Infection of Coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 1

(Current status: February 15, 2020)

A new type of coronavirus infection is
spreading. As of February 15, The Ministry
of Health of the People’s Republic of
China has announced that in mainland
China alone, it has exceeded 63,000
infections and killed more than 1,380
Outside of China, there are 28 countries
and 605 people infected.
Information on the number of infected
people is being updated daily.

(Generation source)

According to Chinese state media,
wildlife sold at the seafood market in
Wuhan, China, appears to be the source.
A large amount of the new coronavirus
was detected there.

(Features of Coronavirus)

The coronavirus has significant
differences (characteristics) compared
to past infectious diseases such as
SARS and Ebola hemorrhagic fever.
It is the fact that it is transmitted from
potentially infected people who have
no symptoms. Of course, it can be
infected from a person who has symptoms
of infection but besides that, the infected
people who have no symptoms. That is,
it can also be infected from the potentially
infected people who apparently seem to
be healthy.
As a result, coronavirus is rapidly spreading
at a rate that is incomparable with previous
viruses such as SARS and Ebola.
Looking back, in the case of SARS and
Ebola, most of the patients were seriously
injured. Thus, the distinction between
infected and non-infected persons was
immediately established. In addition,
their route of infection was clearly
known. Therefore, effective measures
could be taken.
However, when infected from the
potentially infected person who has no
symptoms, containment of the virus
becomes extremely difficult.

Professor Kim Fu-Wan in the Coronavirus
Research Group at the University of Hong
Kong says of that:

“In China, even if infected, many people
do not go to the hospital because
there are no symptoms. If these
infected person without symptoms
spread the virus to the people around
them, prevention and containment
will be extremely difficult.”

We now look at this in terms of the
coronavirus incubation period.
According to WHO (The World Health
Organization), the “incubation period”
between the infection with a coronavirus
and the onset of symptoms is as long
as 12, 5 days. It is about 2 weeks.
However in Cnina, when examining
people with known routes of transmission ,
such as parents and children, siblings, and
those who have been in contact in China,
the average number of days infected was
3.4 days.
Even though the incubation period of 12.5
days has not passed, but the fact that
the virus is infected confirms that the
coronavirus can be transmitted to
another person in the absence of
As a result, the spread of infection
and the number of severely ill patients
in China are increasing rapidly.
The following three factors are mainly
pointed out as factors of the rapid
spread of infection.

1  Because it is often transmitted by
the potentially infected person just
mentioned above. Thus, infection spreads

2  The majority of people who become
severely infected with coronavirus are
elderly people or those who have had
a chronic disease for a long time.
In the case of Wuhan, more than 80%
of coronavirus deaths were over 60
years old. In addition, more than 75%
of the dead have had a “chronic illness
from before,” such as diabetes or high
blood pressure. Because so many elderly
people and those with chronic illnesses
had been in Wuhan, virus deaths have

3  Although the medical standard in
Wuhan is high, but the medical system
cannot keep up with the surge of
patients. WHO Infectious Disease
Expert states, “Even if WHO were doing,
the results would have been the same.”

From the above, the main situation of
coronavirus infection can be seen. The
fact is that most people infected by the
coronavirus are “Mild.” Approximately
80 percent of infected individuals end
with mild illness. When the National
Center for Global Health in Japan
examined dozens of Japanese infected
in Wuhan, most of them were mild and
had the following course.

The coronavirus first enters from the
upper respiratory tract and propagates
through the lungs. The first symptoms
are runny nose, inflammation of the throat,
and dullness of the body. All of these
symptoms are mild but last for about
a week. And some people subsequently
have mild pneumonia.
After that, healthy people without any
illness will recover in a few weeks.

From the above, not everyone become
severe just because infected with this
virus. Most people recover mildly.
There is no need to have useless fear.
However, in the future, the elderly and
people with chronic diseases often
become infected with coronavirus and
become serious, so In particular, it is
necessary to take measures to prevent
the elderly and people with chronic
diseases from being infected.
In addition, even healthy
people need to strengthen their physical
strength and strengthen their immunity
to prevent infection.
However, the infectivity of the
coronavirus is much stronger than the
virus in the past, so strict attention must
be paid to that point.

Challenges from unknown
to survive on earth

Life on the earth is not only human
society. In addition, there are various
biological ecosystems such as animals,
plants, and bacteria. (Among them,
viruses have no cells and cannot
self-replicate, but have both abiotic
and biological characteristics in that
they have genes. Biologically, 
viruses is positioned as a
non-cellular organism“)

On Earth, from time to time, only
certain organisms of a particular
ecosystem can expand rapidly,
destroying the ecosystems that
previously ruled on Earth, and their
domination may change.
One example is in the ancient times,
the era when large animals such as
dinosaurs wandered around has
perished and became a world
dominated by medium and small
However even today, certain
ecosystems on this planet may fight
for the right to survive each other,
and it is possible that the winner will
dominate the world. The death
struggle between the coronavirus that
is occurring now and human society
is one of them. At this stage, the scale
has not yet reached that level, but it
may appear in the future.
As civilization develops in the future,
human society may increasingly receive
a “Challenge for the Right to Live” from
unknown forces.
For example, the emergence of AI
weapons and Robots, Challenges from
the natural environment such as climate
change, and the appearance of
unknown viruses such as coronavirus
and challenges from them and so on.

It is important to deal with
using both
specialized law and the
of the origin

When dealing with coronavirus, it is
important to use both the specialized law
and the law of the origin, and follow their
basic procedures.
First, for infections that have a clear
infection route, it is to be treated
thoroughly by the conventional medical
Make full use of the preventive knowledge
and information proposed by modern
medicine such as WHO, and thoroughly
carry out infection treatment such as
hand washing and disinfection, gloves
and masks.
In addition, the entire society, including
the nation, companies, NPO, and citizens,
needs to work together and cope with
infectious diseases.

Moreover, in the case of this coronavirus,
it is necessary to utilize the power of
the law of the origin. This is because
the coronavirus is transmitted from
potentially infected people too, who
have no symptoms. As I mentioned
earlier, it is extremely difficult to
determine the route of transmission
from infected individuals who have
no symptoms, and there are limits to
treatment using only conventional
specialized methods.
By way of example, transmission from
an infected individuals who have no
symptoms(asymptomatic infected
person)is the same as
an indiscriminate attack by a terrorist.
The dread of terrorism is that the
places where hundreds and thousands
of citizens gather in cities of the world,
the soft targets such as shopping
centers and halls would be targeted.
No matter how mobilized the army
and the police, it is not possible to
protect all of the location in one time.
They aim there.
Similarly, an asymptomatic infection is
a seemingly healthy person who roams
around and indiscriminately infects
surrounding people. And cause the dead.
This form is essentially the same as
indiscriminate terrorism. Since the
essence of the problem is the same,
the measures also become the same.
Against these forms of enemies,
we use the “Power of Law.”
In particular, the law of the origin is
a law that exists in all phenomena and
manages all phenomena. Also, the law
of the origin is the fundamental law of
the phenomenon of the whole universe,
which governs the generation and
extinction of all phenomena.
Thus, if your act of goodness – the action
of mercy and wisdom – exerts the power
of this law, it is possible to move
all phenomena and defend all places
at once. No matter where the virus
infects from, you can prevent by
defending all phenomena.

→ See power of the law to expand
           the power of citizens’ goodness

The best solution to coronavirus is
“Complete Natural Disappearance”

Below is the words describing the power
of the law of the origin and its effects:

“One” at the same time “infinite amount,”
“infinite amount” at the same time “one.”

“One” in this sentence is one good
action that you do. It means that the
effect of that one good action is
expanded and strengthened by the
law of the origin, and acts on the whole
of the infinite world, without gaps.
Conversely, “Infinite amount” at the
same time “one” means that the power
and effectiveness of the law of the
origin which acts on the whole world of
phenomena, is caused by one good
action that you do based on the law
of the origin.
Because the law of the origin has
such an effect, if you act using the
law of the origin, you will be able to
defend the whole phenomenon world
at once.
Also, if you use the power of the law
of the origin, the “Complete Natural
of All Viruses becomes
It is also important to eradicate each
virus infection individually, but that
process alone takes time. Also, some
viruses can be possible to survive.
If a small amount of virus survives,
people will have anxiety and doubt about
relationships. People may be afraid of
the virus infection and may start to hate
relationships. But for the healthy
development of society, this must not
be the case.
Therefore, the best solution for the virus
is in the form of `Complete Natural
Disappearance.” Complete Natural
Disappearance leaves no regrets later.
Because the virus is completely and cleanly
removed. People will also regain trust in

From this, if you act good deed with the
law of the origin,

・ it is the same as riding a large ship
      when you sail the ocean.

・ it is the same as getting a good drug
      when you are sick.

・ it is the same as the sun disappearing
      the darkness of the night.

Just as the daytime sun disappears the
darkness of the night, it removes all the
suffering that people have, the pain and
fear of all sickness, and all the suffering
of life and death.


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