Infection of coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 7

Clear evidence that the number of
people in the United States
is decreasing

Earlier I told, that as of May 15, the number
of US infections in the United States was
1,415,894 and deads 85,807, and with
these numbers, the situation in the United
States has been reported as if it were much
worse than in the world. However, in reality,
the rate of increase in infected people in
the United States is clearly decreasing.
I would like to think about this fact for
a moment.

URL Above: The New York Times

In the three graphs above, the upper
graph shows the number of infected
people by April 18, the middle graph
shows the number of infected people
by May 21, and the lower graph shows
the number of dead people.
Clearly, the rate of increase in the number
of people infected in the United States
has been declining rapidly, since the peak
of the latter half of March to the first half
of April. (If you look only at the daily graphs,
there is often shaken, so please pay attention
to the Weekly Average Line 【Red Line】
That is on a downward trend).
The number of deaths due to corona
infection in the United States once reached
2708 (May 6), but it decreased till 789 on
May 18.

As of May 15, there were 1,606,100 U.S.
infected persons announced publicly, and
at first glance, that number seems to be
quite large. However, the US population is
large accordingly.
The United States has a population of
331,875,705, with 1,606,100 infected and
95,800 dead.
Spain has a population of 47,000,000,
with 233,037 infected and 27,940 dead.
Italy has a population of 60,400,000, with
228,006 infected and 32,486 dead.

In terms of the ratio with the population,
the population of the United States is 5 to 6
times that of Spain and Italy.
The percentage of people infected in the
US is 0.0048%, Spain is 0.0049%, and
Italy is 0.0038%, which is not so different.
On the other hand, the number of Deaths
in the United States is 0.00029%, Spain is
0.00059% and Italy is 0.00054% in terms
of population ratio, which is almost half of
Spain and Italy.

Also, the United States has more PCR Tests
than any other country. By today (mid May),
about 10 million tests have already been
implemented. That will reveal more infected
people in the United States than in less-tested
Also, the number of infected people in the
United States varies from state to state.
The figure below shows the east and west
regions and middle regions of the United
States and I took the data of representative
states. (As of May 14)

For example, the population of Florida
is 21,4477,737, with 48,675 infected
and 2,144 dead, but in terms of population
ratio, the number of infections is
0.0002%, which is 1 / 5,000 of 1%.
Montana is known in the least infected
state, and its population is 1,068,778
with 479 infected and 16 dead.
The west coast of California has
a population of 39,512,223 with 86,197
infected and 3,542 dead. The population
ratio of the number of infected people is
about 0.0002% or less, which is almost
the same as in Florida.
Other, the population of Washington is
7,614,893, 18,811 infected and 1,031 dead.
Nevada population 3,080,156, infected
7,255, dead 381.
Ohio population 11,689,100, infected
28,952, dead 1,720.
While the number of infected people
across the United States is declining overall,
the ratio of infected people to the
population of each state is around 0.0001%.
The population of New York is the highest
with 19,453,561, infected 358,154 and
dead 23,195, but the current state of
New York is as I described above.
The number is large, but the peak is
exceeded. Economic reopening is being
sought in some regions.

From the above, the time for economic
resumption is gradually ripening. But we
cannot relax vigilant, as Corona can get
an explosive infection, an overshoot.
If you want to restart the economy, there
are certain rules. For instance, you need to
take the following measures reliably:
Keeping the distance between people,
prevent people from coming close to
each other and avoid places where
people are in close contact and so on.
You will have to pay maximum attention
to the infection and gradually restart the

However, it is true that infections in
states other than New York are currently
maintaining a certain low level.
So what was the biggest reason why the
number of infected people across the
United States began to follow a gradual
I believe that it was the result of your
good deeds based on the Law of Origin
and of your Act ① and Act ②’s Action of
Mercy and wisdom.
The “Natural Annihilation” of coronavirus
has begun.

In addition, by your good behavior, an event
that should originally develop into a big
incident, occurs as a small incident.
Your good deeds, including Act ① and Act ②’s
action of Mercy and wisdom, are done under
the Law of Origin. Therefore, you move all the
phenomena through this law, and finish
an incident as small cases without developing
small into big ones. This achievements of
you will also be exerting power when solving
various problems other than coronavirus in
the future.
Also, I think that these things were the result
of everyone’s strong spirit of fighting, saying
that “I’ll never let corona enter, to any states
other than New York.”
The “Spirit of Fighting by Strong Mind” and
“Strong Mind of protecting Citizens” work
well against the problem of corona infection.


Why does Act ①’s Action of Mercy show
such effect?
Please explain the basis and mechanism.


Basically, Action of Mercy makes sense in
doing itself.
Act ①’s Mercy Action is “Emitting mercy on
all living things.” This is based on the words
that Buddha left in the information of the
Law of Origin, “Have a Mercy heart to
all living existence.”
However, when you perform this act, you do
by saying in your heart the word
“I send mercy to all living existence.”
The reason for doing this is that this
expression is easy to say in heart.

There are two major meanings in doing
a Mercy Action:
One is the “Act of sending mercy to
all living existence” often creates your
Good Fortune. Regarding this
“Good Fortune,” that is basically created
by performing acts that contribute to
people’s well-being. This is based on the
principle that the “More you make a other
person happy, the More happy you become.”
“Sending mercy to all living existence” does
this “Action of Contributing to people’s
well-being” on a vast scale.
Sending mercy to the Five Continents,
send mercy to solve various social
problems, and send mercy for the
happiness and prosperity of citizens all over
the world. Also, sending mercy to the
existence of life in the entire universe.
Since the target of mercy is vast, the Good
Fortune created from it will be also large
and deep.
So if you do that, that will bring great
fortune to yourself. That good fortune
works and helps you, for instance, when
you are in a predicament or in a critical
situation. That also enriches your own
future. That also brings good fortune to
the people around you and your

Second, if you perform Mercy Action,
you can often merge with the Law of
Origin. This is because Mercy is an
Essential Characteristic of the Law of
Origin. The Mercy heart you emit and
the characteristics of the Law of Origin
match. I talked about this in the basic
paper of the site.
If you merge with the Law of Origin,
you will be able to move all the
phenomena through this law that
manages all the phenomena in the
phenomenon world. For instance,
to solve one problem, you can move
all the phenomena behind it. As a result,
the effects of preventing the corona
infection and reducing the number of
infections as described above occur.


Where is Act ②’s Action of wisdom
Where is that power exerted?


The Act ②’s Wisdom Action is always
being exerted and acting in the course
that you perform Act ①’s Mercy Action.
However, Act ②’s Wisdom is basically
trained by reading well , thinking well and
understanding well the information of the
Law of Origin. Also, it is trained by telling
or explaining people what you understood.
In other words, the information of the
Law of Origin provides the “Foundation”
for the development of your wisdom.
At the present stage, you are reading
the correct information of the Law of
Origin on my website.

Your wisdom, trained and developed
in this way, supports your Act ①’s Mercy
Action well. That is, your wisdom will
well arrange the circumstances around
your Mercy Action so that your Mercy
power is exerted to the fullest in the
The first mercy you exerted is actually
guided by wisdom into the Law of Origin,
merged with it and expanded and
strengthened by the power of the
Law. In addition, the power of mercy
will be transformed one after another
by wisdom, and it will act to reduce
coronavirus infection and solve various
problems that occur in international
It can also be said that if Mercy is the
bearer of producing Good Fortune,
Wisdom is the bearer of skillful use of
that Fortune. Please remember, the
main function of wisdom is to
Lead well, Transform well, Break well.”

About the number of Deaths due
to corona announced in the U S

Return to the main topic, let’s think about
the number of Deaths due to coronaviruses
in the United States. Currently, the number
of Deaths due to coronavirus has reached
over 90,000 throughout the United States,
but the number of Deaths announced in
the United States includes those who
died due to factors other than corona

The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention(CDC)said on April 14,
“The reported death toll includes both
those who have been confirmed to be
positive for the new virus and those who
may be.” The total number of deaths
will inevitably increase if you count the
number of people who die due to
factors other than corona infection.
On top of that, you should consider
these 90,000 figures.

In addition, 30% of the Deaths in the
United States are Deaths in elderly
facilities. In response to the large
number of Deaths at the facility,
Governor Cuomo of New York state
has notified “In the future, facilities
that do not take sufficient measures
will revoke the business license.”
Many elderly people have chronic
illnesses such as senility, visceral
disease and diabetes, and the risk of
dying from coronavirus infection is high.

Future Economic Outlook

Next, the world’s most important
concern now is the outlook for the
future Economy deeply affected by
the coronavirus. I would like to consider it.
According to employment statistics
released by the US Department of Labor
on May 8, the number of unemployed
people in the United States in April was
about 20.5 million and the unemployment
rate reached 14.7%.
The outlook for the Future Economy,
which has been heavily affected by the
infection, is of great concern for everyone.
In considering this issue, please see the
table below. The Economic Situation in
the future is likely to be moderate
U-shaped and L-shaped recovery rather
than V-shaped recovery.

I understand your expectation “Since the
corona infection has so rapidly
deteriorated the economy, it may return
rapidly when returning,” but it is
unfortunately difficult.

The reason why the recovery does not
become V-shaped is that, even if the
economy is restarted, if too many people
gather, corona infection is likely to start
again. And if infection occurs even a little,
consumption will fall due to the citizens’
“anxiety psychology fearing infection.”
The anxiety psychology leads to the
desire to keep cash at hand. And
if consumption falls, things will not sell and
corporate performance will deteriorate. 

On the other hand, however, the economy
will be maintained to some extent because
the citizens will always purchase only the
necessary supplies such as food, sundries,
and medicines. It never reaches the bottom.
In short, if you go up, you’ll be hit by the
corona, and if you go too far down, you’ll
return to up because the essentials are
missing and they are bought. The economy
will be forced to go in the middle. Therefore,
it is highly possible that U-shaped or L-shaped
Recovery will occur in the future, rather than
V-shaped Recovery. (Table Above)

Consider the current situation from
announcement of financial results of
large companies

In May of this year, many major companies
announced their First-Quarter Financial
Results from January to March. GM’s Net
Profit was $ 294 million. Although it barely
secured profit (surplus), it decreased by 86% 
compared with the same period of the
previous year.
The reasons are as follows:
Since mid-March, Coronavirus infection
has expanded rapidly in the United States,
many states have been restricted from
going out, and Consumers were rapidly
away. And GM shut down the US factory
from the third week of March. In addition,
they extended the suspension period of the
factory that stopped in China at the end of
December last year until February this year.
However, GM plans to reopen its US and
Canadian plants on May 18. (CNN)

Almost the same can be said about
TOYOTA in Japan. On May 12, TOYOTA
announced the financial forecast for the
first quarter of 2020 that operating revenue
was 24 trillion yen, down 19.8% from 29
trillion yen in the previous year.
Operating income decreased 79.5% from
2,442.8 billion yen in the same period of
the previous year, that is, became one-fifth
of the previous year, 500 billion yen.
In other words, as with GM, although it barely
secured a profit, it was a significant decrease
of 79.5%.

In addition, Chrysler and Ford were in deficit
(Red) for both sales and profits. The reason
for this was that the spread of coronavirus
infections had a large impact, and it was
affected by the temporary suspension of
factories on a global scale and Weak Global
Demand for new vehicles.

Now, let’s think about this in the light of the
graph of coronavirus infection below.

According to the Figure above, coronavirus
infections in the United States have spread
rapidly since about the middle of March.
Before that, from January to mid-March,
corona infections were insignificant.
However, only in China, as the coronavirus
infection spread from early January, GM shut
down its Chinese factory at the end of
December last year, and sales in China fell.
However, in other regions, there was no
corona infection, so GM, TOYOTA and other
automobile companies could managed to
increase sales. The reason why GM’s financial
results for the current fiscal year barely
secured a surplus was because of sales
during this period.

However, since the middle of March, corona
infections have spread rapidly in major
developed countries such as the United
States, and the line of the infection graph
has skyrocketed. Citizens’ anxiety increases,
and due to restrictions on going out and
an increase in critically ill patients, citizens try
to keep cash in hand. Private consumption falls
sharply, and as a result, corporate sales
disappear. Reflecting this, the sales of GM and
other companies have dropped sharply from
the middle of March. And that state continues
until the end of March, ending the first quarter.
In this way, GM’s sales from January to the first
half of March barely secured the profit in the
first quarter, but the overall sales decreased
The same applies to TOYOTA in Japan.

Chrysler and Ford’s Financial Results remain
the same, “Good in the first half and bad in
the second half,” but since the size of the
company is not as large as the two companies
above, it did not turn into surplus and both
sales and profits became deficit.

So what will happen in the second quarter
from April to June 2020?

As I mentioned earlier, it is extremely likely
that the economy will follow the U-shape or
L-shape in the future.
As you can see from the graph above, corona
infection are hitting the peak from the
beginning of April to June, the second quarter,  
so the second quarter results of many large
companies will turn to a major deficit.

Although the increase rate of coronavirus
infection and deaths  will decrease from the
second half of May, the increase in business
performance cannot be expected because
the international economy will be greatly
affected by the coronavirus infection for
a while.
However, the increase rate of infection will
probably drop further toward the third
quarter, around July, as the effects of
corona countermeasures will begin to
appear and vaccines will be developed.
Along with that, consumption may recover
somewhat. Moreover, if consumption
recovers, corporate performance will be
maintained and unemployment will decrease.

In the United States today, reducing the
number of person Infected with coronavirus
is of paramount importance.
We must gradually restart the Economy
while taking various measures to prevent the
spread of infection. As far as seeing the
graphs I have mentioned so far, that is
possible in the United States.
In carrying out this, the process of
Natural Annihilation” of the coronavirus
that will achieved through your battles and
efforts is extremely important.

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