Infection of coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 8

Pandemic progressing

Coronavirus infections are continuing
to spread around the world. As of July
23, 2020, the total number of infected
people has exceeded 15 million.
Meanwhile in Europe, infections are
heading toward convergence.  It seems
that measures such as the Lockdown
(city blockade) had been effective.
However, in the United States, on
July 24th, there were 69,707 infected
people a day, and the number of infected
people in the United States exceeded
4 million. The death toll is 144,283, which
is currently the highest in the world.
The second largest is Brazil with 2,227,514,
followed by India with 1,238,798 and
Russia with 787,890.

Coronavirus pandemics are often
compared to the “Spanish flu” that
developed from January 1918 to December
1920. The Spanish flu was hit by three big
waves, and it is said that about 600 million
people were infected worldwide and
20 to 40 million people were killed.
Since World War I was from July 28, 1914
to November 11, 1918, the span of the latter
half of the war overlaped with the time of
the Spanish flu.

Thinking about the US infection

Now, In considering the current infection
situation in the United States, let’s look at
the New York Times Database. In the United
States as of July 24, more than 400 million 
people have been infected and 144,283 
have died. (Figure below)

Now, compare the US infection status
with the current infection status in Italy
and Spain (Upper Figure). In Italy and Spain,
the spread of infection in March and April
had fell into serious situation. Especially
in Italy, even the “Selection of life“(1)
was done.

(1) Selection of life――Due to the increase
in the number of patients and the shortage
of artificial respirators, Medical Institutions
had to have no choice but to choose which
patients to survive.

However, in European countries, as a result
of City Blockades and people’s frequent
implementation of basic measures,
after June, the number of infected people
decreased sharply in Italy and Spain as
seen in the above figure. Originally, America
also should become like this. However, also
in the US, if people practice well the basic
measures, it will become like this.

However, some states in the United States
have succeeded in controlling the spread
of the infection and have greatly reduced
the infection. For example, New York state
is one of the most prominent states in
successfully suppressing the spread of
infection ( Figure below ). In March in
NewYork this year, like Italy and Spain,
it was in a very serious situation. but
the number of infected and hospitalized
patients both decreased drastically 
in June.

June 23, Governor Kuomo posted on
Twitter as follows:

Number of virus tests conducted
per day: 51,144.
Positive number of them: 581 cases
Infection rate (positive rate): 1.1%
Number of hospitalized patients:
decreased to 1071
Dead per day: 17

What can be seen from the
above chart

Now, what can we see in the above
In NewYork, increasing numbers of
infected and dead reached to peak in
March and April of this year. It is the same
as Italy and Spain. The citizens of New
York who had that painful experience,
began to took the basic measures seriously,
they showed effective, and now the number
of infected people has drastically decreased.
Governor Kuomo’s Twitter statement above
also confirms this.
On the other hand, in the southern and
Midwest states other than New York,
it was the first time experience of the
spread of the coronavirus infection, so they
does not experience that fear as much as
the people in New York. In addition, it is
considered that the importance of basic
measures is not fully recognized.
The economy was restarted at that stage.
At the stage of not being fully recognized
the importance of measures, if the
economy restarts rapidly, the basic
measures such as “opening the space
between people”, “avoid crowding nor
close contact”, “wearing a face mask”,
and “washing hands” may not be fully
implemented. As a result, the infection
may have spread rapidly. In particular, the
increase in infections is significant in
states such as populated California,
Florida, Texas, Arizona.

What has been pointed out as an
increasing factor in infections in the United
States is that while the economy is
restarting, there is the fact that the rate
of wearing masks is extremely low. And
also the social distanceーthat is, keep
enough distance between peopleーis not
been maintained.  In the United States,
although wearing masks is becoming
mandatory, on the contrary, some citizens
sometimes go to protest.
In the United States, unfortunately, “Anti-mask”
protest demonstrations are sometimes held,
because “being forced to mask” is sometimes
recognized as an “Infringement of individual
freedom.” Also, the anger for face mask
regulation are sometimes directed to health
officials and store employees. The SNS
showed people who were refused to enter
the store because they did not wear masks,
speaks to the clerk with fierce words.
In Galveston County, Texas, the residents
maintaining a “Sufficient distance between
people = Social Distance” to prevent
coronavirus infections based on smartphone
location data, was found to be only
less than 7%.
Also, in a survey conducted by the US
research agency Gallup in April, only 36% of
respondents said they “wore a mask at all
times” in public places. 32% said they wore
“sometimes” and 31% said they didn’t wear
it at all.
However, if time passes, people in these
states also will actually experience the fear
of spread of infection, so like the people in
New York, they will begin to recognize the
need for basic measures and take them
seriously. That way, the spread of infection
in other states may start to decrease, as
in New York.
In the United States, many people live
widely in vast areas, so “virus infections
and countermeasures against them” are
the first experiences for them, and they may
be unfamiliar. Wearing a mask, careful
hand-washing, etc. had been nothing at all
in their lifestyle habits. As a result, the basic
measures were not fully implemented,
and the infection has probably spread
rapidly. That is the situation now. Therefore,
if people become aware of them, the spread
of infection may be stopped. They need some

There are only two coronavirus
infection routes: Splash infection
and Contact infection

As for the measures against coronavirus
infection, the implementation of basic
measures is extremely important.
Its implementation is the most powerful
way to stop the spread of infection.
Now let’s think about it.

Coronaviruses are by no means,
spontaneously transmitted for no reason.
The infection route is almost fixed, and
the two main ones are “Splash infection
and “Contact infection“. If you control
and defend only these two points, the
spread of infection will stop.

“Splash infection” means that in the
case of coronavirus, when people usually
talk, the number of splashes of coronavirus
that fly in the air in one conversation is
3000(WHO.)Also, the amount of flying
by one cough is the same.
When a person inhales the droplets
that have flown into the air, the person
becomes infected. Therefore, the most
effective measure against it is to wear
a face mask and to keep a sufficient space
between people. In particular, wearing
a mask prevents viruses in the air from
entering through the nose or mouth.
The situation in the air in America today
is radically different from the
pre-emergence situation of coronaviruses.
You should think that the American space
has already changed completely.
The space is a space where the
coronavirus may scatter, and can be
thought of as a “space where coronavirus
splashes are flying.” In order to block
that space, wearing a mask is urgent.

The second “Contact infection” is that
when a person infected with a coronavirus
coughs or sneezes, the hand that held
his nose and mouth, touches the
surrounding objects and the virus
attaches to the surrounding objects.
Then, when another person’s hand
touches that, the virus attaches to
that person’s hand, and when that
hand touches his (or her) mouth or
nose, it becomes infected.
Coronaviruses can survive up to 72
hours on plastic surfaces and up to
24 hours on cardboard. (WHO) 
Nosocomial infections” in which
coronaviruses are transmitted in
hospitals often occur mostly due to
this contact infection.
For this reason, when you got home
after going out, it is important to
wash your hands with soap well.
This is because washing your hands
with soap, can wash away the

At the present stage, the above two
points are the most effective measures
to stop the spread of coronavirus
infection. Wearing a mask blocks the
space where corona flies and washing
your hands eliminates contact infections.
That way, the coronavirus transmission
route will be cut off.

When will the serious spread of
coronavirus infection in the U S end?

As I said earlier, “If time passes, people
all over the US, except New York state,
also will experience the fear of corona
infection, and will begin to implement
basic measures seriously like New York
citizen.” The question is how long it takes
for those people to notice them.
That becomes an important key in
predicting when the rapid spread of
coronavirus infections in the United States
will end.
To think about that now, please look at
the table below.

As the table shows, the first wave of
coronavirus spread from March to April
was centered in New York and the eastern
states. (inside the red line)
However, the second wave of infection
spread (inside the green line) after June
has been centered on all states of the
United States.
The question is, when does the second
wave of the spread of infection after June
reach its peak and reach the end?
The most useful material to predict that
is in New York and Eastern states case.
Citizens living in these areas initially barely
understood the fear of spread of the
infection and the importance of its
measures. However, after about a month
and in the second half of April, they came
to understand them and implement the
measures well. Therefore, the spread of
infection in New York and Eastern states
The same can be said for citizens of
all states in the U S. It is thought that they,
like the people of New York, will become
aware of them if about one month has
passed. However, the states of the United
States are vast and have a very large
population, so they will need some more
Currently, about two months have
passed since the second wave of infection
spread. I am thinking that the people in
states across the United States have
already realized the importance of these
things and are starting to implement the
measures seriously. Therefore, the spread
of infection has slowed down in this last
few days.(See inside the circles on the
table above) I think this will be a “mark
that the spread of infection has reached
its peak.
This is also supported by three states
situation, Florida (population 269,811),
Arizona (122,467), and Texas (258,658),
which are the most populous states and the
spread of infection has slowed rapidly since
the second half of July. (Table below)
In these three states, the spread of infection
increased rapidly in June.

When will the spread of infection
reach its peak?
When will the spread of infection
What are the biggest points in
considering these things?
It depends on when people start
seriously implementing basic measures
such as “wearing a face mask”, “washing
hands”, and “opening a space between
If people implement them, the spread
of infection will cease, and if not, it will
surge. The graph above shows that.

Effective physical preventive

Others, as a defense measure against
coronavirus, it is important to pay careful
attention to one’s own body and to train
the body well by exercising, etc. In other
word, that is a measure for solving the
problem “how can you cure it without
making it severe, but completely in
a mild condition?”
To do so, strengthen the body’s
Immune power.”

Immune power is the immune cells in
the body that fight viruses. The immune
power means an immune cell in the body
that fights against viruses, and there are
many types such as Innate immunity,
Acquired immunity, lymphocytes (B cells,
T cells), macrophages, etc. and it is the
“Immune power” that makes them work
Then, even if you are infected with the
coronavirus, it can be treated with mild
disease. Most people who end corona
infection in a mild condition, often fight off
the coronavirus with the powerful immune
cells they have in their bodies.
So how can you strengthen your immune
Rhythm correct lifestyle and balanced
eating habits, less stressful life, sleep well,
avoid hypothermia and keep your body
warm. In addition, doing often muscle
training. In particular, the muscles trained
by muscle training strengthen the immune
power well. (1)

(1)I’ll talk more about immunity later
in another article or an additional sentence
to this article. For more details, please do
a Google search using the following
keywords: “Representative immune cells
that fight viruses that have invaded your body

Countermeasures using the
Law of Origin

Finally, I will talk about countermeasures
using the “power of the Law of Origin.”
In order to end the current spread of
infection in the United States, what should
you specifically do as Act ① and Act ② ?
Now, I will talk only about the basics.
All you need to do is to emit Mercy,
wish well and pray well for the
Immediate stopping of spread of
infection throughout the United States.
Especially now, that is important.
If you emit mercy in your heart and
wish and pray in that way,  it is
established as one of the “Act of Mercy.”
And the act realizes the fusion with
the Law of Origin. If the fusion is realized,
the power of your good prayers and
wishes will be expanded and strengthened
by the Law of Origin and linked to
all the phenomena that occur
throughout America. And you will be
able to move those phenomena in the
direction in which the spread of infection
will subside.

In that case, Your acts will work on the
hearts of every American citizen.
This is because the function of
people hearts is also one of the
movements of phenomena.
I said earlier, “If time passes, many
American citizens will start to experience
the fear of coronavirus and realize the
importance of basic measures.”
Your prayers and wishes, expanded
and strengthened by the Law of
Origin, accelerate this movement.
In other word, the whole American
citizen will aware of them soomer.
The sooner people become aware of it,
the sooner the spread of the infection
The fight against the coronavirus is
the fighting with time.
The longer it is, the more people are
infected and the more suffers they get.
Therefore, your prayers and wishes
through the Law of Origin are linking
to establishing the well-being and
security of the entire American citizen.
Fortunately, the number of people
infected on July 26 dropped til to 54,212.
(In the past few days, the number of  
60,000 to 70,000 and more had
Continue this momentum by “your
Prayer and Wishes that were expanded
and strengthened by the Law of Origin.”
(Table below)

Link:   The New York Times Date

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