The law of Life’s Transmigration

What process do Humans go
from the Past to
the Present,
and to the Future Life?

First, in this article, I will explain
the following issues.

・What was Human Life like
     before Birth?
・What happens after Death?
・What kind of causal process
     does Human Life through in the
     time from the past to the present
     to the future?
In conclusion, as shown in the Fig. Below,
Human Life has been born and died,
died and be born from a Distant Past,
and has been repeated Countless

In this process, what concrete
processes and Causal Relationships
does Human Life go through from
the Past to the Present to the Future?

Regarding that, in the information of
the Law of Origin,
 the Law called the
Twelve In-Nen” explains it in detail.
The “Twelve In-Nen” means
“The Process of Twelve Types of Causes
and Results.”
 (“In-Nen” means Causes)
For clarity, I will use the Name
“Twelve In-Nen” here.
In other words, this Law teaches that
Human Life basically progresses through
Twelve Types Causes and Results, from
the Past to the Present, and from the
Present to the Future.

The Name in the Right Column on the
Table Below is the “Name of the Twelve
I think each name roughly matches
the “People’s Age” shown in the Red. 
Of course, some people mature early
and others late, so the age will be slightly
different depending on the person.
However, on average, I think that the
“Names of Twelve In-Nen” match the
ages shown in the Red.

Next, I will make a Detailed
Explanation of the individual
items of “The Twelve In-Nen”

1. No-Bright  (In the Past Life)

Since the Distant Past, people have
naturally had a “Wavering Mind
(or Vacillating Mind).” 
That mind is called No-Bright.
In Chinese Character, it is written
as “Mu-Myō”, where Mu means “No”
and Myō means “Bright”, which
together means “No Bright”.
Mu-Myō represents the “Vacillating Mind”
that Humans naturally have.

2. Action  (In the Past Life)

The Actions caused by No-Bright
(Wavering Mind) in the Past Life.

3. Identification  (In the Mother’s Womb)

Time of Conception” that is the
beginning of the Present Life.
Also, it represents the First Cell
at that time.
Later, that Cell undergo Cell Division
and the Human Body is formed.
That first Cell has DNA and it contains
all the information about
“In the future, it will be this kind of person.”

Why is that first Cell called
This is because that that information is
the special information that only that Cell
Also, that is “The only information” that is 
identified from all other information.
Therefore, it’s called “Identification.”

4. Name and Color  (In the Mother’s Womb)

The stage at which the prototype of
the Mind and Body is formed in the
Mother’s Womb. Name means
“Mind”, Color means “Body.”

 5.  Six Entrances  (In the Mother’s Womb)

This is the Initial Stage when the
Six Sense Organs are formed in the
Mother’s Womb. Eyes, Ears, Nose,
Tongue, etc. are formed.
However, they are still at a stage
where they do not function well as
Sensory Organs.

6.  Touch  (1 to 2 years old)

The stage at which the Six Sense
Organs function well.
However, this stage is “Just touching
and feeling” and is still unable to
distinguish between Suffering and
Pleasure. The stage of grasping a knife
blade or fire.

7. Feel  (Around 3 to 12 years old)

Become able to feel Suffering and
Pleasure well and distinguish them. 
And it is the stage of avoiding harm well.
However, even if Desire arises, it is still at
the stage where “Attachment” does not

8. Love  (Adolescence, around 13 to 25 years old)

The Above 3 points begin working well.
That is:

① The six sense organs begin to
      function well.
② Separate the Suffering and Pleasure
③ Often causes Desire for love and
      often causes Attachment.

In particular, regarding ①, this can be
seen from the fact that many Excellent
Athletes, etc. appear from this age.

9. Obtain  (All the rest of life)

This stage is the stage where Desire
arises and Single-Minded Pursuit for
Objects of all Four Directions.
Therefore, it is called “Obtain”.
Four Directions are All Directions:
North, South, East, and West.
In this case, when the Mind pursues
phenomena, the First Mind, that is 
The Mind of Thinking”, becomes the
Most Central, while there are Three
Types of Minds.
This meaning is as follows.

There are three main
types of Mind.

① The Mind of Thinking
② The Mind of Identifying
③ The whole of Mind

When pursuing a phenomena,
that is, at the “Time of Obtain,”
“The Mind of Thinking” of ① is
the strongest and takes the lead.

Similarly, the Eyes seek Color,
the Ears seek Voice,
the Nose seeks Fragrance,
the Tongue seeks Taste,
and the Body seeks Touch 

“The Mind of Thinking” pursues
phenomena by linking with the
Pursuit’ Power” of these Sense

Therefore, the Six Sense Organs 
refer to the following Six Types.
① Eyes ② Ears ③ Nose ④ Tongue
⑤ Body ⑥ Thinking Mind

10. Existence  (In the Present Life)

When Desire pursues an Object
(phenomenon), karma is formed.
Karma means Strong Action.”
In other words, when Desire
concentrates and pursues an object,
because it becomes the “Strongest
Action” of all actions, that action is
called “karma”.
In other words, when Desire pursues
an object, karma, which is a strong
action, is formed.

There are three types of karma 
(= Strong Action):

・Acts by Body
・Acts by Mouth
・Acts by Mind

This is called “The Three Karma
of Body, Mouth, and Mind.”


Why is karma called “Existence”?


Generally, in Japan and China,
Karma means “Occupation.”
For example, if a person likes to
sing a song, people often ask him
or her,
“Are you planning to do that as
This means “Are you planning
to do that as a Professional

This means that if that person
sings as a Professional Occupation,
that act becomes a “Strong Action”
and has the power to create new
Situations and Environments
Conversely speaking, Ordinary
“Weak Action” does not have the
power to create or change
Existence (Environment).

Therefore, “Existence” here has
two meanings:

・Achievement of Strong Action
     (Achievement of Karma)

・Formation of a New Existence

Therefore, during this period,
it is called “Existence” including
these two meanings.

11.  Life (In Future Life)

What is “Life“?
Life” is that the present “Identification
will be in the Future Life.

 12.  Old Age and Death  (In Future Life)

What is 12’s “Old Age and Death“?
Old Age and Death are that the present
Name and Color, Six Entrances,
Feel, Touch” will be in the Future Life and
will cause Old age (change) and Death.
It will be like the Table Below.

Therefore, from the perspective of
Same Quality, Identification, 
Name and Color, Six Entrances,
Feel, Touch, Life, Old Age and Death
become one word as the elements
that form the Human Body.
In other words, those are the


(The following are Questions
related to the “Twelve In-Nen”)


I’ll ask you again though,
what are the first in “Twelve In-Nen”,
1’s “No Bright” and 2’s “Action” ?


1’s “No Bright” is a state where present
Love” and “Obtain” are in the past life.
Also, 2’s “Action” means that the present
Existence” is in the past life.
It looks like the Table Below.

Therefore, from the perspective of
Same Quality, No Bright, Love, and
Obtain become one word, 
No Bright, Love, Obtain.”
Similarly, Action and Existence become
one word,
Action, Existence.”


Regarding 11’s “Life” and 12’s “Old Age
and Death,” you have previously said
that there are Four Types of
Fundamental Suffering in human life.
That is, the suffering of “Life, Old age,
Illness, and Death.”
However, the Law of the
“Twelve In-Nen” includes Life, Old age,
and Death, but why is there no “Illness”?


The law of “Twelve In-Nen” is also
called “The Twelve-Shi”.
The “Shi” in the “Twelve-Shi” refers to
the Pillars of a house. Every house and
building have Pillars.
In this way, the 12 items in the “Twelve
In-Nen” include the “Things that
all humans must and certainly have in
For example, everyone always have
Life, Old Age, and Death, no matter
how healthy and wealthy.
Similarly, everyone always have
“No Bright, Action, Identification,
Name and Color, Six Entrances, Touch,
Feel, Love, Obtain, and Existance.”
These “Twelve-Shi” are always in
everyone’s life like Pillars.
However, Illness is different.
Among wealthy and healthy people,
there are exceptionally “Free of
 throughout their lives.
Such people are people who maintain
Good Health throughout their lives.
Also, such a person is a person who
has been blessed with Good Physical
Strength and Spirit.

Therefore, because such people exist
extremely rarely and exceptionally
among the Human Race, Illness is not
 in the “Twelve-Shi” of “Twelve

Again, what is the Law of “Twelve
It is a law that lists “12 Main items that
exist in common
 in every person’s life.”

To be continued to a Later Date

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