Thinking historically the importance of night becoming day

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Now, the recent infection situation of
coronavirus in the United States has
become quite calm. At one time, there
were 200,000 or 300,000 people a day,
but now it is decreasing from 100,000
to 50,000. It was really good.
The guard cannot be loosened, but it’s
a big step forward.
That is thanks to your wonderful good
deeds under the law.
It also depends on the power of the
vaccine, however, the vaccine is still
consumed by only 35 percent of all
Americans (As of February 20, 2021).
Therefore, I believe that this result is
the result of US citizens implementing
basic measures seriously such as
wearing masks and Social Distance.
Please keep this battle in the future.
By the way,  I will post today the
continuation of the article which
I wrote last time, “The Power to
make night to be daytime.”
In this sequel, I historically talk
about the importance of
“night becomes day”.
Please read from the
Excerpt” below.
In the Full text, this is added
to the last part of the Article.


Thinking historically

Next, I will talk about how important
it is to “make night to be daytime”
from a historical point of view.
Certainly, when you think about it
normally, “night becomes day” is quite
natural, and even if people do nothing,
when time has passed, night naturally
becomes daytime. However, if we
compare night to the “various difficult
problems that human society has,” as
I talked so far, things are not so simple.
The reason is that night will certainly
become daytime  after a while, but
sometimes it can take a very long time
before daytime. During that long time,
many people and citizens will suffer
and be annoyed by the night problems.

In the case of World War I

Looking back on human history, such
a thing (incident) often occur.
For example, the night before World War I
did not immediately become the daytime.
On the day the war began, in Paris, France,
the bells of associations in the town rang,
telling that the war was about to begin
from now on. People were soaked in fear
and despair that they stunned and looked
up at the sky. And they were frightened
of what would happen from tomorrow.
Young people were gathered from all over
France, including Paris, and went to the
battlefield. Eventually, cannons and
gunshots rang in the town and many
buildings were destroyed. Also, a huge
number of civilians, including soldiers,
have been sacrificed.
By the time this war leads to the
“End of the war” of the daytime, it took
a long time of four years and three months.
(The period of the war was July 28, 1914 –
November 11, 1918)

World War I took place in Europe as
the main battlefield and because
it took the form of supplying troops
and supplies from the colonies,
it became a great war involving many
colonies. It was the first total war that
humankind experienced. / Also, because
it was a war after the Second Industrial
Revolution, modern weapons were used
and the number of victims increased
significantly compared to past wars.
The casualties are said to have been more
than 9 million combatants and more than
7 million non-combatants.


If the night problem is prolonged, you can
see how many sacrifices and the suffering
of the citizens will increase.

In the case of World War II

The same is said true for the night before
World War II. At this time, due to the rise of
Nazi Germany and Japanese militarism, the
war lasted even longer than World War I.
The dark night lasted for a whopping six years.
(The period of World War II was September 1,
1939 -September 2, 1945)
Its number of victims has reached 80 million,
far surpassing the 15 million in World War I.

The end of the war was, after the unconditional
surrender of the Japanese at the Potsdam
Conference in July 1945, when the Japanese
army officially signed the instrument of
surrender of the Allied Forces on the US
battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay on
September 2nd, the same year.

In the case of the Vietnam War

The same is true for the eve of the Vietnam War 
in the 1960s to 1970s. Initially, the Pentagon
believed that this war would end in two weeks.
However, after that, the war was prolonged,
and the US military come to sent as many
as 2 million troops to the war.
Many young soldiers were sent to the hot
tropical jungle where lead and iron bullets
flew, and fought in the extreme situation
of fear of life or death. The battle became
a guerrilla warfare and it became a difficult
In the case of this war, it took eight years
from the beginning to the termination.
For a long time of 8 years, the dark night
It was in 1973 that the war was over and
the end of the daytime could finally reached.
That was the year when the “Paris Agreement
was signed among the four countries,
the United States, North Vietnam, South
Vietnam and the South Vietnam Provisional
Revolutionary Government of the Republic.


What makes me deeply moved by in this
war is that in 2020, 50 years after the
end of the war, about half a century later,
the coronavirus infection began to spread
in the United States. At this time,
Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc 
 (Image below) expressed his willingness
to share with the difficulties of the
coronavirus infection facing the United States
together. Then, the Vietnamese government
donated medical supplies such as masks
to the United States and also supported the
transportation of medical equipment.

About it, President Trump thanked Prime
Minister Phúc at a telephone conversation
between the United States and Vietnam
on May 6, the same year. And he said the
US was ready to provide a ventilator to
Vietnam. In addition, the United States has
pledged to provide USD 10 million to
improve Vietnam’s healthcare system
and recover the economy after the
convergence of the coronavirus infection.
In response, Prime Minister Phúc expressed
his deep gratitude.

Half a century ago, the two countries,
which fought such a bloody death battle
and caused so many painful victims in
the hot jungle, but now “helping each
other in the wake of the hardship of
coronavirus infection”- This is a very
moving and great event.
The more and more we know about
the tragedy and suffering of the
Vietnam War, the more moving that is. 
There is no doubt that this will continue
to shine in human history for many years
to come.

Also it tells us, “No matter how painful
it is now, human should never give up
hope.” Because that shows in fact that
as long as we keep trying effort and fight
for peace, the time will surely come
one day, when friendship between
countries will realize.
Let’s get back to the main topic.
Even saying “night become daytime,”
if the problem of that night is prolonged,
it will cause that much of suffering and
misery like the Great War and the
Vietnam War.
This fact is no different even today.
Even today, if the treatment of night
problems is delayed and prolonged,
it causes unnecessary suffering for
many citizens.

As saying many times, when something
big incident happens, how important it
is to “end it as a small case” and
treat quickly without expanding it,”――
I think you can see that in the light of
the tragic history of the past.
Another important thing is, in past
history, we must never forget the
Citizen’s heart dyed with horrific despair
and fear
” due to prolonging of the night

We must not let “loving citizens” who
live in the same age as us, experience that
suffering again. And also, must not let future
offspring repeat that.
That’s why we will confront the peace and
prosperity of the future with the Law of Origin 
and Specialized law, the strongest
weapons to create peace and prosperity.

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