Let’s build A peaceful country, A peaceful world with everyone together !!

I sincerely express my condolences to 17 people members of
the victims who were victims of miserable incident in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. I pray that misfortune and tragedy caused by such a gun will never happen
again. Now, I feel the pain of heart like I lost my family.
Now, in order to make a “World without Guns”, it is truly brave
and wonderful that the many young people in the world,
including students in 3,000 schools across the country, have
stand up.
Let’s build a peaceful country, a peaceful world with everyone
together !!
Because the future world is all yours.
The land of freedom and forerunner, America is yours.
I send cheers to your actions. Also send love. Send a song.
Send wisdom. Send philosophy. Send force.
Let’s create a “World that does not need Guns” together.
That is the Best way to reward 17 victims.
The two factors will combine, and the evil heal.
The two factors are the main causes and the aid (auxiliary) factors.
The main cause is that you act. Writing Post etc. To transmit
intention.  / An aid factor is that others show empathy with it.
Both factors are important.
Everyone has both “myself and others”.
If you harmonize and empathize both factors, evil will drop and
evil will heal.
I dedicate this to the people who continue “march for life” in
quest of gun control .

March 31, 2018
One comment:
It was not caused by a gun as you say. It was caused by a person’s finger.
Alam iwadate Replies: 
Because there is a gun there, it can be said that the fingers of a person 
moved with the gun as an edge. “Edge factor” has a strong one. / In Japan 
when there were samurai in the past, 
there used to be many swords. 
The king at that time thought that there are many murders and crimes 
because there is a “Edge factor” called a sword. And the king gathered the 
swords in Japan and baked it. 
Since then, there have been no swords in Japan, and crimes committed by 
swords have also drastically decreased. The name of the king is Hideyoshi 
Toyotomi / In America where the idea of legitimate defense is strong, 
I understand the idea of gun holding possession. However, in my personal 
opinion, I think that it is better not to have a gun. Rather, I think it is 
important to create a “situation” that do not need to use a gun.

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