Q&A about sending Mercy


However, it is very difficult for me to
wish for completely unrelated person
or stranger, “I wish the person’s good
luck to be increased.”
For instance, for completely unrelated
people walking down the street, I just
can’t bring myself to wish, “I wish that
person’s good luck to be increased.”
How can I make me feel like that?


You don’t have to force yourself to
feel that way when you can’t feel that
The heart of Mercy occurs by “En“.
“En” is some kind of trigger.
For example, one day, suppose you
had the opportunity to exchange
a few words of greeting with
a completely unrelated person.
Then, that person’s “Greeting words”
or “Thank you words” were polite, and
suppose you thought
“This person is nice person” or
“This man (or woman) is polite person.”
Then, please wish and think in your
heart, “May that person’s good luck

In this way, if there is an opportunity
of any one action even it is “a single
greeting,” there are times when you
can think naturally, “I wish that person’s
good luck to be increased.”
When you send Mercy to others,
it’s only good when you feel that way.
As I said at the beginning, you don’t
have to force yourself to wish the
other person’s good luck.


What if no one is around me?


If no one is your around, have
strongly wish and think that the
luck of All Things will increase.
Have strongly wish and think
“May the town, the forest, the sea,
the mountains, the society,
the country, the citizens,
All be fortunate, head for happiness,
and win prosperity and comfort.”
That is “The Mercy action of Buddha.

Also, human life is established only
when there is a good environment.
Therefore, when you wish for an
increase of the good luck of person
around you, it is also important to
wish “May wish the good luck of
All things.”
The word All things includes
all environmental worlds.

In addition, there is a fact that
humans live in coexistence with
living existence other than humans.
With them, human life can be also
established for the first time.
So let’s do not forget to include
the words “Sending Mercy to
All living existence”
 too, and wish
for it.


My job involves contacting
many customers every day.
All those guests are one-off
encounters for me.
The time I am in contact with
the customer is not very long,
but I have to complete many
procedures in a short period
of time.

Those procedures are detailed,
and I have to finish them all
carefully. If I don’t finish my work
in perfect form within a short
period of time, and if there are
mistakes, etc. in the work later,
it will be a big problem.

When doing this kind of work,
there is no room in my heart to
wish or think of each person’s
Good Luck.
Even if the impression of
a customer is very good,
sometimes I am so busy with
work that I forget to wish for
the increase of Good Luck.
If so, how do I wish the increase
of people Good Luck?

I think there are many people
doing the same job as me.
For instance, Airport check-in
counter staff, Shopkeepers who
sell merchandise to a constant
stream of customers,
Customs Officers, Security Guards,
and those who run some important
meeting or event and the like.


In that case, later when you have
time, you can be calm down and
send Mercy.
For instance, “Among the
10 customers I met just now,
Mr. A, Mrs. B, and Mr. C’s greetings
were very polite and heartfelt, and
made a very good impression on
me. I wish these people more Luck,”
or something like that.
It doesn’t matter that wishing of
the increase of Good Luck is after
10 minutes or 30 minutes after
you parted with those people.
That is, after parting with guests,
you remember those people and
send Mercy.

Its Mercy effect is the same as
when sent on the spot. It’s no change.
The people to whom you wish for
the increase of their Good Luck will
surely increase their Luck in their
own best way.
Of course, the Good Luck of you
who sent Mercy also increases.

Let’s add one word greeting

Also, many of them are the people
who you meet once for you.
After you wished for the increase of
their Good Luck, let’s add the follow
words like in your heart and part
with them.

“I wish you having a good life”
“Take care”
“See you again somewhere”

Even if you don’t speak directly
with words, and even if you say it
in your heart, the feeling of
closeness and affection will
definitely reach that person.
Mercy heart attracts and pulls
people’s hearts.
When you show Mercy heart to
someone in your heart, they will
definitely respond in some way
at the time of parting.
They show you their gratitude.
You will certainly be able to catch
Of course, if you are in a situation
where you can say these words
directly, you may say them directly.
However, if you are at work or the
other person is a stranger and
unrelated person, you may give
them a sense of incompatibility or
strange impression.
At that time, I encourage you to
send those words in your heart as
I said above.
If you are at work, it is best to do
your work seriously and then I think
it’s best for you to think
“I wish this person increase of
Good Luck” for a moment in your
If you can’t do that, you can remember
later and send it, as I said earlier.
The potency of a Mercy heart is the

Let’s look at Advanced Civilized
Society other than Earth

Next, I would like to look at the picture
below. This is a picture showing the
vastness of the universe.

The picture in shows countless stars
concentrated near the central nucleus of
the Galaxy.

The picture in  is the Andromeda
It is made up of about 1 trillion stars 
that are the size of the Sun.
It is located 2.5 million light years
from Earth.

The picture of  was taken with
the Hubble Telescope(1), and
hundreds of billions of Galaxies
are clustered together.
Each and every light that looks like
a single point is all Galaxy made up of
hundreds of billions of stars.

These pictures will give you an idea
of how vast the universe is.

(1) Hubble Space Telescope:
A space telescope
 that orbits the

outer space about 600 km above
the ground. It was launched in 1990.
While Astronomical Telescopes on
the ground have the disadvantage
of being disturbed by the earth’s
atmospheric layer, the Hubble
Telescope was able to take clear
pictures of astronomical images
without being disturbed by the
atmospheric layer.

In such a vast universe, many
planets with Advanced Civilizations
Of course, it’s too far away and not
be astronomically confirmed yet,
but they definitely exist.
This is because, while there are
innumerable stars and galaxies
in the universe, it is unthinkable that
life exists only on Earth.

Among the many advanced life
planets, there are also many
Buddha nations.”
About the Buddha nation, I talked
about it in a previous Article.

(See the Article 
“Create a Strong and Beautiful
Nation like a Diamond

In the Buddha nation, many people
are knowing the existence of
the Law of Origin and are well
acquainted with its use.
This is because the Law of Origin is
not a law that exists only on Earth,
but a law that exists on a cosmic
This law is the law that manages
the phenomena of the entire

But when it comes to the
existence of the Buddha nation,
their numbers are extremely
limited. Among the many advanced
life planets, the Buddha nation is
extremely rare existence.
Nevertheless, the universe is so
vast that, on a cosmic scale, many
of Buddha nations exist.

Among the many Buddha nations,
there will be some nations that are
very similar in appearance to human
society on Earth. Also, there will be
nations that are not similar.
Alternatively, there may be nations
that are far more civilized than the
But I can say only one thing.

That is, in those Buddha nations,
people wish in their hearts for each
increase of Good Luck. 
In other words, they are sending
Mercy to each other in their hearts.
As a result, their Good Luck never
Always growing.
Your Good Luck is increased by
the Mercy hearts sent by others,
and their Good Lucks are increased
by the Mercy hearts you send.
And because their wishes and
Mercy are expanded and
strengthened by the power of
the Law of Origin, their wishes are
leading to the peace and prosperity
of whole society as a result.
This is true.
Human society on earth will too,
eventually become a peaceful
Buddha nation as long as you keep
sending Mercy heart to people.

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