leader in each
And to become a Great politicians,
Congressman, Diplomats, Lawyers,
Businessmen, IT Company Experts, or
the Professionals who carry out
information communication related
research and practice.

Alternatively, please be a good leader
who will serve as a “Model” within each
volunteer organization.
And I’d like you to lead your society,
the nation, to peace and prosperity.
Also, you may end your life as a great
mother, a great father.
And I want you to please your parents,
father and mother. For your parents,
there is nothing more pleasure than the
growth of own child and becoming
a great leader.

Also, I said earlier, “Nowadays, letting
people know the existence of the Law of
Origin becomes the best good acts.”
This too, people look at your appearance
becoming a great social leader with
exerting the power of the Law of Origin,
and they can know for the first time,
the true value of the Law of Origin.

As a concrete procedure for that —
as a procedure to win in society,–
if you exert your wisdom according
to the principle of the Five Processes 
mentioned above, put together all the
information, and do your work,
that will come true.
This is because these “Five processes”
are the basic principle when the Law of
Origin puts together all the phenomena
and moves them.

In particular, 2, 3 and 4 in the 5 processes
are parts that correspond to the “Core
of the Law of Origin.
On the other hand, 1 and 5 are parts
about information about it.
Please keep this in mind.
More details at a later date.


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