Four kinds of processing methods are used for the processing method of “Trace action”

As I mentioned earlier, “Real action” is
the main body and the “Trace action”
is a shadow generated from the main
body, therefore, Real is surpass and
Trace is inferior. But in terms of
importance, both are important.
This is because a person can reach
the main body by following the trace.
In this sense, “Trace action” is as
valuable and important as “Real
Now I would like to think more about
the importance of this “Trace action.”
In conclusion, it is true that the Trace
action is important, but it is important
as a rough stone of Diamond, for
example. The rough stone is not an
expensive and beautiful Diamond as
it is. In order for the rough stone to
become an expensive Diamond (Above
Image), it is necessary to process it and
polish it with advanced technology.
It becomes Diamond only after
Similarly, “Trace action” needs to be
processed in order for it to become
a truly valuable actionーthat is the
action to track “Real Action” correctly.
There are several types of processing
methods, but here,  I use the following
four types from the information
(teaching) of the law of the origin.

1 Break Trace, Reveal Real
2 Meet Trace, Reveal Real
3 Open Trace, Reveal Real
4 Live in Real, Reveal Real

Applying these four types processing
methods to the “Three name of Myo,”
it becomes as follows.

First, the reason for the placement
of 1 Break Trace and 2 Meet Trace in
the first “Hon-In-Myō” is because the
act of Hon-In-Myō is an act of stopping
evil and wrongdoing and of breaking
them. For example, it is to take action
to prevent evil or wrongdoing, that is
wars, conflicts, crimes, terrorism, etc.
that cause great damage to many
citizens. Therefore, it becomes
“Break Trace.”
Also, the reason why 2 Meet Trace is
placed in Hon-In-Myō is because that
this act is to “meet” the good and good
deeds that are currently being carried
out by citizens and people in the world,
and to act of cooperation with them.
In summary, the act of Hon-In-Myō is to
increase the good and break the evil in
the world
However, both the “Break Trace” ending
and the “Meet Trace” ending have  
a sentence of “Reveal Real.”
What does this mean?
Reveal Real means “to reveal the law of
the origin” or “to reveal the power of
the law of the origin.” For instance,
even if the purpose of 1 Break Trace is
to “break the evil,” the sentence of
Reveal Real indicates that you need to
“reveal the power of the law of the
origin” through the act of breaking the
evil in the world. Otherwise――just only
the act of breaking evil――your action
ends with a “Trace action.” In order to
add the “power of Real action” to Trace
action, you must reveal the power of the
law of the origin at the same time,
through the Trace action of breaking evil.
If you reveal the power of the law of the
origin, you can take all the movements
of phenomena behind your actions as
your allies. You will be able to move the
movement of all phenomena in the
direction of your success through the
law of the origin. Therefore, your act of
“breaking evil” will actually be really
In this way, the “Trace action” performed
by you becomes an “important action”
that allows you to reach “Real action”
that is its main body. The rough stone
of Diamond is processed and becomes
into a truly valuable Diamond.

The same is true for 2 Meet trace.
“Reveal Real” in the case of 2 is,
while you meet and cooperate with
the good deeds of the people in the
world, you reveal the power of the
law of the origin through that action.
With the power of the law of the
origin, your actions will be expanded
and you will be able to cooperate
with all the good actions of the world.
And a stronger good power is formed.
That is “Meet Trace, Reveal Real.”

So what should we do to reveal the
“law of the origin”?
In order to reveal the law of the origin,
Act ① and ② are performed. In other
words, Act ① is to emit mercy to
all living existence or to send it them.
Act ② is to read, think well, or
understand well, the correct information
of the law of the origin, or to explain it
to people, or write to leave it down, etc.
Or is to do one of them.
Now that you are reading this article,
so Act ② is being fulfilled. In addition,
it is to send mercy to all living existence
after you read this article. Thus your
“Trace action” will be well supported by
the power of the law of the origin.

About “Open Trace, Reveal Real”

Similarly, the reason why 3’s “Open
Trace, Reveal Real” is placed in
Hon-Ga-Myō (Real Action of result) is
because Hon-Ga- Myō performs the
final finishing work. In this case,
“Open” in “Open Trace” means opening
a wall or deadlock. Open Trace is the act
of opening walls and deadlocks and
finishing work. And revealing the power
of the law of the origin while performing
the finishing work, is “Reveal Real.”
And the final finishing work is
completed by revealing the power
of the law of the origin.
This process is important, so I will
specifically explain later on the
issues of the international community. 

About “Live in Real, Reveal Real”

Next, the meaning of “Live in Real,
Reveal Real” of 4 means that you will
always be able to reveal the power
of the law of the origin by living in
the “Real world,” that is, the world full
of treasures of the law of the origin.
And you live there and revealing the
power and treasure of the law of
the origin is “Reveal Real.”
In addition, you use that power and
treasure and will be possible to
contribute in fact effective form,
to solving the problems of human
society and the international
By revealing the power of the law
of the origin, your contribution
comes with substantial power of
That is “Live in Real, Reveal Real.”
It is also why it is placed in

There is still a continuation
in this article.
Please wait for a little while.


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