The complete solution to the Ukrainian war Part 2

Great achievements have
been made in Ukraine.
On September 11, Ukrainian forces
recaptured over 6,000 square meters
of territory controlled by Russian
forces. (Blue part in the figure above)
This is the Ukrainian military’s
biggest achievement since the start
of the war of aggression.
And this is the battle results more
than the Ukrainian military’s
withdrawal of Russian forces from
the capital, Kief, in March.

President Zelensky said on September 12,
“Since September, Ukrainian forces
have recaptured an area of 6,000
square meters in the north and south.”
Among the areas they recaptured this
time, the recapture of Izyum was
particularly significant. Because Izyum
was an important base for the Russian
army to send military supplies to the
Donbass region. (Above chart)
It was also the central base for the
Russian army to gain control over the
entire Donbass region in the future.
The Russian army will be forced to
make a major change in strategy in
the future due to the loss of its base.

Why was this great achievement
brought about?
Possible factors include:

1. There was a carefully planned
    Surprise attack by the Ukrainian
    military. (more on this later)

2. There was unity and valiant
     fighting of the Ukrainian army.

3. The state-of-the-art weapons
     supplied from Europe and the
     United States demonstrated
     their power.

4. The morale of the Russian
      soldiers was extremely low.

But in essence, that was the result
that was achieved by you practicing
the Mercy and Wisdom action under
the Buddha-nature (The main body
of “The Law of Origin”).
The power of your acts of Mercy
and Wisdom is greatly expanded
and strengthened by Buddha-nature
(The Law of Origin), and the
movement of many phenomena
moved by them, supported the
Ukrainian army.
Think of the movement of those
many phenomena as a Mighty Army.

In the absence of these movement
of phenomena (a Mighty Army),
no matter how good the strategy,
military strength, or weapons are,
they alone cannot win the war.
Factors 1 to 4 mentioned above
too, only when there is “a movement
of support by all phenomena” that
maximizes these factors power
toward victory,
 came it lead to victory
for the first time.
And the movement of those
phenomena were caused by your
own acts of Mercy and Wisdom
done under Buddha-nature.

By the result of the victory of the
Ukrainian army this time, you will
see now, how great and real the
acts of Mercy and Wisdom that
you have performed under
Buddha-nature (The Law of Origin)
and the power that is exerted by it.
The power of the Mercy and Wisdom
action done under Buddha-nature is
neither mere imaginary nor mere
words. It is a force that certainly acts
in the real world.

The victory of the Ukrainian
army leads
to the victory of
Democracy in the world

Next, let us consider why it is so
important for the international
community that the Ukrainian
army wins this war of aggression.
This is because if the Ukrainian
army does not win, the democracy
as a whole will be defeated by
“A despotic state that forces
unilateral change by force,”
the entire democracy will be in
danger of being destroyed.
This is the fight to protect the
Democracy of the Entire Human
That’s why this issue is placed on
top of all other issues.
On September 21, when President
Putin announced on Russian state
television, the implementation of
a “Partial mobilization order” and
a “Referendum,” he said:
Western countries are threatening
Russia with nuclear weapons and
trying to destroy it.
 On the other hand,
when Russia is also threatened,
we will use any means.”

In fact, neither the Western nations
nor NATO have any intention of
threatening or destroying Russia
at all, but President Putin thinks so.
He made such a statement, and
carrying out a mobilization order for
soldiers and a referendum in Russia,
show that the Russian military is
having quite aa hard time in Ukraine.

Russian forces have been now
recaptured northern Kharkiv
oblast, which they had previously
controlled, by Ukrainian forces, and
is having quite a tough time.
In addition, they are troubled by
“Unexpectedly prolonged battle” and
“Shortage of troops.”

Now, the big point in President Putin’s
remarks above is the part,
“Western countries are threatening
Russia with nuclear weapons and
trying to destroy it”
This is the fact that President Putin’s
Original Goal is to overthrow NATO
forces and the Western nations.

So, if the Russian military gains the
upper hand in this war, after conquering
Ukraine, the Russian military would
then target NATO, next.
And after that, it is very likely to target
the world’s democracies.

Therefore, the Ukrainian army, which
stands on the front line, can never
lose this war of aggression.
Nor can we either let the Ukrainian
army lose.
Through the Law of Origin (Buddha-
nature), we must move the whole
phenomena and let the Ukrainian
army win the aggressor state.
Because this is ultimately a battle
between Democracies and
However, the British Ministry of
Defense announced that
“The recent defeat in the northern
Oblast of Kharkiv has significantly
weakened the Russian military’s
Anti-NATO capabilities.”
(September 13)
And said “It will take years for
Russia to rebuild its military
For now, the Ukrainian army has
the upper hand.

(Partial Mobilization Order)

Next, I would like to think about the
Partial mobilization order of
300,000 people” and the
Referendum” that President Putin
has implemented.

Regarding this mobilization order,
the majority of Russian citizens
oppose, and Demonstrations are
taking place all over Russia.
A lot of people are reluctant to be
mobilized and drafted into the
military, and many young people
flee the country.

CNN TV reported on September 29
that more than 200,000 Russians
fled the country. In particular, many
people have evacuated to the
neighboring country of Georgia, and
there are long traffic jams along the
border from the Russian side.
(Above image)
Others, they have also taken refuge in
Kazakhstan, Finland and Europe, etc.

Also, there are many mothers who
say, “I don’t want to send my son to
a dangerous battlefield where I don’t
know whether I can win,” and many
mothers and women are participating
in the Demonstrations.

In response, Russian government
authorities have cracked down on
the demonstrations, resulting in many
Regarding the mobilization order,
I would like to watch the future
developments for a while.


Next, regarding the Referendum,
what was President Putin’s aim in
doing this?

First, I would like you to take a look
at the map above.
This time, the place where Russia
held the referendum is Four Oblasts
of Lihansk, Donesk, Zaporizhznia and
, and they held a referendum
to incorporate them into Russia.
Therefore, the content of the vote
was to ask the citizens of these
four oblasts, “Are you for or against
the incorporation of the four oblasts
into Russia?”
And the result of the vote was
a majority in favor, the Russian
government announced, and
President Putin announced in his
Sept. 30 speech that he would
unilaterally incorporate the four
oblasts into Russia.
And he signed the resolution.

In response to this, the United
Nations, Western countries, and
Ukraine all argue and resist that
“This referendum is invalid
because the Russian government
forced the residents to hold it
by force and pressure.”
And Western countries, if Russia
forcibly implemented annexation,
announced that it is preparing
appropriate economic sanctions
against it.

Four Oblasts’ annexation to
means moving the
border to the Ukrainian side

Next, I would like you to look at
the map below,
“Russia incorporates four oblasts
into Russia” means moving the
Border Line A between
Russia and Ukraine to
Border Line B.

If so, the meaning of President
Putin’s earlier remarks will be
different. He said:
“Western countries are threatening
Russia with nuclear weapons and
trying to destroy it. On the other hand,
when Russia is also threatened,
we will use any means.

In this remark, President Putin said
“When Russia is also threatened,
e will use any means” and foretold
the use of nuclear weapons.
In that case, the “Russia” that
President Putin means is thought
to refer to the east side of the
Border Line B that he unilaterally
established in the referendum this
time. (Above chart)

If the Border Line between Ukraine
and Russia is at the position of A
as usual, neither the Western side
nor the Ukrainian side will attack.
Because if the Western countries
attack there, they think that the
fighting will become “The war of
the West vs Russian” and could
escalate into a world war.
For this reason, the United States
has not provided the Ukrainian
military with long-range missiles
that can reach Russia east of
Border A, so far.

But if it’s four oblasts at the east
of Border Line B,
 it is possible to
attack with the weapons that
Ukraine currently has.
Ukraine thinks that the four oblasts
at the east of Border Line B are
originally Ukrainian territory,
they are likely to attack there in
the future.

And at that time, the question is
how President Putin will react and act.

As he said in his remarks above,
he considered and grasped the
upcoming attack on the four oblasts
by the Ukrainian military to be the
“Attack on the inside of Russia,” and
whether he decides to use limited
small nuclear weapons?  
It is possible.
However, I would like to see what
happens in the future.
However, we can say only
the following:

When the Western countries, that
are not directly involved in the
fighting, consider this situation,
will probably think as center what
President Putin calls the “Possibility
of using nuclear weapons.”
Therefore, future attacks may be
Also, President Putin also called on
Ukraine to “Ceasefire Negotiations
in his September 30 speech.
Western countries may well think
about it.
So, how does the Ukrainian military
think about this situation and what
actions can be taken in the future?

Since the Ukrainian army originally
considers the four oblasts to be their
own country, they will continue to
fight for the recapture of the four
They don’t care whether nuclear
weapons are used or not.
I think they will continue fighting.

This is because on the Ukrainian
side, many of their own citizens
and soldiers has been so far killed
by the Russian army.
Therefore, the Ukrainian army is
the “Attitude to fight for their life
with President Zelensky at the center.

Also, if the Ukrainian side continues
fighting in the future, the new recruits
soldiers mobilized in Russia could
suffer a great deal.
Ukrainian soldiers are already
accustomed to this battle and
battlefield and have become
professional fighters.

On the other hand, because
the soldiers mobilized in Russia,
even if they have had a little military
service in the past, are not
accustomed to real combat.
Also, there are many soldiers who
go to the battlefield reluctantly.

The Ukrainian government is
anticipating this, and is calling on
newly mobilized Russian soldiers
to “Surrender” on their website.
“If you surrender to Ukraine, we
will guarantee your safety,”
they are saying.

Countermeasures using
the Law of Origin

Next, from a position to use the
power of the Law of Origin,
how should we deal with this issue
in the future?
I would like to consider this point.

First of all, I think you (and we)
perform acts of Mercy and Wisdom
under the Law of Origin, whose main
body is Buddha-nature, move
all phenomena, and need to
full support for the Ukrainian army.

In that case, we also need to give
due consideration to the
circumstances surrounding the
Ukrainian military and provide
We must ensure that Ukrainian
soldiers and civilians suffer as few
casualties as possible.
At the same time, we must ensure
that the new Russian soldiers
mobilized from within Russia do as
little casualties as possible.
This is because there are many
among them who oppose this war
of aggression and say, “I don’t want
to fight Ukraine.”

Also, the most important point is that
if the Ukrainian army rushes into battle
in the future, we will use the power of
the Law of Origin, and must make the
Russian military (President Putin) never
use nuclear or chemical weapons.
Because if you let Russia do that,
war could escalate globally.
There could also be many casualties
not only among both Russian and
Ukrainian armed forces, but also among
the civilians in other countries.
Achieving these things is extremely
difficult through conventional Political
and Military means alone.
But if you perform Mercy and Wisdom
action under the Law of Origin, whose
main body is Buddha-nature,
all phenomena move, so It is quite
possible to achieve it.
Because the movement of phenomena
acts everywhere.

The phenomena you cause under
the Law of Origin will affect all events
and forces, such as the international
community, military personnel of the
Russian military, politicians, local
government people of Russia, and
all good Russian citizens who oppose
war.  And they will stop the use of
nuclear weapons

This is the same principle your acts
of Mercy and Wisdom under the
Law of Origin have supported the
Ukrainian army and they have become
so powerful by that.
They recaptured
more than 6,000 square meters of
Northern territory in September,.
Conversely, the Russian army has
become inferior after September.

It is also the same principle that,
by your action and support,
an agreement of “The Safety Corridor
was able to reach between Russia
and Ukraine, for a through which
Ukrainian grain ships in the Black
Sea can navigate.

These things were never easy
either, but they were accomplished.

(Article has ended)

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