Donations having the meaning of “Investment in the future”

The Alam Communication Society corporate
website has established a Fund. The Fund will
be maintained by the sincere cooperation of
all of you.
The reason for establishing the Fund is to
inform the citizens of the world about the
“Information of the Law of Origin,” which is
the main purpose of this site. And we will
need Funds to carry out a Full-scale Project
for the realization of peace in the international
community and for the happiness of all citizens.

The current World Economy has been
severely damaged by the spread of coronavirus
infection. In such an Era, there is an urgent
need to inform the citizens of the world
about the “Law of Origin,” which puts
all phenomena in the world under control.
I have already talked about that in the
Website Articles.
If people know the existence of the Law of
Origin and how to practice it, they will
understand it and work on this Law to
expand the power of their own good and
wisdom and solve surrounding problems.
And they will open up their own happiness.
Therefore, it is urgent to inform people
about this Law.

Future concrete project

The Alam Communication Society ( hereinafter
abbreviated as ACS)  plans in the future, the
following in order to inform the world about
the Law of Origin .

Until now, the translation of Articles was
mainly English, but in the future, we will work
with professional translators to translate them
into many languages around the world such
as Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc.
Of these, translation into Chinese is especially
important. In order for China to develop into
a good international community in the future,
it is necessary to introduce the Law of Origin.

In addition, by partnering with major US Media,
buy the page, and if it can be published sites
Articles on that page, tens of millions of Americans
will know about the existence of the Law of Origin.
Think about it. Just as you read ACS sites Articles
on online, tens of millions of people read that
Articles on the newspaper. This will lead to
a deeper understanding and practice of the
“Law of Origin” among US citizens. 

Also, in the current international community,
specialized institutions and medical institutions
in many countries are facing difficulties due to
the coronavirus infection problem. The fund
may be sent to those related specialized
institutions as donation for support.

In addition, the fund may be sent to governments,
presidents, and heads of state of each country as
contributions to the damage caused by this time
coronavirus.  Also, along with these contributions,
Introductory text or site information about the
Law of Origin already posted on the website, will
be sent together.
Why do we do like this, especially to the Highest
Leaders in each country?
It is because in heart of the Supreme Leader,
there is always the well-being of citizens and
they are sincerely hoping for that. Receiving from
that beloved citizens, a heartfelt sympathy money
and letters or items, is a great pleasure for them
and is the happiness of more than anything else.
Therefore, when the Top Leaders received
donations and goods from you, it is immeasurable
how deeply they will welcome them.
Also, I believe that establishing friendship and
building trust relationship in this way, will lead to
a deeper understanding of the Law of Origin.

The “Fund provided by your own volition” by wishing
for the happiness of all citizens, will surely change
– through the above Project – the future of your
country, the current state, and lead the happiness
of all humanity.
I would like everyone to participate in this project.
This fund includes not only the meaning of
Donation but also the meaning of “Project Participation
as well as “Investment in the future” to promote
peace and prosperity of human society.
There is no doubt that great rewards from the
Law of Origin will be assured.

About management of the fund

As a general incorporated association,
Alam Communication Society strictly and
fairly manages the Funds entrusted by
all parties. This has two meanings.

One is a general incorporated association law /
convention, which has a major item that
“Funds must not be used for purposes other
than Business Funds.” In other words, the Fund
is used for research and dissemination /
communication of the Law of Origin, which is
the main purpose of General Incorporated
Association ACS, and cannot be used for any
other purpose. Therefore the management of
the Fund is inevitably strict.

Secondly, the Funds from you were originally is
used for information transmission of the
“Law of Origin.” Therefore, it is the capital
managed under the Law of Origin.
We, the employees of Alam Communication Society,
must manage and use the Fund that be entrusted
to us by you, in good faith and for the purpose with
all our might. Otherwise, the Merit and Rewards
would not occur from the “Law of Origin,” to
everyone who have provided the Funds. Therefore,
from our point of view, the usage of the Funds will
necessarily be strict.
The rewards from the Law of Origin are certain.
I think that many of you have already experienced
that things by doing the Act ① and Act ②’s Action
of Mercy and Wisdom.
The purpose of Alam Communication Society is to
increase the peace and prosperity of the
international community and at the same time, to
increase the well-being and prosperity of every one
of you.

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