The Join of “Twelve In-Nen”and “Ten Nyō-ze”

From April 8th to 9th, 2024,
many parts of the Americas were
able to observe a Beautiful
Total Solar Eclipse. A Total Solar
Eclipse was observed along
a route that crisscrossed the
American continent vertically.
(Image Above)
It was a beautiful and mysterious
celestial show.

The theme I will be talking about
today has a deep relationship
with Total Solar Eclipses. A Total
Solar Eclipse is a phenomenon in
which two celestial bodies, the sun
and the moon, overlap.
Therefore, I heard that many couples
in the United States held their
Wedding Ceremony under a Total
Solar Eclipse this time.  
In the theme of today’s Article,
the two laws of the Law of Origin,
“Twelve In-Nen” and “Ten Nyō-ze”
also overlap.  
The title is “The Join of Twelve
In-Nen and Ten Nyō-ze.”
These two laws have different
roles and purposes, but they are
fundamentally the same law, and
like a Total Solar Eclipse,
they merge in an exquisite way.
The question is, in what form will
they overlap?
Let’s explain step by step.

What is “Twelve In-Nen”?

About “The Twelve In-Nen,”
I gave a detailed explanation in
the previous Article. 
Human beings have repeated
human lives from infinite Past
Lives, and have now reached
the Present Life. Also, in the
future, we will repeat the Birth
and Death of human life similarly.
The law that shows this specific
process is the Law of the
Twelve In-Nen.” (Table below)
This time, I will only talk about
the main points here and move on
to the Next Theme.

First, in a Past Life, there was
a “Wavering Mind (or Vacillating
Mind)” called 1. No-Bright.
No Bright is “Not bright” so
it refers to a human’s “Wavering

By that Mind, 2. Actions are taken.
And these past Actions determine
your “Place of Birth” in the Present
Life. That is 3. Identification.
The place of birth is the Mother’s
Womb. You enter there and the
first cell is formed there.
That is Identification.
From here, it is present Life.
(Table above)

Why is the first cell called
This is because the first cell
contains the only information
that only that cell possesses,
“I will become this kind of person
in the future.”
It is the only information that is
identified from other information.
Hence, it is called “Identification“.

Eventually, the First Cell in the
Mother’s Womb undergoes
Cell Division, grows, and forms
the prototype Body and Mind.
This step is 4. Name and Color
Name is “Mind”, Color is “Body.”

The prototypes of the Body and
Mind will eventually form
Six Sense Organs such as Eyes
and Ears. That is 5. Six Entrances.  
Until here, they’re what happened
inside the Mother’s Womb.

Once the Sense Organs are
developed, the Baby emerges
from the Mother’s Womb and
is born.
From birth to around 1 to 2 years
old, infants are “just touching and
feeling,” and they cannot distinguish
between Suffering and Pleasure
because of too young.
For example, this is the period
when they hold a fire or a knife
blade without realizing it.
That is the 6. Touch stage.

From around 3 years old to around
12 years old, children become able to
feel Suffering and Pleasure.
In a sense of “To be able to feel them,”
this period is 7. Feel.

The next period from around the age
of 13 to around the age of 25 is
a period of adolescence and young
adulthood, when Desires and
begin to emerge.
Love for the opposite sex also develops
during this period.
This period is 8. Love.
Characteristics of the stages of Love
are the following 3 points.

① Occurrence of Desire
② Occurrence of Attachment
③ Development or Completion
      of Sense Organs

After that, People’s Desires begin to
pursue in all directions: North, South,
East, and West.
That is 9. Obtain.
Obtain means “Actions of Pursuing
The rest of All Life is spent on this
“Actions of Pursuing Desire.”

By this Action of Pursuing Desire,
karma  (Strong Actions) is formed.
Karma means “Strong Acts” and
these Acts have Good and Evil.
They are called “Good Karma” and
“Evil Karma.”
Also, by karma (strong good and evil
acts), “The Environmental World that
exists now (Existence)” will be created.
That is 10. Existence.

Therefore, Existence has the following
two meanings:

・Formation of Karma (Strong Acts)
・Formation of the Environmental

Existence means “The world that
exists now.”

In the process of what I have just
said, why is the Environmental World
formed by Karma  (Strong Acts)?
→ Please refer here.  

From above, “3. Identification to
10. Existence,” 
you will end your
Present life. Then move on to the
Next Future Life.

In the future life, there will be
“Life” and “Old Age and Death”
as a Human again.

11. Life is “Birth and Live”,
12. Old Age and Death is “Changing
with age, Aging, and finally Dying.”

               To be continued at a Later Date

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