“Twelve In-Nen” | The Law in order to eliminate Suffering

What is the law of “Twelve In-Nen”?
Also, what is that law for?
It is fundamentally a “law to eliminate
In order to eliminate suffering, we must
first go back to the past and identify the
causes of suffering.
Therefore, we do it.

For example, at number 12 in
“Twelve In-Nen,” there is the suffering
Old Age and Death” in the Future Life.
Why did they arise?
The suffering of Old Age and Death
arose because there was Life 
(Birth of Life).

So why did Life arise?
Life arose because there were
“Strong Act” of Existence, and
“Environment” which was created
by that. And that’s why Life was
born there.

So, why did Existence arise?
Existence arose because there was
Obtain which was the “Act of Desire
pursuing in all directions.
In other words, because Desire
pursued in all directions, Strong Action
(Karma) and the resulting Environment
(Existence) arose.

So, why did Obtain arise?
Obtain arose because of Love which
was the “Formation of the Six Sense
Organs and the resulting Desire and

So, why did Love arise?
Love, that is the “Occurrence of
Desire and Attachment,” arose
because the Six Sense Organs became
able to distinguish between suffering
and pleasure during the stage of Feel.
Conversely speaking, if you were not
able to distinguish between suffering
and pleasure, you would only experience
a lot of suffering, and Love’s the
“Occurrence of Desire and Attachment”
would not have occurred.

In this way, you can see that Feel is
caused by Touch, Touch is caused by
Six Entrances, Six Entrances is caused
by Name and Color, Name and Color is
caused by Identification, Identification is
caused by the Action in the past Life,
and Action is caused by No Bright.
From the above process, we can
conclude that the cause of all suffering
is arise by the “Fundamental Delusion
of the Mind” which is calledNo Bright 
that continues from past lives.

Therefore, we set “Wisdom” at the
place of No Bright, convert No Bright to
Bright and sequentially eliminate the
suffering associated with the other
11 names of “Twelve In-Nen” too.

To be continued

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