“Revised Second Edition” of the previous Article “Explain the Five processes”

The Five processes of “Name, Main body,
Essentials, Effect, Teaching” mentioned in
this Article has the same meaning as
Myō  Hō  Ren  Ge  Kyō“, which is the Chinese
name of Lotus Sutra, the scripture of the
Law of Origin mentioned in the previous
(Myō Hō Ren Ge Kyō is the official name
of this scripture)

● When interpreting the meaning of
“Myō Hō Ren Ge Kyō,” it must be summarized
in the Five Letters “Name, Main body,
Essentials, Effect, Teaching,” and interpreted.
Therefore, I will first talk about the
meaning of these five characters.
The meaning of the summary is as follows:

First of all, Name of 1 is the
Comprehensive information” that
contains the whole contents from  1 to 5.
Comprehensive information is well
organized with Name (= Title name),
so it is called Name.

By this comprehensive information,
you can know the existence of the Law
of Origin.
The Law of Origin is the root law of all
phenomena and is also the “Law of the
main body of all laws” that exists in this
Therefore, the Law of Origin is Main body
of 2.

Also, the Main body of Law is
a treasure house.
The treasure house door can only
be opened by the act of person.
The “relationship between the Law
and the person act” is basically the
Law is a treasure house, while the
person act is hand that open the door
of the treasure house.
That is, the person act- your good deeds-
is the hand that open the door of
the treasure house, which is the most
important and essential in the practical
Therefore, the person act is
Essentials of 3.

(1) In this case, treasures (Good
fortune) are in the Law to the last

Person act is hand that open the
door of the treasure house, and
person himself (or herself) do not
have treasures, or even if they have,
they are finite. This point is easy to
The amount of treasure that
a person can have, is limited, so
if it decreases , it can cause conflict.
But when you run out of treasures
(Good fortune and power), you can
pull the treasures out from the
treasure house of Law.
In other words,
if you have the Law
of Origin,
Replenishment of treasures
possible at any time.

The door of the treasure house is
opened by person hands, and the
treasures is pulled out from there.
The treasures drawn out is power,
and it has the effectiveness of  leading
to the solution of internal and external
problems effectively.
Therefore, that effectiveness is Effect
of 4.

Finally, if Effect of 4 is large, you look
at that effect, go back to the first
comprehensive information (Name),
can evaluate that information. And
That is Identification of information
of 5.

Why do you need to identify
comprehensive information?

The point of “Identification of
information of 5” is to identify
“Comprehensive information of
the Law of Origin” and “Comprehensive
information of the specialized law.”
Just as the Law of Origin has
comprehensive information, the
specialized law in each field also has
comprehensive information.

By correctly identifying them,
you will be able to use both the Law
of Origin and the specialized law for
happiness, peace and prosperity.
Also by that, each field’s specialized
law is properly positioned within the
whole by the Law of Origin and
becomes able to maximize that

If putting what I said above in the
table, it will be as follows.

Also, the relationship between
“Name, Main body, Essentials, Effect,
 and “Myō Hō Ren Ge Kyō” 
is as follows.

Explain the five processes from
the perspective of “Cause and Result”

Next, I explain Five Processes,
“Name, Main body, Essentials, Effect,
Teaching” from the perspective of
Cause and Result.”

“Cause and Result” in this case means 
the “Action of cause and Action of 
result” performed by person. 
For instance, when you do one job, 
the action when you are making 
cause is “Action of cause” and the 
action when you are making the 
final finish means the “Action of 

However, cause and result referred 
to here includes not only human 
actions but also the causes and 
results that are existing in 
phenomena and events and in 
their “course of transition.” 
For instance, “This event becomes 
the cause, and as a result, such a 
situation has arisen” and the like. 
Including these causes and results, 
it includes all causal meanings that 
exist in the natural world and in 
the universe phenomena.

First, if we put the “cause and result”
of such meaning, to the “Five processes,”
it will be as follows.

What is name of 1 ?

First, what is Name of 1 in the above
It is the teaching of Buddha who has
realized the “Law of Origin.”
A teaching is information. Because
people can know the existence of the
Law of Origin by that information.

why is that information called “name”?
That’s because the information is
summarized in an easy-to-understand
manner by giving it a name or title.
If it is not summarized in an easy-to-
understand manner, it cannot be called

Also, information is a “way.”
In a complex and profound secular
world, point the way to people by
setting up a “name”.
And by name, make it possible for
everyone to see and hear the way.
And, by going through that way
(name / information), let people 
fascinate to go far,
and finally make them reach to the 
ultimate happiness life. 

The information of name of 1 which
play the above role must contain all the
contents from “1. name” to
“5. Identification of Information.”
It is not enough as the information to
explain individually one by one such as
only “Main body,” only “Essentials,” only
“Effect,” etc.
The information from 1 to 5 must be the
Information that has been consistently
explained, which can be for the first time,
the “Comprehensive information” that can
lead people to happiness.
Also, since the name is comprehensive
information, it is placed at the top.
This is why the name of 1 is
Explain Cause and Result consistently
.” (1)

(1) However, the comprehensive
information that is consistently
explained, is only the name of 1. /
On the other hand, 2, 3 and 4 are
the “Cause and Result that are
explained individually.” / 5 is that
the Both  “individual and whole
cause and result” are explained.
This is because “Individual cause
and result” is correctly positioned
among the whole here and identified.

Why is the cause and result of the Law
of Origin “All Causes and All Results”

Next, according to the table above,
Main body of 2 is “All Causes and All Results.”
What does this mean ?

This Main body means the “body of all laws.”
“The Law of Origin” is the Law of the main
of all laws” that exist in the world,
so Main body refers to the Law of Origin.
Therefore, “All Causes and All Results”
of Main body here means that
“The cause and result of the Law of Origin
is All Causes and All Results.”

But why does the Law of Origin have to
have All Causes and Results in the form
of “All Causes and All Results” ?

That is because the cause and result
of the Law of Origin must be able to
respond to all forms of the “Action of
cause” and “Action of result” performed
by every person without exception.
Also It must be acceptable.
Otherwise, it can not play a role as a Law.

For instance, it must not be that
“Although it is possible to respond to the
cause and result action of a certain person,
it can not correspond to the action of the
cause and result of a certain person.” 
There must not be such “Unfairness” or
“Bias” in the cause and result of the law.
It must be able to respond fairly to the
actions of all the causes and results
that all people do, and then to generate
the rewards for every person’s work.
Therefore, the cause and result of
Main body (The law of Origin) becomes
“All causes and All Results.”

Why is the cause and result of
3. Essentials just “Cause and Result” ?

Next, according to the above table,
3. Essentials is mere “Cause and Result.”
Essentials refers to “Act of Person.”
Then why is Act of person “Essentials”
and is most important?

The reason is as follows.
The act of person, that is, the good deeds
you do day by day, or the Act ① and
Act ②’s action of Mercy and Wisdom are
Active-nature, and because they work,
you can work on the “Law of Origin” of
And you can draw out treasures and
powers from the treasure house of that
Moreover, you can solve various problems
well inside and outside by exerting the
effects of the treasures and powers
drawn out.
Therefore, Act of person is Essentials,
which is the most important in a practical

Why is the cause and result of that
Essential “Act of person” just a 
“Cause and Result”?
And what does that mean?

First, the “Cause and Result” of Act of
person is “individual cause and result,”
and it is the “Act of cause and result
which is performed individually.”
Also, this cause and result have a
decisive difference from the cause
and result of the Law of Origin that
I told above.

I said earlier that the cause and result
of the Law of Origin must not be biased.
However, the Cause and Result of Act of
person are the “cause and result that
can be biased
” and does not matter
if it is biased.”
That is because the way of person’s 
action of cause and result differs 
depending on the person. 
Some people carry out the “Action of 
cause and result” in everyday life, and 
the housewife carries out the “Action of 
cause and action of result” in the family
The businessmen carries out the 
“Action of cause and result” within 
each business of the company, and 
children and students carry out them 
in their academic work.
Also, some people carry out the 
“Action of cause and result” in the field 
of politics, some carry out in the field 
of diplomacy, and some carry out 
them in the field of management. 
Also, some people carry out them in 
the fields of “Science and Technology” 
and “Information and Communication.”

The form of the “Action of cause and 
result” which is carried out in each 
occupation or place of activity is 
different, and also it is biased in the 
professional direction in each form. 
Moreover, it is biased in the direction 
in which each person is favorable.

Therefore, the cause and result of 
the act of person is the “Cause and 
Result that does not matter if it is 

Also, this cause and result are normal 
cause and result, and is Two Actions, 
and there are always the “Action of 
cause and Action of result.” 
What is Two Actions ?
When  a person carries out cause and
result,  the “Result is always obtained by 
the Action of Cause.” 
So it becomes Two Actions. 
There is never “Results give Results.” 
“Result is always obtained by Cause,”
so that is two Laws.

The cause and result of the 
 Law of Origin is “one and two 
 at the same time”

On the other hand, the cause and 
result of the law of the origin is 
“one at the same time as two, two at 
the same time as one.”
This is called “one and two at the 
same time.”
This is because there is a time when 
an action / event is actually the cause 
as well as the result. The law of the 
origin catches on the meaning of both.
This is important, so I will explain in detail.

Earlier, I said that the cause and result 
of the law of the origin is “all causes 
and results.” To put this meaning 
correctly, the law of the origin sometimes 
captures one event / action only in the 
meaning of the cause, and sometimes 
capture it only in the meaning of the 
result, and sometimes capture it in the 
meaning of both the cause and the result.

For instance now, suppose you were 
working to make a car at work. And 
suppose that you consider that job 
as an “action of cause” for making a car. 
Your company also sees your job as an 
“action of cause” and pays a salary for it.
But the fact is that the work / actions 
you have done in your company are 
also the result of your actions to 
yesterday. Because there were your 
actions until yesterday, as a result, 
you can work today.

As such, there is the fact that even 
one action, it is “the cause, the result, 
and the both.” In the real phenomena 
world, the actions of good that you do, 
are working in the sense of a cause, 
a result, and both a cause and a result. 
The law of the origin captures all its 
meaning and evaluates your good 
deeds in three ways.
Therefore, the cause and result of the 
law of the origin is “cause, result, both 
cause and result,” which becomes 
“one at the same time as two, two at 
the same time as one.”

However, there is sometimes a time
when the nature of such “cause and
result” of the Law of Origin works in
your favor.
Because the Law of Origin recognizes
your action as the action of both cause
and result, and may prepares two
remunerations for your one action.

But in fact it is not all that.
If one good action you do in your
company linked to the “others’ good
actions of cause and result,” a greater
effect will be exerted.
Furthermore, if it linked efficiently
with the causality of various
phenomena in the phenomenon world,
it will exert even greater action and
The Law of Origin can actually do that.
Because the cause and result of the
Law of Origin is “all causes and results,”
and since this Law manages
“All Causes and All Results” in this
world, it is possible to do so.

When your “Biased Cause
and Result action” fuses with
“All Causes and All Results”

Let’s talk about this a little more
For instance, the Law of Origin
accepts your serious work (good
deeds) you have done during work
as a “good cause and result action,”
and prepares a reward for it.
How to deal in this point is the
same as your company. Because
the company pays salary for your work.

However, the Law of Origin does not
miss and accepts not only the good
deeds you did during work, but also
the good acts of cause and result
that you left the office and done alone,
and the good deeds done behind
the scenes.
In addition, your few words of good
intentions, heart, love, and kindness,
which were issued when you met
a certain person one day.
Also, your good intentions or small
acts of goodness just like no one usually
gets interested nor even you yourself
Including all these acts, the Law of
Origin will capture and accept all good
acts of cause and result that you have
done and give the reward for each
action to your life.

This is because the cause and result
of the Law of Origin is “All Causes and
All Results” as mentioned above, and
this law grasps and manages the causal
relationship between all causes and

Therefore, there is no unfairness
in front of the Law of Origin.
All your good deeds, whether large
or small, are assessed, and rewards
and profit are provided in all forms
depending on effort.

Among them, what the Law of Origin
rates the highest among your actions
is that “Emitting Mercy to all living
existence” and your “Heart and Action
to send it.”
This is because that action is consistent
with the “Mercy” which is an essential
characteristic of the Law of Origin.

Even for these normal good deeds that
people do, the Law of Origin gives this
much of reward and profit.
Even more, if you emit the mercy heart
deeply, more frequently send mercy to
people and all living existence, and work
wisdom and tell people about information
of the Law of Origin (Buddha-nature),
the reward and profit will increase further.

Also, if you support and cheer the
“person who are trying to convey the
Law of Origin to people” in various
ways, you will earn a great deal of
rewards and benefits.

The of Origin links Causes
and Results of myriad phenomena
to the good deeds you do.

In addition, the Law of Origin sometimes
links your good action of cause and result
with other “causes and results of
phenomena in phenomenon world” to have
a greater effect.
Earlier, I said,
“The law of the origin connects your
good deeds efficiently with the causality
of various phenomena in the phenomenon
world, and exerts even greater action and
power.” That is it.

In this case, the important thing is that
when the Law of Origin links the causes
and results of a myriad of phenomena
to the causes and results of your good
deeds, each good deed you do becomes
central to the Law of Origin.
Conversely speaking, if you do not
perform good deeds, no matter how much
phenomena the Law of Origin is managing,
the Law of Origin loses the
Central Core” that connects them.
Then, society will become a chaos and
deepen the degree of confusion, and
the flow of no-orbit will continue forever.

For instance, as shown above, the tip
of every good deed you do every day,
has something like a hook, and
on that hook, the Law of Origin hooks
the tip of the net made up of “causes
and results of innumerable phenomena.”
Then, when both are connected, the
Law of Origin spreads the net widely to
society and the international community
and “Increases the power of good and
reduces the power of evil” in society.

These “Effects of increasing good and
reducing evil” are Effect of 4 ,
“Well lead Effect.” (Table below)

Effect of 4  must be an Effect that
leads people, society and the world to
the good direction.
The mere effect is useless.
The Effect that lead other well, for the
first time becomes a true “Effect.”
Therefore, the cause and result of
Effect of 4 is
Cause and Result that lead other well.”

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