Infection of coronavirus and its countermeasures Part 5

If you read this paper for the first
time, please read the site’s Basic
Paper the ”power of the law to
expand the power of citizens‘ 
goodness” first. It requires an
understanding of the “Law of the
Origin” and the “Act① and Act②’s
act of mercy and wisdom.”
Also, about 5 processes, please see
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At present, the state of coronavirus
infection in the world is extremely serious.
The chart below shows the number of
infected people and the number of
fatalities worldwide as of April 11, 2020.
Currently, Italy has the highest number
of deaths at 18,849. This is followed by
Spain’s 15,843 people. On the other hand,
in the number of infected people, the
United States has the highest number
of 486,490. Indeed, 1,664,110 people are
infected worldwide, of which 110,859
have died. The figures are updated daily.
(Survey from Johns Hopkins University)

President Trump said on March 25,
“We will resume economic activity
by Easter on April 12.” However, a few
days later, he realized the seriousness
of the situation and set out to take
serious measures. It can be said that
the following three events overlap in
that background.
One is the perception that the infection
problem is growing so rapidly that
it could also affect the national security
of the United States.
Second, Congress has put together
a bipartisan, large $ 2 trillion rescue
Third, because New York State governor
Cuomo’s complaint became more serious
every day as the New York State infection
spreads. At the request of the Governor,
President Trump dispatched a military
hospital ship with 1,000 beds. Also,
thousands of beds were also prepared
at the Convention Center to take
measures against infection in the
future. In the past, it was unthinkable
that the Convention Center would be
buried in a bed.
The president also commissioned
and ordered a major automaker to
produce a ventilator. In the past world
war, the President had ordered
automakers to build airplanes, but now
it is literally the same as the wartime

However, I believe that President
Trump’s statement, “Resuming
economic activity by Easter on April 12″
includes the fact that it cannot be ended
merely by optimism. It is true that the
US economy will sooner or later have
to resume in a healthy way. Otherwise,
weakened national strength could
cause a variety of serious problems
other than viruses. In the United States,
Deterioration of Public Security and
psychological unrest could lead to riots
and bulk purchase of excessive products.
Also, externally, weakening national power
has a major impact on national security
and relations between states.
This situation is the same in Japan.

Fundamental measures
to stop coronavirus

In a previous article, I talked, as
a countermeasure against the
coronavirus using the Law of  Origin,

that each person performs wisdom
and mercy and creates a “Peaceful
Country” surrounded by Barriers.
(Inside the Barrier is the area where
the power of the Law of Origin acts,
so it is firmly protected)

However, as the spread of infection
spreads rapidly worldwide as today
and in a pandemic with many deaths,
creating Barriers alone is not enough.
Certainly, by making a Barrier, even if
people, areas, organizations, companies,
towns, etc. in the Barrier could be
protected, the question remains how to
protect people in other regions and the
whole country. A coronavirus infection
cannot be a real victory unless it can be
reduced the infection in perfect form,
and defended all people and the entire
human community.
――But the “Barrier-Building Strategies”
that I mentioned in previous article,
work very well to protect you, your area
and your community.
Also, if many more U.S. citizens create
their own Barriers (country / Kokudo),
there is a possibility that the whole country
can be protected from virus infection.
Therefore, this shape is effective as it is,
so please use it as it is. If an emergency
occurs, please protect yourself and your
family, the people around you and the
community by this shape.
Here going a step further, talking about
fundamental countermeasures against
viruses that have now spread to cover
till the entire human community.
In other words, the measures that I talk
from now is the measures to stop the
invasion of coronavirus, which spreads
throughout the world and the United
States, and to reduce the number of
infected people.

Why coronavirus has spread
so rapidly

The biggest factor in the rapid spread
of coronavirus infections is that, unlike
the previous virus Sars and Ebola, they
are also transmitted from the “people
without symptoms――that is potentially
infected people who seemingly seem
healthy.” That is, infection from
a potentially asymptomatic infected
With these forms of infection, it is
extremely difficult to clarify the route
of transmission and traditional
anti-virus measures cannot work
effectively. For example, it is the same
as “Discriminatory Terrorism,” where
indiscriminate suicide bombers occur
wherever people gather. It is same as
that police and troops can not know
where a terrorist is and where they
committed crime. This is because there
are countless places where people
gather in a country or region. Even with
the full power of the police and the
army, it is impossible to defend all places
at once.

For these types of enemies, we treat
with the “Power of Law.” As I said in
the basic paper of the site. The power
of the Law of Origin expands and
strengthens your “power of good,”
“power of mercy to protect human
society,” and “power of wisdom” to
make them work in the whole
phenomenon world. You can also
defend the whole phenomenon world
at once with the Law of  Origin.
And you move all the phenomena in
the phenomenon world, making the
virus impossible to occur from anywhere.
The Law of Origin manages all the
phenomena, so that becomes possible.
No matter where the coronavirus is,
no matter where they try to infect, because
the power of your goodness and the power
of the law of origin are acting in
all phenomenon world, the virus loses
its escape. That is such a measure.





Three types of Buddha’s Bodies

In order to take measures to protect
the whole phenomenon world at once
using the Law of Origin, the following
steps are taken here.
Use 2, 3 and 4 from 5 processes of the
Law of Origin. 2, 3 and 4 are Main body,
Essentials and Effect. (Table below)

In my last article, I talked about three


These three names are in 1 Name.
Right now, going away from three
names and returning to 2. Main body,
3. Essentials 
and 4. Effect in
5 processes and using them.

Why use 2, 3 and 4?
And why not use 1 and 5?

1 and 5 relate to the information
of the Law of Origin, and
2, 3 and 4 correspond to the main
body(core)of the Law of Origin.
Therefore, we use the three of main
body now.
For details about 5 processes,
1. Name shows the information that
is common to all 5 procceses. /
2, 3 and 4 show the body of the Law
of Origin and explain its meaning
individually. / 5 relates to “Identification
of information”, and since the course
of 5 procceses also exists in many
specialized laws in the world, the
differences between them and the
5 procceses of the Law of Origin
are identified.
→ See Identification of Information

What are the individual meanings
of 2, 3 and 4?

(What is Main body)
2. Main body means “Main body of the
Law.” The Law of Origin is the main body
of all laws that exists in the world,
so the Law of Origin is main body.
Therefore, Main body is the Law of Origin.

(What is Essentials)
3. Essentials are your own wisdom and
actions. Here wisdom and action will be
used in the same meaning. Wisdom is
the eye and Action is the foot.
“The eyes of Wisdom advance the steps
of Action.”
Therefore, when you demonstrated
a great wisdom, it is when you
accomplished a great action at the
same time. Therefore, the two are
essentially the same.

Why is that wisdom and action

Your wisdom and actions are
能成(Nou-sei) Active, working well on
所成(Sho-sei)’s the Passive Law of  
Origin, and draw out the power and
treasure of the Law of Origin (1).
So it is the most important in
5 processes in a practical sense.
Hence called Essentials.
In Chinese characters, Essentials
writes “―read as Shū or Sou.”

(1) The relationship between Law
and Person’s wisdom is Shosei and 
Nousei.  Shosei is a “Passive nature
that establish by being worked from
outside.” Nousei is an “Active nature
that establish by working from itself.”

宗(Shū) means for the “Most important
person in the organization
,” Central person,
Boss, Leader. It also has the meaning of
the oldest ancestor in the family tree, the
oldest person, Head. For example, saying
宗廟 Sou-Byō,” it refers to a building that
enshrines the spirits of the ancestors of
the emperor during the Chinese Dynasty.
It is also the king’s tomb. (Byō means
a building with a tomb or altar)
Also, “宗祖 Shū-So” means the Founder
of Religion. 祖(so) means ancestor.

In short, (Shū) is the Ancestor of the
the Founder of Religion, and the
Boss of the Organization, so it is the most
important person, and Essentials. Similarly,
within the 5 processes, the “Active Wisdom
and Actions” you perform are Essentials
and play a central role. Thereby, all the
effects of the 5 processes take place.
That is why the following two examples
are drawn as an analogy of Essentials.

・If you pull one corner of the clothes,
    the whole clothes will be attracted

・If you pull a corner of the net,
     the whole net will be pulled

What is 4. Effect?

(What is Effect)
What is Effect? if you perform
3. Essentials above, you will merge
with 2. Main body (the Law of Origin).
It is the various realistic Effect that
occurs as that result. In other words,
it is the effect created by the fusion of
2 and 3.

In this case, the effect has a finite
amount and an infinite amount.
“That effect always follows 縁-En, so
it is a finite amount, and that applied
power does not break, so it is an infinite
“En” in this sentence means the things,
people, and events that you touch.
That is, the object you touch.
Therefore, “It always follows En” means
that the answer (Effect) will always
occurs in a size that is appropriate for
the event or problem (En) that you touch
in a familiar place. For example, if you are
now facing a virus infection problem,
it means that the Effect will occurs in
a size appropriate for that individual
problem and is resolved.

Secondly, in addition, the meaning of
an “Infinite amount” is that this effect
sometimes occurs in society and in the
natural world in the form of an infinite
amounts. Therefore, it is the Effect of
an infinite amount.

Regarding Effect of an infinite amount,
the Law of Origin information states
“This effect always occurs in sync with
the En you touch. If En is long,
it synchronizes to that length, and
if En urges, it occurs in response to
that urge.”
Even here saying the same thing.
“If En is long, it synchronizes to that
length” means that if the problem (En)
you are facing now is long-term, the
effect will occur in a form that fits that
period and size and keep occurring until
the problem is resolved. Therefore, that
is the “Effect without dead ends no matter
how far you go,” and the “Effect without
interruption.” In addition, that is the
Effect that occurs continuously” until
the problem is completely resolved.
Hence, it is the Effect of an infinite amount.
“2. Main body, 3. Essentials and 4. Effect”,
which has the meaning like above, are
actually Three Bodies of Buddha.
Hence, 2, 3 and 4 are called as follows:

Every Buddha in the universe has these
three types of Bodies. Also, every Buddha
in the past, present, and who will be born
in the future has these three types of Bodies.
Buddha are all, by their three types of Bodies,
to deal with all kinds of problems, resolve
them and lead people and the nation to
peace and prosperity.

In many Buddhas, you are the
only center

However, even here, the principle of the Law
of Origin, “The Buddha is basically you alone,”
remains unchanged. In the vast universe,
there will be innumerable highly civilized
societies such as the earthly human societies
and among there, there may be many Buddhas
(the practitioners of the Law of Origin).
But no matter how many Buddhas exist in
this universe, the power of the Law of Origin
cannot be exerted unless you demonstrate
Mercy and Wisdom and act for the well-being
of the citizens. In this sense, the center of
many Buddhas is yourself.

Indeed, you now may have little awareness as
a Buddha, or its consciousness may be weak.
However, that is why the information (teaching)
of the Law of Origin exists. If you read it well,
think it well, understand it well and tell people
about it, your awareness as a Buddha will deepen.
You are currently reading it on my website.

Principles when using the three types
of Buddha’s Bodies as a countermeasure

for coronavirus

I mentioned earlier that coronaviruses have
“Special Characteristic” that they transmit
from the “people without symptoms――
that is potentially infected people who
seemingly seem healthy.” And it is often
unclear where they infect from.
From these circumstances, as a fundamental
treatment for coronavirus, the measures that
defend all the phenomena world at one time
are the most effective. And here, as the
method of that measure,
use the above-mentioned “Three types of
Buddha’s Bodies”
(hereinafter referred to as the “Three Bodies“).

Why “Three Bodies”?
2. Main Body (the Law of the Origin) of
“Three Bodies” is existing in all phenomenon
world and managing infinite amount of
phenomena. Therefore, if you fuse with that
Main body by your wisdom and action of
3. Essentials, you will gain the foundation to
work in a vast, infinite phenomena world.
And if you practically fuse the 2 and 3, and
cause the Effect of finite amount and infinite
amount in reality, it will be possible to protect
all phenomena from the virus at once.
Also, since the Effect of infinite amount is
the “Effect that occurs continuously until the
problem is completely resolved,” the virus will
surely be eradicated by its Effect.

“Broken Vessel” and “Perfect Vessel”

In that case, there are the most important
principle of Three Bodies. The principle
is that “Three Bodies are useless unless
they are put together in One Body.”   
If you use Three Bodies as separate ones,
they are useless “Broken Vessel.” Three Bodies
―Main Body, Essentials and Effect―can be
studied individually when studying or
understanding their individual meanings.
However, when you use them practically,
you must use them as “
One Perfect Vessel.”
You can see why.
For instance, if there is only Essentials―
your wisdom and actions―and without the
Law of Origin, the effect will not be
expanded nor strengthened and you will
not be able to resolve various social problems.
/ Conversely, if there is only 2. the Law of  
Origin and there is no 3’s wisdom and action
of person, the power of law will not be
exerted. This has been mentioned before.
It is the same as that even if society has
only the law, the power of the law will not
be exerted without the action of people,
that is the people’s action of observing
the law. / Also, even if only 4.Effect occurs,
and if there is no 2 and 3, it becomes
a trackless Effect and loses its direction.
From these circumstances, Three bodies—
Three types of Buddha’s Bodies—can only
be useful when used as “One Perfect Vessel.”

It is a rule that you protect
own country by yourself

At present, Both the United States and
countries around the world are facing
coronavirus problems, and the problems are
getting worse every day. Therefore, I would
like you to protect the United States by using
this “Three Bodies principle / Treatment
Method.” And hope that eradicating the
When using the countermeasures of the
Law of Origin, by all means, only who
knows about the Law of Origin can use it.
So, in this time of emergency, you who know
the Law of Origin protect your country.

How to practice the Act① and
Act ②’s Action
of Mercy and Wisdom

When using the countermeasures of the
Law of Origin, it is necessary to perform
the Act ① and Act ②’s Action of Mercy
and Wisdom. Therefore, here I will talk
about the specific execution method for
Act ① and Act ②, when fighting Coronavirus.
The first step is to perform Act①’s Action
of Mercy. However, Mercy changes its
power according to time and circumstances.
In particular, the “Action of Mercy appropriate
to time
” is millions of times more powerful
than Mercy that you emit during normal times.
For instance, if someone falls from a boat
and is about to drown, the act of rescuing
him from the water (river) will be the best
Mercy. Also, when everyone is looking for
water, giving water is the best action of
Similarly, now is the time of emergency when
the number of people infected with coronavirus
soared, and many people are in trouble.
Therefore, “Reducing the number of
infected people” is now the best act of
mercy. And that is the “First Act ①’s Action
of Mercy” you need to perform now.
The reason is as follows.
The problem of coronaviruses is that reducing
only the number of infected people will resolves
all other related problems. For instance, if that
be realized, there would be no severe patients
of the virus. There will be no dead.
It can also stop panic (confusion) and stop
collapse in medical field. There also becomes
no need for masks and protective equipment,
which are urgent issues at present.
Regarding to the export and import of
protective equipment, it has developed into
foreign affairs, but such problems will
disappear. In addition, there is no need for
a ventilator. The city will no longer be closed
and economic activity will resume.
Along with this, it can stop the economic
downturn, store closures, factory shutdowns
and unemployed growth.
In addition, if the city is no longer closed,
going out restrictions will gone.
No restrictions on going out will also
eliminate stress, family discord, and DV
domestic violence that have occurred in
people’s minds. Also, all schools will be
Thus, if the number of infected people can
be reduced, every problems related to
coronavirus will be resolved.
Therefore, the essence of the coronavirus
problem is “Reducing the number of
infected people.” Realizing that now is
“Giving water when everyone is looking
for water.” That is, that is the “Action of
Mercy appropriate to time.”
Therefore, please do it first at present,
as the Act①’s Action of mercy.

Specifically, you strongly hope and pray
that “so that the number of infected people
will reduce.” That is the “Action of Mercy
appropriate to time.” It will be millions of
times more powerful than ordinary mercy.
The prayers and wishes of mercy that you
issue, of course, match with the mercy
which is the essential characteristic of the
Law of Origin, and that will be greatly
expanded and strengthened by this law.
And its effect will be exerted on the
whole phenomena world.

This article has a “continuation”.
The continuation proceeds by
answering the following
questions. Currently being

translated. Please wait for a while.


You have previously talked that the
Act①’s Action of Mercy is
Sending Mercy to All living existence.”
What is the role of this Action of Mercy?


How does Act②’s Action of Wisdom
be carried out?



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