Talking about the contents so far from ‘The Ten Nyō-ze’s Perspective.’

Next, what I am talking about here
now is about  “5. Effect” in Ten Nyō-ze.
(Table Above)
(This can be understandable by
reading ‘Full Text’ from the beginning)
In other words, as the “Effect” of 5 in
Ten Nyō-ze, the “Magnificent Effects
of the Natural World that balance out
Biased Extreme Weather” that I’ve
talked about so far, comes to occur.
This Effect is an Effect produced by
4. Power” in Ten Nyō-ze.
(Table Above)

Regarding the “Power of 4”, I said
earlier that it is the “Power of
(Please see “What is 4’s “Power
in the  First half of Full Article)

“The power of Ji-Zen-Kon” is the
“Power of Goodness and Mercy
rooted in your Heart.”
Since the Roots of Goodness are put
down deeply in your heart,
if there is a something problem,
you naturally do Good Deeds without
anyone telling you to do them.
That “Power of your Goodness” is the
Power of 4.”
Also, because the Roots of Goodness
are planted in your heart, even if there
is some Resistance or Difficulty,
you persevere in executing Good.
Therefore, the power of Ji-Zen-Kon is
also your “Power of goodness that
forces yourself to execute, even if
you endure.”
On the other hand, what kind of
Effect is the “Effect of 5“?
It is the Effect produced by the
fusion of your Ji-Zen-Kon Power and
the Buddha-nature (The Main body
of the Law of Origin).
That is a Huge Effects that can even
change the Weather Phenomena in
the Natural world, as I have talked
about so far.

That Effect is also appears as
a Powerful Effect of Goodness, 
such as ending large-scale wars like
those being waged between Nations.
Therefore, the Effects is not the
effects of one or two forces.
It is an Effects that occurs when
Countless Forces in Society and the
Natural world are brought together.

This Effects is called
The Effect of Nin-un mu-kouyō.”
“Nin-un” means “Leave it to nature.”
“mu-kouyō” means “Non-Effects”.
mu is Non and kouyō is Effects.
This Effects of Non-Effects
(The Effects of Mu-kouyō) is used to
mean: The Effects of all phenomena,
including the ‘Movements that have
an Effects’ and the ‘Movements that
have Non-Effects.”’


In order to express the movement
of all phenomena, why is the Negative
Term “Non-Effects” used?


This is because the phenomena
and their effects that occur in
Natural World and the Universe,
have many aspects that are unknown
to Human. Most of the Effects of
phenomena that occur in the Natural
World and the Universe are largely
dominated by the phenomena that
consider to be “Non-Effects” for
Therefore, in order to express the
overall Effects of phenomena in the
Natural World and the Universe, the
term “The Effects of Non-Effects”
is used.

In other words, ‘Non-Effects’ is the
Majestic and Gigantic forces of the
Natural World that makes the
movement of all phenomena to work,
both “Those that are acting as well as
those that seem not to be acting.”
Leaving yourself to the Enormous
Action of such Non-Effects, and
leading problem to a solution –
That is the meaning of
“The Action of Nin-un mu-kouyō.”
It is like the Sun of Daytime erasing
the Darkness of the Night.

In the Era like the present where
Climate Change is occurring,
Meteorological phenomena as well
as Weather often occur unevenly on
a large scale, so it will be best to
balance them by such an Enormous
forces and actions that the Natural
World has.

Furthermore, in the International
Community, many countries now
possess Nuclear Weapons and are
trying to check each other, and
we do not know when a Crisis
Situation will arise.
Under such circumstances,
resolving the issue peacefully
utilizing the the “Effects of
Nin-un mu-kouyō” as mentioned
above, is the most Effective,
Reasonable as a means, and Best

In addition, for instance, the
Current War in Ukraine will also
ultimately end peacefully by leaving
to such “Effects and Power of
Nin-un mu-kouyō.”
The “Effects’ of 5” that is produced
by the “Power of 4” in the Ten Nyo-Ze
is such a big Effects as described


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