The Key Excerpt from the Text”

Individual meanings of
“The Ten Real Myō”

I will explain the outline of individual
meanings of “The Ten Real Myō.”
(Table above )

As I ‘ve talked so far, when you
do 1 and 2’s The Real Causes Myō 
and The Real Results Myō under the
Law of Origin, 3 The Real Nation Myō 
is formed.
The Real Nation is the Buddha Nation.

I talked about this in the following
Main Text. Please refer.
“Create a Strong and Beautiful
Nation like a Diamond”

When the Buddha Nation is formed,
what will happen?
From here, you will enter
4’s The Real Reaction Myō.

When the Buddha Nation is formed,
the people in the Buddha Nation will
begin to show the reaction to what
you say. The reaction is a reaction
such as empathy or interest.
That is 4’s The Real Reaction Myō.

Next, when people start reacting to
what you say, you answer it with two
actions: Mercy Heart and Think well.”  
Your act is the act that contributes to
the well-being and victory of those who
react, which is a Contribution Behavior.

When you perform these two kinds
of actions, events (phenomena) will
begin to occur in the world.
It is “5’s The Real Phenomena Myō
which causes such events.
Because these events occur precisely
according to what people and citizens
“think” and “what they want,”
they lead people correctly and happily.

They may also, when necessary,
correct the “Mistakes and Excesses”
of society’s leaders.
The above is “5’s The Real Phenomena

When the events of
“The Real Phenomena” occur, you will
preach the law through that events.
It is 6’s The Real Preachment Myō that
preaches the law through the events.

The laws you preach here are the Law
of Origin and the specialized law, but
you preach with the Law of Origin at 
the center. When you preach
a specialized law, you preach the
required specialized law as needed.

Because you preach the law through
the events that actually occur,
you can preach the law empirically
and logically.
Both modern and future people will
practice the law based on
“The Theory of Law” that you explained,
and will open the way for their

What is
7’s The Real Succession Myō?

When you preach the law to people,
a deep relationship “Bond” will be
created between you and those people.
That is 7’s The Real Succession Myō.

About this 7’s “Succession“, I will
give a little basic explanation.
As I said earlier, “Human life is an
endless cycle of ‘Life and Death,’
going from the infinite past, through
the present, and moves toward the
distant future.”
In that process, if you were born in
a deep relationship with certain
people, such as parent and child,
siblings, or husband and wife,
it is likely that you had some quite
deep relationships factors with
them in your past lives.

In other words, even in your past life,
you are likely to had the relationship
of parents and child, siblings, or
spouses with those people.
Therefore, you were born as a relative
with them in your present life as well.

Also, if you are in a relationship of
parent-child or spouses in your present
life, there is a high possibility that deep
human relationships such as parent-child
or spouses relationship will be formed
with those people in the future life
as well.
Similarly, if you “talked about the law” or
“talked about the Law of Origin” with
certain people in your present life,
that will become a powerful factor in
forming extremely strong human
 in past, present and
future lives.
In other words, “Speaking about the law”
becomes the strongest of all the factors 
that make a bond in human relationship.
For this reason,
after 6’s The Real Preachment Myō 
of “Speaking the law,” 
7’s The Real Succession Myō is placed.

8’s The Real Resuscitation Myō
means “Gaining New Life”

As described above, if you preach
the law to people in 6’s The Real
Preachment Myō,
a Deep Human Bond (Succession)
is created between you and the
people/citizens whom you preached
the law to.
That is 7’s The Real Succession Myō.

When this Deep Human Bond is
established, you complete your work
and mission in your present life.
And your life ends once.
But as soon as it ends, you will be
revived and gain “New Life.”
That is 8’s The Real Resuscitation

In this case, the original text
of “The Real Resuscitation Myō
is “The Real Nehan Myō”
in Chinese characters.
Nehan (涅槃) means “Death.”
Also, Nehan has the meaning
of “Purity” or “Enlightenment.”
However, I translated Nehan into
English as Resuscitation and
made it The Real Resuscitation
The reason is that
The Real Resuscitation Myō has the
following meaning.

In the usual general interpretation,
Death is often interpreted as
“The end of everything.”
However, for you, who perpetually
repeat “Life and Death” from
the past, present, and to future,
Death (Nehan) is never the end.
Rather, Death is a great opportunity 
in order to wash away the old,  
become a new clean life, and
to be reborn.
In this sense,
8’s The Real Resuscitation Myō
is a stage of resuscitation for you
to gain “New Life.”

Also, Resuscitation is not limited
to what happens after you die.
It can happen while you are alive.
For instance, while your body is alive,
your hair, nails, cells, etc. are partly
repeating Death and Life, and
as a result, the old is replaced by
the new every day.

Also, when you finish one task, your life
can and may be reborn.
For example, when you finish one
important task, you resuscitate and the
Borders of your life are expanded.
And you get a new expanded living space
and new Borders.
8’s The Real Resuscitation Myō is also
“Resuscitation” in this sense.

What is
9’s The Real Lifespan Myō?

Next, when you gain a “New Life”
and “Newly expanded living space,”
you acquire a New Wisdom by that. 
With your newly acquired Wisdom,
you prolong your life span.
That is 9’s The Real Lifespan Myō.

In this case, Wisdom is called
“E-Myō” and it is your life span.
E” in E-Myō means Wisdom
and “Myō” means life span.       
With your newly acquired Wisdom,
you learn Good knowledge and
New Philosophies, deepen them,
use them, and you prolong your
life span.

What is
10’s The Real Merit Myō?

In this way, you who have acquired
“New Life” and “New Wisdom
(Life Span),” you will use them and
work with the Lion’s momentum to
establish further happiness and joy
for human society and citizens.
You do that under the Law of Origin 
which manages the entire phenomena

Also, being able to do that itself is
The establishment of the Buddha’s
Vast Border.”
It is also Merit, Property, Reward,
and Grace.
That is 10’s The Real Merit Myō.

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