Infection of coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 2

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Origin” and the “Act① and Act②’s
act of mercy and wisdom.”

The worldwide spread of the
coronavirus continues.
On February 28, WHO raised the
global rating of the risk of pneumonia
from the new coronavirus from “High”
to “Very High,” which is the same as
the highest level in China.
On the same day, WHO also announced
that more than 80,000 people were
infected worldwide in 55 countries.
As of March 3, 80151 people have been
infected in China alone and 2,943 have
been died. The affected area has already
spread to five continents.
The WHO also announced on March 2
that “In other than China, the four countries
of Italy, Iran, Korea and Japan are the top
This is because the total number of
infected people worldwide outside China
is up to 80% in these four countries alone.
In particular, Italy, Iran and Korea have seen
rapid expansion in the last few days.
There are 2036 infected people and 52
dead in Italy. Italy has already closed several
towns in the northern province of
Lombardia and near Genoa, leaving
55,000 residents unable to leave without
In South Korea, the number of people
infected by March 2 was 5,186 and the
deaths were 29, with President
Moon Jae-in raising the crisis level to
the highest “Serious” level.
Also, Iran has 2,336 cases of infection
and 77 deaths, raising concerns that
it will continue to increase. Japan, on the
other hand, has 995 infections and 12

Coronavirus measures taken by each
specialized institution and specialized law

In my last article, I said that controlling
coronaviruses requires two types of
treatment: Specialized laws such as
modern medicine and the Law of the
Origin. In particular, when the virus
spreads to a wide area, the measures
of the state, government, insurance
and medical institutions, etc. based on
the specialized law are implemented
in the following three stages.

1  Governments and related organizations
    request Self-Restraint, such as suspension
    or postponement of nationwide sports
    and cultural events, and meetings where
    many people gather.

2  Suspension of some Economic Activities.

3   Blockage of infected area ーー
     This stage becomes a de facto isolation
      of a specific area.

In summary, it will be implemented in
three stages: 1 Self-restraint → 2 Stop →
3 Shut-down and Isolation.
This will be implemented in some areas
or on all regional scale.

At present, Japan is on the stage 1, and
the Government of Japan has issued
a request to suspend or postpone events or
large meetings (February 26). Prime Minister
Abe also declared that elementary, junior high
and high schools throughout the country
would be closed for about one month until
spring break. This is just like a wartime
regime. In the coming months, it will be
considered whether this summer’s
“Tokyo Olympics” will be held.

China’s Wuhan, South Korea and some
northern parts of Italy have been already
closed and are on the stage 3  Shut-down
and Isolation.
At present, none of 1, 2, and 3 are
implemented in the United States. This is
because the virus has not reached that
point. However, I would like you to be clear
and remember that if coronavirus infection
is to spread further in the future, these steps
will be implemented.
Next, regarding concrete prevention of
coronavirus, I wrote in the previous article
that up to 80% of infected people were
Mild“, and even if infected, healthy people
can be cured with appropriate medical
treatment. This is true. Therefore, there is
no need to have unnecessary fear for this
However, this coronavirus has a “Special
Characteristic” that it can be transmitted
from people who have no symptoms.
That is actually a problem. Often, News
Reports say that the disease is
“Community-infection,” or that the “young
people infect others and their families
without even realizing it.”
This means “Infection from a person without
If a person becomes infected with the
coronavirus and he is healthy and healed
in a short period of time, but if any of his
family members are elderly and physically
weak, then they may be infected and
become more severe.
For this reason, the government will take
measures to prevent “Community-Infections,”
that is, “Infections from people with no
symptoms,” such as canceling gatherings,
events, and suspension of school.
(1 Self-restraint)
Also, in the case of “infection from people
without symptoms”, the transmission route
cannot be clearly identified unlike the case
of the past Sars and Ebola. Therefore, it is
difficult to eradicate the whole just by taking
measures individually.
For this reason, Nations, Governments,
Businesses, Educational institutions and
Citizens will work together to stop social
gatherings, meetings and events. And
comprehensive and overall measures are
taken to “minimize the gathering of people.”
However, as the future concerns, there is
an economic impact by these measures.
If meetings and rallies are banned, the
impact on the economy will be naturally
In addition, when the number of infected
people increases, it is conceivable that
the number of beds in medical institutions
may be insufficient. At present, medical
institutions in Japan have a policy to give
priority treatment to patients with severe
illness and patients with mild illness will
be cured at home as much as possible.

Coronavirus measures that
individuals should take personally

Next is the precautionary measures
against coronavirus that individuals
should take.

The first is to take care of your health
so that you do not catch a cold. If you
catch a cold, your physical strength
weakens and you are more likely to be
infected by the virus.
Please warm your body well regularly.
When you sleep, I recommend wearing
thick pajamas or bedding-specific

The second is to do muscle training and
keep building your muscles. Muscles
develop the power of immunity to prevent
the virus.

Third, train your legs and lower body.
Training your lower body is the best way
to prevent all diseases. In addition, training
your legs and waist will help to trim your
five organs.

Fourth, prepare your stomach and gut and
promote digestion well. Because 60% of
immune cells that produce the power of
immunity are present in the gut.

(I will talk more about this at a later date) 

Measures by the Law of the Origin

Next, I will talk concretely about measures
using the Law of the Origin.
As mentioned above, coronaviruses can
also be transmitted from “Potential infected
person without symptoms,” so you often
don’t know where to get infected.
Therefore, as mentioned above, measures
are taken for its eradication in which
all Specialized Agencies, Nation,
Governments, Private companies and
Citizens work together as one. But even
these measures are not perfect.
Some viruses may survive. As long as
the virus survives even a little,
the problem of infection remains as
an “Unresolved Issue.”
Therefore, at that time, you perform
the action of mercy and wisdom with
the Law of the Origin and finish the
unresolved issue that they have left.
The Law of the Origin is the Law that is
in all phenomena and are managing
all phenomena.
If you use the Law of the Origin’s
“Power of Law,” you can move all
phenomena and defend all places from
the virus at once. Defending the whole
phenomena world at one time will be
possible to “Complete Defense
wherever the virus spreads.
Also, if you use the power of the Law in
conjunction with measures taken by
Governments, Specialized Agencies
and Citizens, “Complete Nature
” of the coronavirus will
be possible.


However, if you use the Law of the
Origin, you will need to have your
own “Active Action.”
That’s because even if the Law of the
Origin exists alone, those power will
not be exerted.(1)
This is the same as saying that even
if only laws exist in society, the power
of the laws does not be exerted unless
there be human action, that is, the
“Active will and behavior of those
who try to observe the law.”

(1)The relationship between law and
people is Shosei and Nousei. Shosei is
a “Passive nature that establish by being
worked from outside.” Nousei is an
“Active nature that establish by working
from itself.” The Law of the Origin is a
treasure trove of treasure and power.
On the other hand, human wisdom and
actions are “Hands” that draw treasure
and power from the treasure trove.
Therefore the former is Shosei and the
latter is Nousei. The Power of the Law of
the Origin is exerted from this relationship.

For this reason, whenever you exert the
power of the Law of the Origin to protect
yourself from coronavirus, you will need
Act① and Act②’s Action of mercy and
wisdom, along with your own daily good
Therefore, I want you to perform it.
In the case of the Law of the Origin,
at all stages of “1 Self-control, 2 Stop,
3 Shut-down and Isolation” mentioned
above, what you have to do is the same.
Performing Act① and Act②, exerting
the power of the Law of the Origin and
eliminating the virus completely
– That’s all you have to do.

About an Act① and Act②’s
Action of Mercy and Wisdom

I have already talked about Act①’s Action
of Mercy in an earlier article. I wish you to
send mercy in the hope of security and
happiness of all citizens on the five continents.
That is “Send mercy to All living existence.”
Since Mercy is an Essential Characteristic
of the Law of the Origin, if you emit mercy
heart, the Law of the Origin will recognize
you as a good collaborator and a good
comrade. And the Law will exert the
“Power of Law” and will protect you and your
society well.

I talked about specific way of sending
mercy in an earlier article, “Sending a
mercy to the whole of the five continents
of the world
.” The text in this section has
been revised, so please read it again.


Also, Act②’s Action of Wisdom means
reading well, thinking well and understanding
well the right information about the Law of
the Origin posted on this site. Also, it is to
talk well to others about it.
I want you to perform that.
If you do that, the Law of the Origin will
recognize you as a good comprehensioner and
a good companion. And the Law will exert the
“Power of Law” and protect you and your
society well.
These things are real. I wish you to acquire well.

This article is still continued.
Will be posted at a later date.

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