Solid growth of recent US Economy achieved by your good deeds

Significant improvement in
employment situation showing
strong growth in US economy

Since the launch of this website, 
I am really pleased that you have
practiced a lot of good deeds as well
as the action of mercy and wisdom of
ACT① and ACT②, along with the law
of the origin.
The result will have surely come into
the increase of your own happiness
and solving problems. However, not
only there, but it is also certainly
coming into American society and
the international community.
In particular, I would like to talk about
how that result is occurring in American
society and the international community
by taking up the following “Three Events.”

The first event was a dramatic
improvement in the US economy in
November 2019.
According to the November employment
statistics announced by the US
Department of Labor on December 6,
the number of non-agricultural
employees increased by 266,000 from
the previous month, exceeding the
market forecast of 180,000.
At the beginning of this year, in the
US government agencies, nine provinces
and related organizations, such as the
Ministry of Homeland Security and the
Ministry of Finance, were closed due to
strikes, and about 380,000 Federal
Government Officials were on standby
at home. Compared to that time, today’s
situation is very different.

One of the reasons for the improvement
in the US economy is the end of a strike
by a major US automaker. The increase
in the number of employees was
expected to some extent, reflecting
the return of employees to work.
However, even if that amount is
subtracted, improvement of this time
is seen as a solid figure overall.
This indicates that the US economy is
experiencing moderate and steady

Economic improvement is a major
indicator of a country’s prosperity.
America’s prosperity drives world
prosperity. Therefore it is important.
Moreover, achieving peace and
prosperity becomes a major factor
in annihilating war, conflict, terrorism,
and various crimes. Because when
the good power exerts its power,
the power of the evil power weakens
and declines.
Therefore, improving the economic
situation can be described in a broad
sense as “Victory of the Good Forces“.
It is also your victory that leads the
good citizens. I hope you will continue
this momentum in the future.

The situation in Syria has taken
a major step forward

Second, the “Situation in Syria” has
begun to move significantly towards
improvement. On October 6, 2019,
President Trump decided to withdraw
US troops stationed from Northern
Syria. Subsequently, Turkish troops
began a military invasion of northern
Syria, dominated by the Kurds (YPG),
and the situation were temporarily
turbulent (October 9).
However, since then, Turkish President
Adrian met Soviet President Putin
(October 22), and the two sides agreed
to establish a “Demilitarized Zone” in
northern Syria.
As a result, President Adrian said
he no longer  necessary a military
invasion and finally decided on a
Permanent Ceasefire.”
This is great news for Syria’s stability
and for many refugees. Turkey wants
to relocate up to 2 million of the
3.6 million Syrian refugees currently
displaced to Turkey to this safe haven.

Syria’s stability and prosperity is the
best way to rebuild it when Syrian
citizens return to their homeland.
This is the very first step towards the
realization. I think it is one of the great
results achieved by your actions wishing
for peace and non-war. Of course, Syria’s
peace is still not perfect, but I think it has
taken a big step forward.
I would like to keep an eye on it in the
future. (→ Details will be published later
in Menu’s Middle East article)

Realizing the First Four-Party
Summit M
eeting to solve
the Crimean problem

The third event is the realization of
the “First Four-Party Summit Meeting
(Image below) between Russia, Ukraine,
France and Germany in order to resolve
the long-running “Crimean problem= 
the Eastern Ukrainian Battle
The meeting was held on
December 10 this year at the Elysees
Palace in Paris, with the intervention
of France and Germany.
As a result of the talks, Ukraine and
Russia have agreed to Implement
a “complete and comprehensive
ceasefire” by the end of 2019 on the
eastern Ukrainian battle which have
been continued since 2014. 
(BBC News December 10)

What is “Battle in eastern Ukraine” is
the worst east-west conflict since
the end of the East and West Cold War
in 1989. (Above image)
The dispute broke out in 2014 when
Russia unilaterally annexed the Crimea
in southern Ukraine. Then in the
eastern part of Ukraine, Ukrainian
forces and pro-Russian rebels fought
for five and a half years. That has
killed 13,000 people so far.
The fact that the Four-Party Summit
have decided a “complete and
comprehensive ceasefire” in the
battle in eastern Ukraine is a major
step forward.
When Russia intervened in the
Crimean Peninsula in 2014,
it became a serious international
issue, including the rebound of Europe
and America against Russia and the
enforcement of economic sanctions.
And there was a fierce battle of five
and a half years. However, the realization
of this four-party talks seems to have
finally opened the way to a solution.
According to the agreement,
Ukraine and Russia have agreed to
release and exchange
“all POWs involved in the conflict” by
the end of the year. By March 2020,
three more areas had been withdrawn
from both sides. However, the specific
area name is not disclosed.
Furthermore, they plan to continue
discussing the progress of the
ceasefire over the next four months.

The achievement is largely due to
the contribution of President Zelensky 
of Ukraine.
Speaking of President Zelensky,
the allegation that President Trump
called him on July 25, 2019 and put
pressure on him in own election
matters has been now becoming
a political issue in the United States.
However, in Ukraine issue, President
Zelensky has virtually realized the
summit by giving Donbass region
a “special position” to hold a
constitutionally free and fair election
(See image below).
Because giving a “special position” to
Donbass region has been a long-standing
requirement of Russia as a prerequisite
for the realization of four-nation summit
meeting that includes France and
I think that the realization of the
Four-Party Talks this time was a result
of your action, when viewed

The result of performing
“Action of real cause”
appears in two places

As mentioned above, the results of
“your good deed” and “your action of
mercy and wisdom of ACT① and
ACT②” which have done along with
the law of the origin, will bring good
results not only in your own life, but
also in your country and international
I mentioned in my last article
Explanation of “Name” in Five
Processes” that there are three types
of names:

1 HON- IN- MYŌ          
        ――  “Action of Real cause”

2 HON- GA- MYŌ        
        ――  “Action of Real result”

        ―― The established treasure
        world / ”Real world where you live”

The word “Real” in these three
names means “Real good deed”
or “full-fledged good deed”
performed with the law of the origin.
Why is it “Real good deed,” because
you can move all the phenomena
behind the work you are doing,
through the law of the origin. And
you will be able to move all the
necessary phenomena in the
direction of completing your work,
and the probability that your work
will be completed will increase in
This also applies when you solve
a problem that is occurring in the
international community.
Therefore, the good action
performed with the law of origin――
action of cause and result―― is
distinguished from ordinary action
of cause and result.
The former is “Real action” and
the latter is “Trace action.”
Alternatively, the former is
distinguished by the word “Real
and the latter by “Trace.”
――I have talked so far in the last

Second, these three names have
two important meanings in a realistic
One is the fact that if you do the
“Action of real cause” of 1, the result
will occur in two places, 2 and 3.
(Table below)

The reason for this is that the
“action of real cause” you perform is
not just an “action of cause,” but it is
the good deed fused with the law of
the origin, so the power of your good
deed is expanded and strengthened,
and have a profound effect on the
two places (world).

In this case, the “action of real result”
of 2 means to do the final finishing of
the work. You have done and finished
it in the past life, so the present
“your life” has arisen. Therefore, the
meaning of 2 also means the resulting
place of your present life.”
Also, the “established treasure world”
of 3 means the country or the world.
It can be interpreted as a space-scale
“Treasure world,” but it is usually used
to mean the “society, country, or
international community where you live
Therefore, it means that if you perform
the “action of real cause” of 1, the results
will appear in two places, the “place of
your own life” of 2 and the “society,
country and international community
where you live” of 3.

As I said above, “Improving the US
employment situation,” “The realization
of permanent ceasefire to change the
situation in Syria for the better” and
“Achieving a four-party talks and
ceasefire agreement to end the
Crimean conflict”――these things are
clearly showing that the result of the
“action of real cause” you perform
appear not only in your own life, but
also in the country and international
community where you live.
In this way, the meaning of “Real cause
is extremely deep, reaching back to
the source of occurrence of all the
phenomena in the world.

There is still a continuation 
in this article.
Please wait for a little while



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