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The reason of why “Myō” is
attached to
the end of each
name of “The Ten Myō”

If you look at each name of
the Ten Myō from 1 to 10,
you’ll find “Myō” at the end of
every name. (Table below)
The Chinese Character “Myō”
means “strange” in the conversation
of ordinary people.
However, as an extension of the
meaning of “strange”, Myō has also
meanings of “Mysterious” or
Why is Myō in that meaning
attached to each ending of the
Ten Myō?

That is because the process of
each formation of the Ten Myō
is in itself mysterious (=Myō).
In fact, there were many possibilities
that neither the “process of the
corporate’s completion”
 from 1 to 5,
nor the “successful process of
business activities in the market”
from 6 to 10 would actually hold.
There were also many difficulties.
Nevertheless, the “Corporate
That fact is a mystery in itself.
Therefore, “Myō” is added to the
end of the word.

But why is that mysterious?
This is because in order for one
event to come into be realized,
innumerable conditions must be
met behind it, and you must receive
support from a myriad of phenomena.

For example, suppose you were
trying to get from point A to B.
The distance from A to B is about
2 miles. You are thinking you can
reach point B easily as usual.
But on the way, let’s say you
received a phone call informing
you that your son (or mother) has
been in a serious car accident.
You have to turn back immediately
and cannot reach point B.
Cause that’s a much bigger incident
than “reaching point B”.

Alternatively, if a major disaster
such as an earthquake suddenly
occurs on the way to your destination,
the road will be cut off and you will
not be able to reach point B.
“That doesn’t happen very often !”
you may say.
However, the other day, the Big
Earthquake happened in Turkey and
Syria. Not only did many people
could not reach their destinations,
but unfortunately, there were many
people who lost their lives and
many citizens who were affected
by the disaster.
(For that, it is needed immediate
disaster relief and supply of relief

If the cause of that natural disaster
was derived from the Earth’s rift,
the changes in planetary orbit or
even cosmic phenomena,
the movements of all phenomena
come to be relevant to the problem
of you going from A to B.

In this way, innumerable movements
of phenomena are related behind the
establishment of one event. Therefore,
in order to get from point A to point B,
you need to receive “Support” from
the movement of those myriad

If you can receive support from
countless phenomena, you will be
able to overcome countless obstacles
and problems to reach point B
In this way, whatever it is, in order to
achieve and complete one thing,
innumerable movements of phenomena
are involved behind it in reality, and
you need to move them all.

The reason why we need Law

Thus, the need for Law comes to
arise in human behavior.
All phenomena and events occur
according to the “law” that governs
the phenomenal world, and also
Therefore, if you act according to
the law, you will receive support
from the phenomenal world.
For example, if you act according to
laws or traffic rules, you will be able
to harmonize with the movements of
the surrounding phenomena to drive
a car safely. It’s the same

The law that governs the phenomenal
world is basically the “Law of Mercy.”
Mercy is “慈悲 Ji-Hi” in Chinese
characters as I said earlier, and
“Ji” means a “Heart that values the
“Hi” is a heart of “Wanting to remove
the suffering of that person.”

In the case of a person, if you practice
Mercy, you can follow the laws of the
natural world, and you will receive much
support from the phenomenal world.
This is the same principle as if
a corporate runs their businesses with
a genuine concern for improving the
lives, profits, and happiness of consumers
and citizens, that corporate will grow.

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