On September 11, 2022, Ukrainian forces accomplished the largest counterattack since the war began

Great achievements have
been made in Ukraine.
On September 11, Ukrainian forces
recaptured over 6,000 square meters
of territory controlled by Russian
forces. (Blue part in the figure above)
This is the Ukrainian military’s
biggest achievement since the start
of the war of aggression.
And this is the battle results more
than the Ukrainian military’s
withdrawal of Russian forces from
the capital, Kief, in March.

President Zelensky said on September 12,
“Since September, Ukrainian forces
have recaptured an area of 6,000
square meters in the north and south.”
Among the areas they recaptured this
time, the recapture of Izyum was
particularly significant. Because Izyum
was an important base for the Russian
army to send military supplies to the
Donbass region. (Above chart)
It was also the central base for the
Russian army to gain control over the
entire Donbass region in the future.
The Russian army will be forced to
make a major change in strategy in
the future due to the loss of its base.

Why was this great achievement
brought about?
Possible factors include:

1. There was a carefully planned
    Surprise attack by the Ukrainian
    military. (more on this later)

2. There was unity and valiant
     fighting of the Ukrainian army.

3. The state-of-the-art weapons
     supplied from Europe and the
     United States demonstrated
     their power.

4. The morale of the Russian
      soldiers was extremely low.

But in essence, that was the result
that was achieved by you practicing
the Mercy and Wisdom action under
the Buddha-nature (The main body
of “The Law of Origin”).
The power of your acts of Mercy
and Wisdom is greatly expanded
and strengthened by Buddha-nature
(The Law of Origin), and the
movement of many phenomena
moved by them, supported the
Ukrainian army.
Think of the movement of those
many phenomena as a Mighty Army.

In the absence of these movement
of phenomena (a Mighty Army),
no matter how good the strategy,
military strength, or weapons are,
they alone cannot win the war.
Factors 1 to 4 mentioned above
too, only when there is “a movement
of support by all phenomena” that
maximizes these factors power
toward victory,
 came it lead to victory
for the first time.
And the movement of those
phenomena were caused by your
own acts of Mercy and Wisdom
done under Buddha-nature.

By the result of the victory of the
Ukrainian army this time, you will
see now, how great and real the
acts of Mercy and Wisdom that
you have performed under
Buddha-nature (The Law of Origin)
and the power that is exerted by it.
The power of the Mercy and Wisdom
action done under Buddha-nature is
neither mere imaginary nor mere
words. It is a force that certainly acts
in the real world.

What’s Important Now?
It is that make Russia never use
nuclear weapons

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