The Buddhist scripture that the Law of Origin was preached

The Buddhist scripture that the
Law of Origin was preached

The Buddhist scripture that the Law
of Origin was preached, is called the
Lotus Sutra.”
This is the first time on this website
that I talk about the scripture in
which the law of origin was preached.
This scripture was preached when
Buddha was 72 years old.
This scripture is introduced to the
West under the name of “Lotus Sutra“.

The Lotus Sutra 
Translated by Burton Watson  
Colombia University Press
New York

The official name of Lotus Sutra is
The meaning of these Five Letters is
the same as the 5 processes 
Name – Main body – Essentials – Effect –
Teaching” as I talked in the previous
Article. (Table Above)
( In Japan, it is called “Hokekyō,” which is
an abbreviation of Myō-Hō-Ren-Ge-Kyō.)

However, when you read the above
original book, you will definitely need
the correct manual.
The meaning of a correct manual is a
manual that is explained based on the
view and interpretation that
This Lotus Sutra is the scripture of the
Law of Origin.

In fact, there are still few people including
me in the world, who take such view.

Most people see Lotus Sutra as
one of the Buddhist scriptures.
(Alternatively, some people consider
it as one of the literary works)
However, even if you read it from
that perspective, you will not be able
to understand the true meaning of
this book, that is, the true intention
of Buddha.

Lotus Sutra is the scripture of the
Law of Origin.
The enormous effects and power
that I talked about in Part 1 and Part 2
of the previous Article are all from
the Law of Origin.

That is,
Put the rewards of the myriad sins
of the past into small and erase them
in your life now.” 

Taking into account all your past
and future information and sending
appropriate action advice to you of
These power is something that
can only be done by the law of origin.

And “Expanding and strengthening
your actions of goodness and
wisdom and solve large-scale social
and international problems.” That is
also what can be achieved when the
specialized laws in each field and the
Law of Origin are fused.

I think you already know the power
of the Law of Origin experientially.
Therefore, please be sure to use
this web site as a manual when reading
Lotus Sutra. I will explain in more detail
in the future.

The Law of Origin is a law
realized as a General Law

Lotus Sutra is a source book that you and
all human society should know, when you
take out the “Law of Origin” which is called
the Law of the all-phenomena world from
the framework of Buddhism and use it as
a “general law.”

The Buddha realized this law as a
general law.
Because the “law of origin” is the law that
fundamentally manages “All general
phenomena worlds” and the “world of time
in the past, present, and future.”
It is not a law for one religion, Buddhism.

That is a law for all human society in the
future to build happiness and prosperity,
and to prevent atrocities such as wars and
conflicts as they did in the 19th and 20th
And also, that is a law to avoid never
repeating the tragic history as shown in
the image below …

Jewish people who are forcibly pulled out
from their home and sent to concentration
camps.  At this time, many children-
(Including the toddlers aged 3 to 6) -were
forcibly separated from their mothers. 
(Europe during World War II. Around 1943)

A long line of people who are expelled
from their country by war and evacuated
(Around 1943). It hasn’t even been 100
years since this time.

President Eisenhower, who visited the
concentration camp after the war, saw the
people brutally murdered by the Nazis and
said, “This will give you a reason of why
American soldiers are fighting for lives.”


Expand and strengthen the power of your
goodness and wisdom by the Law of Origin,
and prevent war !!
And protect the well-being and safety of
beloved citizens.
Even if a war were to occur, finish it in a day
or two, before there are any victims.

Why the Law of Origin was
in Buddhist terms

 Next, even though the Law of Origin was
a general law, why it was expressed in
Buddhist terminology?  
let’s talk it in a little more detail.

The living environment of Ancient India,
where Buddha lived, was within a Buddhist
Of course, it was Buddha himself who
founded the Buddhism itself, but he realized
the Law of Origin as a general law or
a general truth in a Buddhist environment. 
Therefore, he had no choice but to use
Buddhist terminology to express it.
So it was expressed in Buddhist terms.

This situation is the same for Christian
and Islamic civilizations.
For instance, when Christians were the
state religion – from the Middle Ages of
Europe to the early modern period –
even if “the truths found” were general
truths and laws, they were expressed in
religious terms of Christianity .
This is the same for Islamic civilization.

Also, for example, if the person who
discovered a truth was a Greek person,
that truth was expressed in Greek, and
in Roman times, it was expressed in

Even also in Buddhism, this situation
has not changed.
The “Law of Origin” discovered in the
Buddhist environment was expressed
in Buddhist terms.

However, the content of the Law of
Origin is a general law that universally
manages the “phenomenon world” and
the “world of time.”
Therefore, when we use this law, it is a
good form to remove it from the
framework of Buddhism once and
use it as a “general law”.

Otherwise, that law can be difficult to
use for the general public outside of
To People of non-Buddhist religions,
as well as to the general public, we need
to make the Law of Origin available to
However, when studying the content of
the Law of Origin, how it was realized by
Buddha, and its impact on the historical
civilized society of the past, etc,
we need to elucidate the history of
Buddhism and study it objectively.

From these circumstances, I would like to
take a look at “how the Lotus Sutra, the
scripture of the Law of Origin was realized
in Buddha’s life” in today’s Article.

The life of Buddha

The life of Buddha is 80 years, and
there are four major turning points in it.
It is the following turning points.

18 years old 
     Become a practitioner for 
     the search of the truth

30 years old
     Realize the truth

72 years old
     Preached Lotus Sutra and
     preached the Law of Origin in it

80 years old 

In this, his 50 years from the age of
30 to 80 was a 50 years devoted solely
to preaching the teachings to people.
In other words, his life is attained the
first completion by the enlightenment
of 30 years old.
After that, he enters the second stage,
“how he convey that enlightenment to
And when the second stage is over,
Buddha died.


Will continue at a later date.
Please wait for a little while.

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