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Existence of “Chū-wu” |
The period between Past and
Present and Future


To summarize what you have
said so far, I understood that the
individual meanings of
“Twelve In-Nen” are as shown in
the Table Below.

What is interesting about this is that
“The length of time from the end of
the Past Life until to moving on to the
Present Life.”
That is, how much time will it take
from the end of the Present life to
the beginning of the next New Future
In the table above, it is the length of
periods indicated by the Green


The period between the end of
one’s Present Life and the transition
to the Next Life is called “Chū-wu”.
(Above Table)
Chū means “Middle” and wu means
Therefore, Chū-wu means “Between
existence and existence”.
(Wu in “Chū-wu” is pronounced the
same as the “wo’ ” of Woman.)

Regarding “Chū-wu”, I would like to
clarify that there is no
misunderstanding, but “Chū-wu”
does not mean that there is such
a physical place.
It means as follows:  

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