Considering the current situation in Ukraine

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For instance, regarding the article
I wrote on New Year’s Day about
Environmental issues,” and the
article on President Biden’s
Building a bipartisan consensus,”
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However, this time, I will post
the continuation of “The Real
Ten Myō” in the article
Create a Strong and Beautiful
Nation like a Diamond” that
I wrote last time.
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of this post)

The reason for this is that in the
current situation in Ukraine, the
Russian army is leading a large
force, gathering in Belarus and
conducting joint military exercises.
And around February or March,
they could go south into Ukraine
and make a big attack.

As I have said many times, this war
is originally “A fight between the
Democracies and Aggressors.
Also, this war could lead to nuclear
war if the processing is bad or
Therefore, we need to win decisively
and at the same time, it is necessary
to treat in perfect form.
However, the United States and
other Western countries are not
directly fighting the invaders with
sending soldiers and troops to
Western powers supply Ukrainian
forces with weapons, and fighting
the invaders through the Ukrainian

In order to win this type of battle,
you have to make the power of
“The Law of Origin” to be exerted,
which is penetrating the origin of
all phenomena world, move
all phenomena in motion, and win.
The treatment in perfect form”
I just said above also means that.

Winning this war with military
and political power alone is not
enough. At the same time that
making those powers put to use,
we need to move all phenomena
and win.

The German government
to send Ukraine
the most powerful 

For instance, on January 25th of
this month, the German government
finally decided to “Provide tanks” to
That tank is called “Leopard 2“.
(Image below)

This tank is the world’s top class
in terms of firepower, armor and
mobility, and currently 2000 tanks
are owned by 15 countries in Europe.
However, if those countries provide
their own “Leopard 2” to Ukraine,
permission from the German
government is required.
But this time, Germany has also
acknowledged that.
This time, Germany will provide
14 tanks, but more countries will
provide tanks to Ukraine in the future.

Germany has long been cautious
about providing tanks to Ukraine to
avoid a full-scale conflict with Russia,
and had not given a clear answer.
However, this time, Germany decided
to “provide it”.
The reason for this was the weight of
a responsibility as a democracy to the
security of Europe.
German Chancellor Scholz said the
decision was motivated by “No more
escalation of Russian violence.”
On the same day, the United States
also decided to provide the “Abrams“,
the main battle tank.

(The Stability of
European Gas Price)

There are other reasons why
Germany and other Western
countries were able to unite and
cooperate in supporting Ukraine
this time.
One is that this winter in Europe has
been warm on record
, and citizens
no longer need to use large amounts
of Gas for things like heating.
As a result, natural gas prices have
fallen by as much as
80% since last
August, and countries such as
Germany, France, Italy and Spain
have managed to maintain gas
savings rates between 70% and
In particular, Germany was cut off
supply from the Russian gas pipeline
Nord Stream last year, and they
were temporarily confused.
But that worry has been put to rest.

The second reason is that the
Chinese economy has stalled due to
the “Zero Corona Policy” etc,
the amount of natural gas used
by China and Chinese companies
has decreased.
As a result, it became easier for
European countries to collect large
amounts of cheap gas from around
the world.
As a result of this stable energy
situation in Europe, there was no
strong opposition from citizens,
and the governments of European
countries were able to use their
budgets to support Ukraine and
were able to unite.
You should never take these things
for granted.
Conversely, it would have been
possible that such a situation would
not have happened, and that Europe
would be hit by a severe cold wave,
gas prices would soar, and political
and economic turmoil would make it
impossible to provide assistance to
Instead, the fact that Europe has
a warm climate and stable gas prices
is itself a consequence of your
In other words, this situation is the
result of your winning by performing
the “Acts of Mercy and Wisdom” under
the Law of Origin and moving
all phenomena.
Where there is no Cause, there is
no Result.
The cause lies in your own actions.

However, we can say the following:
If there is a supply of weapons to
the powerful Ukraine from the
Western countries, including
German tanks, the Ukrainian army
will certainly become stronger and
will be able to gain the upper hand
in combat with Russia.
That is certainly good for the
protection of World Democracy.
On the other hand, however, as
a result of the use of weapons with
high lethality, Anxiety arises in the
minds of the citizens of the world
that “The fighting will become
even more intense and escalate.”

But that’s why you use the power
of the Law of Origin to move
all phenomena in motion and
prevent them from escalating into
a Great War.
Even if the West supplies Ukraine
with weapons, you make into the
form that the war ends safely without
escalation in the end and without
the use of nuclear weapons.
That is “The treatment in perfect
form” I talked about above.
In order to achieve this, you must
make the power of the Law of Origin
to be exerted.
Also, in order to do that, I have to
convey you the Law of Origin’s
information as soon as possible.
And you can complete “The Acts ②’s
Wisdom action” by reading them,
thinking them well, and understand
them. Then you can make the power
of the Law of Origin to be exerted.

Of course, doing “The Acts ①’s
Mercy action is also important.
However, as I said the other day,
“A superior Wisdom act is a superior
Mercy act.”
There is no greater act of Mercy
than reading the information of
the Law of Origin, thinking it well,
understanding it, and exercize
If you do this, you will surely win
the battle against the invaders.
And save the lives of many citizens
and their safety will be ensured.
This is an immutable truth in
all ages.

Even if you don’t send troops and
soldiers to the battlefield with
using a huge military budget, and
also even if you don’t suffer as many
casualties as the Second World War,
the Vietnam War, and the 20-year
Iraq War, you will be able to win
this war.

(will continue tomorrow)

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