The Five Eyes – March 7, 2024

The Five Eyes – March 7, 2024

Hello Dear Everyone.
How are you doing?

This Article, titled “The Five Eyes,”
was until now, the part of the
previous Article,
The Eternity of Life.”
However, this time, I decided to
separate it from that and set it
as an Independent Article.

Also, the first half of this Article
has been re-edited and condensed
to make it easier to read.
I would like everyone to finish
reading the first half soon and
hope to read the second half
as soon as possible, the parts of
the Wisdom Eye and the Law Eye.
This is because the Wisdom Eye 
and the Law Eye are important
Gateways” to understanding
the Buddha Eye.

The Content of the Buddha Eye
has not yet been posted, but it will
be posted soon.

For now here, for the People reading
this Article for the first time, the section
of the Law Eye will be posted in the
Excerpt” below.
For more information, please read
the Full Text “The Five Eyes” below.

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